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G.O.S.S Chapter 507: Research Materials.



Both Kankuro and Temari were stunned, Gaara’s face was gloomy, the Sand in his gourd emerged and formed a dome around him trying to block the lightning.

But, the sand dome was directly broken, and the three Sand Genins were directly blasted away.


Everyone just felt their vision blur again before finding themselves on the same street as before.

“Is the Genjutsu removed?”

All these present there looked at each other and saw the ripples in their eyes, but when they looked at the street again, they were stunned.

At the end of the street, Gaara and the other two were black as they fell to the ground while smoke rose from their bodies.

“This… This…”

“Impossible! How could this be possible!!”

“Wasn’t that a Genjutsu? How come… are we still in a Genjutsu?”

Everyone looked sluggish.

“It’s done!”

Yakumo casually clapped her hands as if nothing happened before turning her head to look at her two Teammates and said: “Let’s go.”

“Yes… Yes…”

The two boys woke up from the seeming dream like state as they knew Yakumo was strong, but they didn’t expect her to be so strong.

Is that a Genjutsu or reality?!

The two of them couldn’t differentiate between the two, and they didn’t dare ask. They just walked behind Yakumo like good boys.

After walking for some time, the guys on the street recovered from their shock.

“The sand ninjas were actually defeated that easily, that woman, what was that ability?!”

Sasuke had cold sweat dripping from his forehead as he bit his teeth and clenched his fists and showed the unwillingness in his eyes.

If he says that Gaara was extremely powerful, he still had a chance against him, but Yakumo’s power was a deep bottomless abyss.

He didn’t even know what was happening.

In the distance, some ninjas from small villages were screaming and already revealed the fear in their eyes. Gaara’s momentum made them feel that he was a monster, but Yakumo defeated that monster like it’s nothing, she was like a god.

She could’ve easily killed the three of them, and she is a monster of all monsters.

What is this place, this is simply the gathering place of monsters?

Hokage’s office.

The third Hokage was sitting on his chair, reviewing various issues from the upcoming Chunin Exam, and at this time, Roja pushed the door straight away.

“Hey, Koharu, Homura, is there something?”

The Hokage looked at Roja but wasn’t shocked or anything as he said that.

Whether it’s the Anbu of the Hokage, no one could actually see Roja.

In their eyes, it wasn’t Roja who walked in, and it was the elders Koharu and Homura.

Roja walked straight in and picked up several documents, flipped over them then dropped them.

In Sarutobi’s eyes, Roja wasn’t there, all he saw were his two old friends.

“Hiruzen, we want to take a look at the research material of Orochimaru, as ell as the one from the Second Hokage.”

Sarutobi was slightly surprised as he asked: “Why the sudden interest in these researches?”

“There is something strange going on, and you should prepare, something going to happen at the end of the Exam, you will be notified after further investigation.”

Sarutobi looked at them for a while before saying: “Well, you could look at them.”

Inside the tower, Roja went to an extremely dark room that held several important files. Even the elite of Konoha wasn’t given permission to enter this place without Sarutobi’s consent.

The current Anbu commander led Roja into the darkroom. This room was controlled by secret doors, and after opening several seals placed there, Roja went in.

The room was extremely simple, with only two cabinets, which were filled with scrolls.

“You can go.”

When he walked in, Roja glanced at the Anbu commander and said.


The Anbu commander nodded and saluted Koharu and Homura and left.

Roja didn’t pay attention to him; he walked toward the scrolls and found the ones left from Orochimaru and the ones from Tobirama.

The research of Orochimaru was divided into two parts, and one is the human bodies transformation and blood limits which Roja directly through away.

And the one toward the research of the Soul which Roja started looking at.

The research of the soul which Orochimaru started were different from Tobirama’s. Roja looked into them with a thoughtful look on his face. He started to mobilize his Reiatsu to make deductions as well.

“My soul is already that of a Shinigami, and the souls of the people in this world are different. Most of the research is useless… But some of them are a bit interesting.”

When Roja looked at it, he tried it occasionally, and the spiritual collision happened from time to time.

In Orochimaru’s research, he focused on the relationship between the body and the soul, which is what Roja was studying.

The state of Rokujgan, although it was combining the six-path mode and the Shinigami mode, it isn’t fully integrated with six-path’s body.

What’s more, that state isn’t a perfect combination, after all, if they were really integrated, he would be in a state similar to the Final Getsuga Tensho.

If the six-path mode was the mode of God in Naruto’s world, then the Final Getsuga Tensho is the god mode of Bleach’s world.

If these two were combined perfectly… Roja couldn’t imagine what kind of power he would gain.

“The perfect combination between them will allow me to enter a state above that of Shinigami or Rokujigan, and this will be possible when Sen Maboroshi reaches the ninth stage, which is still far in the future.”

Roja muttered in his heart, but he didn’t know if his Rokujigan mode was weaker than the Final Getsuga Tensho or not.

But there is no doubt that if he can make Sen Maboroshi reach the ninth stage, he can combine them perfectly and it will be superior to all the others.