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G.O.S.S Chapter 520: One tail Vs. Nine Tails!

Orochimaru and Srutobi started their fight inside the formation. At the same time, Konoha’s Anbu and Jonin were facing the Sand and sound ninjas, and nobody cared about the civilians anymore.

However, all of them didn’t kill Civilians, or big shots from the Civilians, as it would be troublesome if someone from another country was to be killed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The clash of metals and the sound of the ninjutsu being released were everywhere around Konoha.

If there is a place without fights, it would be the stand was Roja was as no one dared approach that place.


Kankuro was controlling his poppets, while he was fighting, he didn’t notice that he was getting closer to Roja, but Konoha’s ninjas noticed this and were afraid now. Seeing this, Kankuro looked around and decisively jumped away, giving up on the fight and avoided that place.

Different from the Original, Gaara didn’t lose himself, he was fighting with the sand ninjas against Konoha’s ninjas or being exact Naruto.

At this time, their fight became more intense.

Gaara didn’t care about Naruto previously, but as the fight continued, Naruto destroyed his sand, erupted with Chakra suddenly, and forcibly smashed his sand armor, injuring him.

As he got injured, Gaara was not normal anymore, as he became excited.

“I knew it, I knew it… You’re like me, you also have a monster inside your body, Hahaha, hahaha!”

This time, Gaara’s body was half-covered with sand, while Naruto was bending on the ground like a wild animal, and scarlet red Chakra covered him with a tail shape behind him.

Naruto was still slightly in control right now, but that all he can think of right now is to defeat Gaara. Unknowingly, the tail behind him became two.

His speed suddenly increased along with his strength.


Gaara was sent flying.

“This feeling… The situation is turning bad…”

Kakashi’s face turned grim as he felt the Kyuubi’s chakra, it’s likely that Naruto is rampaging right now, but he didn’t find time to suppress the chakra and reinforce the seal.

Moreover, he seems to be facing a Jinchuriki.

When Kakashi was hesitating, Gaara sent Naruto flying with a roar as chakra surged out of his body crazily.

“Come! Come! Let me Kill you!!”

The earth cracked as Shukaku of the Sand was released, revealing his complete body.

“… Shukaku of the Sand.”

Kurenai saw Gaara turn into Shukaku, and her pupil lighted up as she knew that a Bijuu couldn’t be normally defeated.

Even to present her, she didn’t have a high chance to defeat it. After all, the tailed beasts never die. And their chakra level was too high for a normal Shinobi.


Naruto’s flipped the rocks that were above him and directly roared, the two tails behind his back turned to four, and the chakra around him turned into fox-like appearance.

“This… Damn…”

Kankuro and Temari were covered with cold sweat as they stopped fighting. They thought that they shouldn’t continue being here; it was too dangerous for them.

Gaara in this state was terrifying, previously, when he went into rampage inside the Sand Village, it took Ten Elite Jonin, and over hundred of Chunin to suppress him under the leadership of the Fourth Kazekage.

Although they succeeded, many died, and others were injured.

And the Gaara who was like that, the one facing him wasn’t any less compared to him, he was as terrifying or maybe more.

This was a fight between Monsters!

Kankuro thought, before looking at Temari, was looking at him and swallowed while directly retreating.

“Interesting, this is really interesting. I never thought fighting you would be like this, so…”

Feigning Sleep Technique!

Silence fell as Gaara fell into a deep sleep, but at the same time, Shukaku took over and was no longer suppressed by the seal.

“Hahahaha! I came out Finally… I will blow you away! Die Kyuubi!”

Shukaku looked at Naruto with the Kyuubi’s chakra covering him and directly attacked.

Naruto roared, and his chakra surged, chakra claw flew toward Shukaku.

Nearby Shinobis was nearly blasted by the airwaves as they paled.

“What power, is this the power of a Tailed beast?”

The Sand shinobi looked at this and realized that Shukaku was out and paled.

“Nobody can prevent it…”