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G.O.S.S Chapter 504: scroll of seals.

One the sea, a boat was sailing slowly toward the Fire country.


Suddenly, Roja appeared on the Ship.

“Roja-sama, you’re back.”

On the side, Kurenai stood beside the deck, and as she saw Roja, she saluted him and then said in a whisper: “I didn’t expect Roja-sama to be interested in the Exam.”

“No, I’m not interested in the exam. There is something there that interests me…” Roja shook his head and said casually.

There was an invisible light in his eyes. On the one hand, he tried using Ryujin Jakka with more Bankais, but the failure bored him, and on the other hand, he always wanted to visit Konoha for some reasons.

One of the reasons was because he wanted to look at the scroll of seals, or like they call it, the forbidden scroll of seals. He wanted to see the result of the Second Hokage’s experiment.

Although there wasn’t anything that was strong in there, the research may help, after all, it should contain the flying thunder God, Edo Tensei, etc.

Many tried to practice time-based Ninjutsu, but most of them couldn’t. And even though he can foresee the future for a bit, he couldn’t succeed when he tried to make something with the time law.

But maybe he can get something from the research of Tobirama.

“It’s been a long time since I was on board of a ship.”

Roja shook his head and calmed his thoughts, temporarily forgetting the things about practice and such as he looked at the sparkling sea.

In One Piece’s world, you can say the sea was your companion. And in here, going to the sea was rare.

Quickly, the ship crossed the water country’s border and entered into the Fire country. There was no trouble along the way as they reached Konoha.

As they entered Konoha, Roja didn’t feel anything. He just used his Haki to find the Kage tower and directly flashed toward it.

Whether to the people on the street, or the guard of the tower, he ignored them all.

Of course, since he destroyed Konoha before, he just released Kyoka Suigetsu on the one who witnessed that and ignored the young generation.

Roja walked leisurely step by step into the Kage tower and under Kyoka Suigetsu, no one noticed him including the third Hokage.

Roja looked for a little and found where the scroll of seals was.

There were many anbu in the room. Naturally, no one without the exception of the Hokage could look at the scroll of seals.

But, while using Kyoka Suigetsu, Roja could just walk in here and looked at the scroll-like its nothing.

The four Anbu were under an illusion, so Roja directly went inside the room toward the scroll of seals.

Various seals were placed there so no one could take the scroll.


Roja directly placed his hand destroyed the seals, and another seal activated wanting to destroy the scroll of seals, but Roja with his hand extended suppressed it and directly took out the scroll.

The Anbu there were like fools as they could detect the change in the room at all.

Not only these Anbu, but all the people in the Tower also didn’t react.

Roja got the scroll of seals and was too lazy to find a place to read it, so he just sat down there. He directly skipped the Kage Bunshin and other skill, directly going toward the last forbidden Jutsu.

After a while, Roja’s eyes stayed on the method to use one particular ninjutsu.

The Shiki Fujin.

“Sure enough, as expected, the Shinigami have some of Kaguya’s will in it.”

When Obito controlled the Kyuubi and attacked Konoha, Minato used the Shinigami to seal the Kyuubi, however at that time Roja didn’t pay attention to them as he just dealt with Obito and returned.

After a while, Roja lost interest n it and turned to look at other techniques.

The Flying thunder god inspired Roja a little. However, the Edo Tensei touched Roja greatly.

Originally, Roja thought that he understood the soul better than most people, but it seemed that the one who made this had a few novel directions in his mind about the soul.

“Sure enough, the scroll of seals had many interesting things, in pure research, I think that I’m not that good as a scientist.”

Roja’s eyes were filled with joy, Tobirama’s way of studying the soul was a little low leveled, but some of them were new. Some of them even gave Roja new ideas.

For example, how to integrate the Kyoka Suigetsu to the reality and make everything happening there happen to the person physically, which now he had some ideas he wanted to try.

Roja sat there thinking, after half a day, he finally woke up from his trance.

“If the scroll of seals had so many things, which were recorded after the competition of the research than Orochimaru’s research should also be preserved…”

When Roja touched his chin and thought about this, he threw the scroll of seals and then walked out of the room.

The Anbu there still didn’t know anything that just happened as they stood still in their places.