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G.O.S.S Chapter 506: Controlling 5 Senses!

Hearing the threat from Gaara, Yakumo calmed down.

“You’re the one… The one from the sand village, Gara of the sand. The Ichibi’s Jinchuriki”

She calmly looked at Gaara and saw Kankuro and Timari beside him. With her chakra perception, she already identified Gaara.

When they were coming toward Konoha, Kurenai told her about several figures, one of them being Gaara, and the other being Naruto Uzumaki, they were Jinchuriki.

The power of a tailed beast was something else, and even a normal ninja would leap close to the peak of Kage level when he controls his Bijuu.

And if someone controlled the strongest bijuu, the Kyuubi, he would be as strong as a super Kage.

When She was training, Roja took her to fight the Sanbi, in the end, she could control it’s five senses, and the bijuu couldn’t hurt her at all.

“Who are you?!”

Hearing her words, Gaara’s eyes changed as he looked at her cruelly.

He didn’t expect Yakumo to know of his identity.

Ichibi No Shukaku.

This is a name he often heard, because, in his village, his father, the fourth Kazekage always treated him as a tool.

“The Mist ninjas are here to take the Chunin Exam… You attacked my companion. If you don’t give me an excuse, I won’t take it easy here.”

Yakumo looked calm when facing Gaara. She was very familiar with Roja’s character and wanted to be like him; that’s why she tried everything to be like him, including his personality.

Her tone was calm, as if she was stating a fact. But Kankuro and Temari weren’t angry at this, and they were just shocked, their foreheads were overflowing with sweat as they swallowed.

“Damn! Is this woman crazy? She actually dares to say that.”

“I’m afraid that this will be too much trouble. I’m afraid that he will kill her directly.”

Kankuro and Temari saw the tension in each other’s eyes.

At this time, Gaara finally made a sound, not an angry roar, but mad laughter.

It was so full of madness that some people didn’t know what gotten into him. Chakra started to surge out of him frantically.


Sand started moving like crazy.


Sasuke looked at this and felt the chakra, and his face changed as he jumped backward and showed jealousy in his eyes.

At this time, Gaara was like a crazy beast, and it seemed like in the next moment, he would swallow everyone here.

Naruto felt a strange feeling all over his body. The madness he saw from Gaara’s eyes is much more than he saw in Zabuza’s, which made him tremble slightly.

“Damn! This is so scary, is that guy even human?”

Sakura’s body trembled as she clenched her teeth in fear. Gaara wasn’t just using his chakra, and he was also using Shukaku’s chakra.

A tailed beast chakra was terrifying.

“Sand Binding Coffin!”

The laughter stopped as Gaara reached out his hand at Yakumo. Sand surged toward her.

The sand moved quickly toward Yakumo, trying to warp her.

At this time, Yakumo raised her hand with calm eyes.



Suddenly, everyone thought that the world around them changed. The street changed to empty grassland.

The sky above them was covered with a dense dark cloud. Thunder roared in the sky, which made everyone gloomy.

The sand finally was about to reach her.

Yakumo raised her hand and pushed, the wind started to form around her and pushed the sand away, blowing it apart.

“This… What is this? Genjutsu?”

Looking at this scene, everyone present was shocked. They originally thought that Yakumo was gonna die. They were nervous at first, but now they were utterly shocked.

Everyone thought that Yakumo was a weak girl and was going to get herself killed, but they didn’t expect this.

“How is this possible, this doesn’t feel like a Genjutsu… Sharingan!”

Sasuke’s heart trembled, he didn’t hesitate to use the Sharingan, but after activating it, he found it difficult to undo.

If Sasuke had strong enough chakra, maybe he could break the Genjutsu, but the gap between the two was too big for that.

On the side, Sakura was immediately trying to break the Genjutsu, but nothing happened.

It’s not just them, and even Gaara was shocked: “Is this a Genjutsu? No, it feels like… The real world! How is this possible.”

Gaara screamed as chakra madly surged out of him. He tried this method to break the Genjutsu.

“Sand Burial!”


A Sea of sand suddenly surged trying to bury everyone there, but suddenly a cold voice was head.

“This is my world.”

She didn’t move from her place, she only lifted her foot and gently stepped on the ground, and suddenly, the sand stopped and became as hard as steel.

Her movement didn’t stop, her hand was lifted up and grabbed at the sky, and this brought it down toward Gaara.

Suddenly, the dark clouds in the sky rumbled as three lightning bolts fell toward Gaara and his siblings.

This felt so real. They felt their lives being threatened. They should be inside a Genjutsu, but why did it feel so real.