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G.O.S.S Chapter 511: Yakumo Vs. Orochimaru!

Orochimaru who was still disguised as a Kumo ninja applauded for Yakumo gently. His eyes revealed an evil light as he looked at her.

“Good, Good… A really formidable Genjutsu. It can even be compared to the Sharingan…”

“Will you hand over the scroll, or do I have to kill you to take it?”

Yakumo said calmly at Orochimaru. She didn’t pay attention to his talk about the Sharingan at all.

Seeing this, Orochimaru laughed, he put a hand on his eye and said evilly: “You should feel it already… Even with this, you want to attack me?”


As soon as he voice came out, killing intent erupted suddenly and covered Yakumo and the other two, almost in an instant, the two young Ninjas saw their deaths and their whole bodies shivered as sweat covered their back.

Wouch! Wouch!

They directly dropped to their knees as they looked at Orochimaru with fear.

“This… What is this?!”

“Is this just Killing Intent? How is this possible?”

What made Orochimaru surprised was that even under his killing intent, Yakumo’s face didn’t change at all.

“You can resist my killing intent easily, and it seems that your mental strength is formidable… Almost equals to mine.”

“Thanks for the praise.”

Yakumo smiled and directly used a Genjutsu and covered Orochimaru whose brows wrinkled as he felt it.

Yakumo’s Genjutsu influences the brain and controls the five senses of a human. But a body like Orochimaru’s that changes constantly is hard to control.

But the issue for Orochimaru was that When his soul transfers to another body, it becomes flowed. In addition to that, Roja thought Yakumo how to enhance her soul and guided her ability to affect the soul directly.

Therefore, Orochimaru’s ability to counter her Genjutsu was equivalent to Kurenai and Mei and not higher.


Orochimaru knew that his senses were controlled and directly gave up on using them; he directly used chakra and Nature Energy to resist the Genjutsu.

But even so, his soul would be affected as it was flawed.

Wouch! Wouch!

Orochimaru directly flew toward Yakumo in attempt to strike her down quickly.

Facing this attack, Yakumo didn’t panic as she just leaped away and attack with ninjutsu.

Her Taijutsu wasn’t inferior to a Jonin, and her Ninjutsu was at least elite Jonin. Orochimaru was resisting the Genjutsu and couldn’t concentrate enough in the fight, which resulted in a stalemate in their fight.

For Yakumo, it was as if she was facing Kurenai or Mei.

“It’s impossible, I’ve studied the Kurama clan thoroughly, I know that because of their strength in Genjutsu and their strong souls, their bodies are very frail that they won’t stand against a normal Chunin, but this fellow…”

Orochimaru was unable to keep his cool, and he was startled.

He wanted to catch Yakumo to do some research which shouldn’t really make Roja angry and deal with him personally.

He didn’t think that Yakumo would be strong enough to hold her self against him.

“Not only Ninjutsu and Taijutsu… She also has the power to control the senses of her enemies, can that person promote a child’s power to this degree.”

Orochimaru’s eyes revealed deep fear, not from Yakumo but from Roja.

The Kurama clan in Konoha was a respected clan, but they shouldn’t compare to the Uchiha Clan, the Genjutsu they have should be inferior to the Uchiha.

But Yakumo’s talent was really something else, with should be compared to the Mangekyu Sharingan.

In a short time, Roja made her ability stronger, her power without a doubt was abnormal, she was peak Kage level ninja right now, if her Chakra and Genjutsu get stronger just slightly, she will reach the power of a Super Kage.

The super Kage means the ability to defeat all kage level shinobi.


Orochimaru couldn’t hold much longer against Yakumo’s Genjutsu and directly passed the scroll to her which was conveniently suitable for her.

“I cannot stay here longer.”

Orochimaru could tell that Yakumo’s Genjutsu would affect him if he stays longer, so he directly moved to the ground and merged with it before rapidly leaving.

Yakumo took the scroll and stood in the same place, and she didn’t pursue Orochimaru.

“This is Konoha’s Sannin’s power, I can’t get him in the Genjutsu directly, and his peed is above mine.”

Because she was Roja’s disciple, she had Roja’s vision as well. So, facing Orochimaru and holding the advantage wasn’t something she would boast about even if it was an astonishing feat.

After a bit, she shook her head and put the scroll with the other one.

Looking at the scrolls, Yakumo nodded. She looked at the direction of the tower before taking her teammates, who were still trembling and moved toward it.