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G.O.S.S Chapter 505: Conflict!

On Konoha’s street, the atmosphere was somewhat gloomy. Dozens of people were participating in the Chunin Exam.

Obviously, there is a big conflict here.

Gaara was leading his siblings with a calm face while Kankuro was behind him looking arrogant.

“You want to take the Chunin Exam while you’re like this?”

Kankuro looked at a ninja squatting down while he was sweating and taunted: “Isn’t it said that the Mist village is the strongest one? How come you’re so weak?”

Obviously, the one on the ground was one of the two Genins that teamed up with Yakumo.


Another Mist ninja next to him shouted with an angry face: “You don’t want to live anymore, Sand Ninjas!”

Because of Yakumo, the two Mist ninjas were arrogant. As they walked through the street, they happened to encounter Kankuro and the others, and a conflict broke out.

They didn’t expect that Gaara, the one with the gourd, to be so strong, without Yakumo here, they won’t stand a chance.

“Oh! Sorry, I’m not interested in you… Hey, you Konoha guy over there, what do you think?”

Kankuro snorted and turned his head, ignoring the other ninjas from small villages, he directly looked at the ninjas from Konoha directly.

The three Konoha ninjas were obviously, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.

“That guy is amazing!”

Sakura looked at Gaara and Kankuro and was amazed.

The mist and sand ninjas had a conflict, and she witnessed all of it. Kankuro held the advantage the entire time.

The other Mist ninja saw this and wanted to help his friend but was stopped by Gaara and was hurt in the process.

“I have nothing to do with you if you want to finish this, then come at me.” Sasuke looked at Kankuro and snorted.

Kankuro sneered as he stepped forward with a fierce light in his eyes. Sasuke wasn’t afraid. Another conflict was about to break out.

Not far away, the ninjas from each village watched this scene with interest.

“These guys from the sand village are fierce, he just fought with the Mist ninjas, and now he wants to fight Konoha.”

“Hey! Don’t be so loud… I heard that the guy with the gourd is named Gaara. He is fierce, and although he isn’t that old, he killed many before.”

The ninjas from other villages looked at them when they were about to fight.

“Speaking of this, the Sand village only sent three Genins for the Exam, and so did the Mist.”

“The number of Participants isn’t important. Konoha is very strong and had many elites, so them coming here is normal, but the ones from the Mist don’t seem strong, are they really the only ones participating?”

While discussing Gaara and the others, many were observing Sasuke and the Mist ninjas.

The two Mist Genins heard the discussion, and their faces were ugly.

The tense atmosphere was about to turn bloody.

“If you can’t hold on, go to the hospital, we can’t have you dying here.“ Kankuro said.


Finally, Gaara faintly said, which prevented Kankuro from ridiculing them further and said with indifference: “Don’t continue, did you forget what we’re here for?”


Kankuro looked at Gaara and stopped.

Gaara snorted and ignored everyone as he turned around and walked. At the same time, he said: “Let’s go.”

Kankuro and Temari looked at each other, then swallowed and followed him.

But, when they were leaving, a voice suddenly came into the field with a hint of indifference.

“What happened here?”

Gaara and the others didn’t stop. Sasuke and the others turned to look at each other, before looking at the source of the voice, only to see a girl with a cold face wearing the Mist head protector coming from the distance.

A Mist ninja?!

The people were amazed, and they thought that the two Mist ninjas were weak and their teammate would probably be the same. They didn’t expect it to be a woman.

In the eyes of many people, female ninjas, or Kunoichi were weak.

“Captain Yakumo, you are finally here…”

Looking at Gaara’s back, they clenched their teeth, and he quickly described what just happened.

While listening, Yakumo looked at them to see how badly they were injured. One was still bleeding from his mouth, and the other was full of sweat. Her brows wrinkled and immediately looked at the three people at the end of the street.

“Stop there, don’t you think that you have gone too far?”

Yakumo’s voice surprised everyone, and they didn’t expect her to dare call for those three.

Gaara and the others heard Yakumo’s voice and stopped.

“Do you want to die?!”

Gaara was very impatient. At this time, when he faced Yakumo, he released killing intent as he looked at her.