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G.O.S.S Chapter 510: Death Forest!

In the first test room inside Konoha, all the Genins participating were seated, and each had a test paper, the examiner, Ibiki Morino, was standing looking at them with a serious look.

“The Rules for this part of the exam are, have ten questions, one point for each question with a deduction system…”

“The second…”

“Third Rule… If someone is caught cheating, then two points would be deducted from his total.”

“Besides this…”

As in the original story, this test would be on gathering information and courage.

As the rules were announced, Naruto was unfortunately disheartened by this, because he wasn’t the brain on the team and he won’t be able to answer the questions.

Of course, it wasn’t just Naruto, and even Yakumo frowned slightly at the rules.

“What are these rules…”

Yakumo was in her seat with wrinkled eyebrows. If she was willing, she could knock out all the people here in an instant, including the examiner, but no one taught her much of these things.

However, she was a genius, even if she didn’t encounter Roja, her intelligence wasn’t low, to begin with. After she got the test papers, she glanced at them and then looked at the other people in the room and quickly realized the goal of this exam.

While Yakumo figured it out, everyone tried to cheat.

The Hyuuga used their eyes, Aburami used their bugs, Inuzuka used their dogs, and the Last Uchiha used his Sharingan to copy handstrokes. Various tricks emerged, and most people started to cheat.

At this time, Yakumo calmed down and placed tapped her finger slightly on the table.


She spread a Genjutsu that controlled the five senses all over the room, and everyone fell into it.

No one could tell that they were under Genjutsu.

Naruto also was in the Genjutsu for a moment, but inside him, the fox suddenly opened his eyes.

“This feeling…”

Kurama was aware of the Genjutsu, and Yakumo also noticed the Kyuubi inside Naruto as she glanced over him.

“Kyuubi? I have no time to pay attention to you.”


Yakumo’s Genjutsu wasn’t able to affect a super Kage level Ninja, but the Kyuubi was sealed, even if he could use a little bit of his chakra, it wasn’t enough to counter Yakumo’s Genjutsu, so the latter directly locked him up.

Kyuubi roared at this, but unfortunately for him, he couldn’t break free from the seal.

After this, Yakumo easily got the answer for the exam, and the answers were directly passed to her teammates as well.

Few could actually know what was going on besides the Kyuubi, and this person is Kabuto who at this point, realized that he was put under Genjutsu.

“This feeling… Genjutsu? When did it activate? If I didn’t know of her ability, I wouldn’t even notice…”

Kabuto turned toward Yakumo and looked at her with fear. If he didn’t know of her ability, he would perhaps stay under her Genjutsu without him knowing.

Her Genjutsu was really something else.

The first test ended quickly.

Until the end, no one noticed the Genjutsu, beside Kabuto that is and the latter couldn’t reveal that as he planned to report to Orochimaru directly.

Such an existence would prove to be a hindrance to their plan.

After the first part ended, what followed was Mitarachi Anko making her entrance which made most Genin speechless.

She told them to go to the Death forest, which is training area 44 for the next exam.

Yakumo took her teammates early and went there to wait. Other Genins started to arrive one after the other.

The second exam was also the same as the original ones, each team would get a scroll, and they need to get the other type scroll, then go to the tower in the middle of the forest.

Wouch! Wouch!

After entering the forest, Yakumo moved ahead of her teammates, while they didn’t dare go side by side with her, they just followed behind her.

“Captain, what do we do now, should we reduce the number of the examinee?”

One of them looked in front of him with cold eyes for the first type as he revealed cruelty, but when he talked, he was still well mannered.

Yakumo shook her head and said: “No, we don’t need that. We will just get the scroll and complete the test…”

While saying this, Yakumo felt something and directly her pupil shrunk.


After ordering them, she directly leaped on a tree and started rushing inside the forest. The two behind her didn’t dare violate her orders as they followed.

Naturally, if Yakumo didn’t slow down, they wouldn’t be able to follow at all.

Quickly, Yakumo quickly arrived beside three Genins from Kusa village.

Or so it seemed, but the three Genins were killed by Orochimaru.

At this time, the ‘Kusa’ team discovered Yakumo and the other two and stopped moving, they looked at her and suddenly, they were startled before revealing a savage look.

“They’re the fellows from the Mist… Hey, I heard they took care of the ones from the sand.”

“We’re not as useless as these weaklings.”

At the same time, the two who talked looked back at Orochimaru with worship.

However, Orochimaru wasn’t looking at them, and his attention was on Yakumo.

In Orochimaru’s mind, the information about the Kurama clan appeared rapidly. After the birth of a genius in that clan, her ability wasn’t controlled, so Konoha wanted to seal it away but failed, and Roja suddenly appeared and took her…

Now, she was in the Chunin exam.

Orochimaru directly approved to the other two to test them.

Wouch! Wouch!

The other two directly attacked without even asking the Mist Genins what scroll they had.

They wanted to prove themselves to Orochimaru, if they can defeat the Mist ninjas, they can obtain the appreciation of Orochimaru.

But, reality proved them wrong.

Before they rushed toward Yakumo, earth split under them and magma flowed out and covered them.

Wouch! Wouch!

In reality, they were kneeling in front of Yakumo, their soul left them, and their bodies were burned black as they fell down.


Her teammates weren’t in the Genjutsu and didn’t know what happened to the two in front of Yakumo.

They could only see the two Kusa ninjas rushing before stopping halfway, and their bodies started to crack and burn before they were instantly killed.