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G.O.S.S Chapter 509: Shocked and Helpless.

The Mist sent Kurenai to lead the team, and if it only was that, but a team member was Yakumo, who Roja took away some time ago.

Moreover, it seems like Yakumo has trained and realized her potential, and even The Sand Jinchuriki couldn’t defeat her.

The more Sarutobi thought, the more depressed he became.

And just as the second part of the exam in the Forest of Death was about to start, an Anbu fell in front of Sarutobi kneeling on one knee.

The Anbu’s face was full of panic.

“Reporting to Hokage-sama… Something went wrong!”

“What happened?”

Sarutobi looked at the usually calm Anbu that showed panic and surprised.

The face under the mask was full of cold sweat as he walked toward Sarutobi and whispered something in his ears.


Sarutobi’s face changed as he couldn’t help exclaim loudly.

After a little bit, Sarutobi looked at the crowd down and said: “I’m very sorry, I need to deal with something, the proctor will bring you to the exam…”

After saying this, Sarutobi refused to pay attention to anything else as he directly disappeared.

All of the Ninja were shocked.

What can make the Clam Hokage seem so distressed?!

Gai looked at Kakashi and said: “Kakashi, did you hear what happened?”

“No, that’s a secret technique used by Anbu to communicate, it can’t be heard. But making the Hokage unable to calm down, I’m afraid something will happen.”

Kakashi’s brows were wrinkled.

Forbidden Scroll of seals storage room.

“How could this be!”

Sarutobi looked at the destroyed seals and at the scroll of seals, and then at the Anbu with an angry look.

The scroll of seals records the secrets of Konoha, and many of them were important.

For example, the seals of the Tailed beast which can easily contain the Kyuubi.

Looking at the Sand villages Jinchuribi, they were hardly able to contain the Ichibi, even preventing his host from sleeping, and once he does, the Ichibi would be in control.

If the seal was stolen from Konoha, it would be a huge loss.

Other technique as well, like the Flying thunder God and the Edo Tensei and so on are the trump card of Konoha. If other villages have someone like the Yellow flash, Konoha would completely fall to the bottom.

“You didn’t even notice this, and you didn’t notice that the scroll of seals was taken?!”

Sarutobi was fearful.

The Anbu guarding it were elites.

In addition to them, the alarm seals which were forced open and no one noticed. It simply felt as if a ghost was here.

“… I’m very sorry, Hokage-sama, there really was no sign of any of this happening.”

The Anbu bowed their head as they were sweating. They were terrified. If the enemy could come in and do all that then leave, wouldn’t that mean he could’ve killed them anytime?

This is the Hokage tower, and they were a special ninja.

The one who can enter the tower without them knowing or leaving any trace couldn’t be a normal person.

At the same time, they were thinking about this, Sarutobi was also thinking about this problem. The more he thought, the more afraid he became. Suddenly, he thought about Koharu and Homura coming to him the other day.

Not good!

His heart jumped as he ignored the Anbu and rushed toward Koharu and Homura’s places. After arriving, he found the two safe and sound, but as soon as he asked them about their visit, they said they didn’t visit at all.

What is this?

Deceiving the Hokage with transformation should be impossible.

What is this, a Joke?

Doesn’t this mean that if this person wanted, he could just assassinate him without him knowing anything?

At this thought, Sarutobi rushed toward the room that contained the research. After entering, his hand shook slightly.

The two wooden cabinets, one of them was intact, but the other withered as if a millennium passed on it. It completely decayed, and the scrolls were damaged.

“Who is it? Who did this?”

Sarutobi almost fell on the ground, the most top-secret files of the villages could be easily accessed like this without anyone noticing this.

It’s almost like he stood in front of you and you don’t feel him.

What a horrible thing.

Sarutobi thought of the person that was responsible for the Kyuubi attack, the one that manipulated the Kyuubi resulting in Minato’s death.

Even if that person can enter into Konoha, there is no way he wouldn’t be felt, and even perceptive ninjas didn’t know what happened.

“This ability is like controlling all senses… and…”

Sarutobi’s heart almost stopped; there is a bang in his heart as he suddenly thought of a name.

Kurama Yakumo!

After thinking about this, he directly thought of the second name… The Shinobi No Kami, Roja!

Yes! It must be him! Only he can enter Konoha without anyone noticing, and only he dare ignore Konoha and steal their top-secret information.

No, this can’t be said to be stolen, he just took a look at them.

Thinking about this, Sarutobi’s face changed for a while before he revealed a bitter smile. If it was another person, he would never give up on getting them, but they can do nothing to Roja, they were too weak even to try.

“Forget it, since it’s him, even if he wants to take advantage of us, I can’t do anything, as long as the information doesn’t fall into the hands of the other villages.”

After all, Roja could destroy the village like it’s nothing, all the secrets aren’t secrets in front of him, as long as he wants to know, he will know.

At this time, the test finally started.