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G.O.S.S Chapter 302: Baggy and Tashigi

“They’re Buggy pirates!”
“Go Go!”
Chaos spread on the street as countless people saw the conflict between the Marine and the pirates.
The captain of Buggy pirates, Buggy clown and Shanks were trainees in Roger’s crew. He was a joke, while Shanks is now a Yonko, he was just a small pirate with a bounty of 15 million berry.
However, in the east blue, even a bounty of a mere 15 million is remarkable. At least such a figure was frightening to normal people.
Under Buggy’s order, his crew started attacking the Marine. As these were ordinary Marine soldiers, they couldn’t resist the pirates’ attacks.
The Marine girl that was wearing glasses, Tashigi, saw this and suddenly bit her teeth and rushed forward with her sword as she attacked the clown.
To her surprise, Buggy didn’t evade her sword strike and was split in half instead.
“I was cut in half, I’m going to die!”
Buggy’s screams could be heard but after a while, he stopped and his body reattached as he said: “Hahahaha! Do you think that I’m afraid of being cut? Baka!”
Tashigi was stunned by this. Under such circumstances, she was pushed back by baggy.
 Tashigi was scared at first, but fortunately, she had a very strong heart, so she figured out what just happened.
“That guy… He used his Devil fruit!”
After getting kicked by Buggy, Tashigi was depressed and irritated while the Marine continued their fight.
As the fight continued the streets became empty as all people hid far away.
Boom! Boom!
Various gunshots sounded, the street was a mess.
After all these Marines were just ordinary soldiers. They could only chase after Buggy’s pirates, while the pirates didn’t even care about them.
But unfortunately, Buggy chose the route which Roja was in. Roja stood in the center of the street without taking even a step back.
“Didn’t they always say that this guy had a really good luck? Why is he running toward me then?”
Roja was a bit puzzled. Buggy’s luck could be seen in the original story, it was always too good and now he was running directly toward Roja.
Can it be that that luck was ineffective in front of him?
This strange thought flashed in Roja’s mind but he didn’t have any thought of making way. He stood in the middle of the road as he looked at the group of pirates coming toward him.
At this time, Buggy could see Roja, even Tashigi and the Marine saw him, but they couldn’t recognize him as they were too low ranked.
“Hey! Let them pass or they will kill you!”
Tashigi rushed forward to warn Roja but was shocked to see him not escaping.
At this time, Roja glanced at the Tashigi. Of course, he recognized her.
There should be no mistake, Smoker should be here as a Captain then.
Smoker didn’t listen to orders often, but he didn’t have the strength to back such actions, so his position was raising and falling.
“Don’t block the road!”
At this moment, Cabaji held his swords as he shouted at Roja. When he saw that Roja didn’t have any intention to open the way, he blinked.
Almost at this moment, before he could make out what happened, he flew back with great force.
After hitting the people behind him, he continued to move back and slammed into a wall.
“What happened?”
When Buggy saw this, he was surprised as he looked at Roja: “No wonder you blocked the road. It turned out you’re a bit skilled, but it’s not that easy for the Marine to catch the great me.”
Buggy snorted, in the East Blue, the person who would make him afraid wasn’t born yet.
“Bara Bara Ho Kirihanashi!”
Buggy snapped his fingers and a few knives appeared between his fingers, then he pulled his wrist and smashed it out toward Roja.
He thought that Roja would be scared by this trick and be pocked open by it. But the reality wasn’t that nice.
Roja stood there with a calm face as he waved his hand randomly and all the knives flew back along with the hand.
Something is wrong!
Buggy widened his eyes as he caught his fist back.
He was furious and angry as he took all his daggers and rushed toward Roja, he screamed as he attacked him.
Buggy fell on the ground.
His crew looked at this scene while stunned. they didn’t expect their captain to be defeated this easily.
“Hey, captain Buggy, you’re pretending right?”
“Get up and kill that guy!”
The crew was full of cold sweat while the Marines arrived and pointed their guns at them.
Tashigi rushed beside Roja and after gasping for breath for a moment, she looked at Buggy who was on the ground then at Roja.
Roja waved his hands. He didn’t even move a step, as if what he did was as easy as drinking water which made the marines look at him with awe.
They didn’t expect Roja to be so strong.
Checking the fainted Buggy, Tashigi looked at Roja and showed a grateful smile: “Thank you very much!”
 “This guy is a devil fruit user, use Kairoseki handcuffs and use normal ones for the others.”
Roja looked at Tashigi and then at the Marines next to him.
“Yes, sir.”
The Marine subconsciously responded, but after he thought about it, he questioned himself. Why did I just listen to his orders?!
But when he was about to open his mouth, he turned around and looked at the floor and didn’t know why he felt that he should follow his orders.
Tashigi was amazed, If Roja gave orders, what is she doing here then?!


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