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G.O.S.S Chapter 508: Time Slash.

“Even if I go to bleach’s world, I will need the power of the six-path as it is one of my strength…”

Roja took a deep breath and thought about the things in the research scrolls. After a while, he picked other scrolls.

The research of Tobirama was more extensive than Orochimaru’s. Whether it was the soul, blood limit, or space ninjutsu… even the time ninjutsu…

What Roja was most interested in was the time ninjutsu and research.

Studying them made Roja feel refreshed.

Roja was already at the peak of this world when it comes to power. He already mastered the power of creation and touched the principle of the world, so he directly ignored the introduction and other things as he went to the conclusion.

Tobirama started from the bottom without actually being able to prove his research, but Roja was greatly inspired by them.

“Being able to see the future, I should be able to go there directly. According to this idea, I can accelerate the process directly…”

There was a constant flash of lights in Roja’s eyes. After a while, he put down the scroll in his hand. As if he wasn’t conscious, he reached out and grabbed Sen Maboroshi, then gently waved his hand.


The sword didn’t do anything, but it caused Roja to sway, and a strange thing that can’t be seen by the naked eyes happened.

The wooden frame in front of Roja eroded and decayed at speed visible to the naked eye, and the same thing happened to the scrolls as they disappeared.

It’s just been a moment, but it seemed like it aged hundred thousand of years.

“It works.”

Roja suddenly woke up, and his face showed surprise as he apparently didn’t expect his attempt to succeed directly.

If the power of the void is the force that contains space, then this one is the one that contains the time!”

“This is the power to accelerate time…”

Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi in his hands with a touch of joy in his eyes. He once again held his sword and swung it.

However, this time, nothing changed.

The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing.

Roja grabbed his hair, and his joy subsided. He showed a thoughtful expression and said: “It seems I made a mistake, but since I already succeeded once, then I will carefully train it and master it.”

“This ability can affect the time; the range is almost two meters. It will make anything age in a flash and be decayed… This is called time.”

Roja’s face once again showed joy.

Finally, I mastered a little bit of the power of time. If I fight Yhwach, the power of time is most important.

After mastering this, Roja lost interest in the research material, as he glanced at the wooden cabinet, it collapsed.

“Oh, it seems like I’ve done some serious damage. Forget it, anyway the whole village was destroyed once, and this shouldn’t be a problem.”

After touching his chin, he threw the scroll in his hand at the wooden cabinet remains and walked out of the room.

In a wide hall, Sarutobi was standing in the forefront, and the escorts were standing in front of him as well as the teams from the other villages.

“Yesterday I was busy, but I hope you can forgive me. Although late, allow me to welcome you as the one representing Konoha, welcome everyone.”

Sarutobi took his pipe in and talked as everything was prepared about the exam.

While describing the exam, Sarutobi turned toward the sand village’s team and apologized: “I’m ashamed that you were injured inside my village, we couldn’t react in time to stop the conflict between the children…”

“I don’t know how badly injured your villages ninja were, can they still participate in the test?”

Baki’s face was good, he heard what Sarutobi said, and it felt like a slap to his face. He became sullen as he said: “Don’t worry, Hokage-sama, we still can participate, the injuries they received were nothing to give up the test.”

As he said this, Baki turned his head and looked at Kurenai with a hint of rage and jealousy and coldness.

“I didn’t expect the blood beauty of the Mist to lead a team personally, but if I remember correctly, you should be a ninja from Konoha?”

He wanted to provoke Kurenai. Although she was beautiful, he should’ve known the horror of her name, and he still dared to provoke her.

Hearing this, Kurenai’s look didn’t change, as she said faintly: “This isn’t something you should bother yourself with if you want you can give pointers to the Mist and Konoha.”

Baki couldn’t respond to that.

When he saw this, Sarutobi felt bitter in his heart, but he could only smile and say: “Since it was only a small conflict, it doesn’t affect the Chunin Exam, so let it start.”

The crowd nodded and walked into the room.

There were many strong people in the room, especially Kurenai, the pressure she gave made many of the smaller villages slow down deliberately and move further away.

In addition to her, there is Hatake Kakashi, the Silver Fang of Konoha, no one dared to stay beside him.

The other one with them is Maito Gai, who is indeed powerful.

Once he opens the eighth gate, even Roja should be serious when fighting him.

Sarutobi looked at them as they walked in the direction of the 44th training ground, aka the forest of death.