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G.O.S.S Chapter 519: Konoha’s destruction Plan!

The first official match ended like that. The matches continued until Gaara’s match.

Orochimaru’s eyes sharpened as he sent the signal to Kabuto. Directly, Kabuto used a large scale Genjutsu.

“Temple Of Nirvana!”

Feathers fell down into the audience catching the civilians into Genjutsu. But Most Jonin directly noticed this and dispersed the Genjutsu.

This Genjutsu was widespread, and they won’t be able to wake up all those affected by it.


The Genjutsu seemed to be a signal, almost instantly, Gaara’s whole body was covered by sand, and he started his rampage.

The plan to destroy Konoha started.


Smoke rose from the Kage’s stand as Orochimaru attacked Sarutobi.

“It’s not good, protect the Hokage!”

At this time, the Anbu wanted to aid their Hokage, but four ninjas suddenly appeared around Orochimaru and Sarutobi and directly said.

“Four Violet Flames Formation!”

An Anbu tried to enter through the barrier, but unfortunately for him, he was burned and sent flying.

“Damn It!”

The Anbu didn’t expect someone to use a formation. Their duty was to protect the Hokage, but they could only stand down and watch now.

Below the stand, Roja waved his sleeve, and the smoke disappeared. Kurenai and Yakumo directly leaped and arrived beside Roja with high alert.

At this moment, Orochimaru’s plan was on full view, all of Konoha was in Choas, three giant snakes appeared in the middle while hissing. The sand Ninjas were attacking Konoha along with the sound.

(T/N: I don’t know how there are snakes there, all the snake summons should’ve died.)

Gaara wasn’t wounded like in the original story, but he still erupted as a full Bijuu and directly sent Naruto flying. Several Anbu surrounded him as they started fighting.

“What is…”

Kakashi looked at the chaos in the field and was shocked.

Looking back at the stand, the fourth Kazekage was an imposter.

Roja was still sitting as if nothing was happening, and when the Kazekage was attacking the Hokage, he was sure that the Kazekage was an imposter.

Could it be Roja who is behind this attack? Kakashi shook his head, and if he was, he didn’t need to conspire in secret at all.

Yes…. It’s Orochimaru.

Kakashi looked at the imposter and guessed it to be Orochimaru.

At the same time, the imposter, Orochimaru, lifted his disguise.

“Finally started?”

Roja just continued to sit as he watched everything erupt, and no expression could be seen on his face.

However, someone wanted to try his luck and attacked Roja with an Earth Ninjutsu.

Stones flew toward Roja’s face while Kurenai and Yakumo were beside him.


Kurenai defended while looking coldly at the attacker who directly turned black due to Yakumo’s finishing him off, and they actually dared to attack Roja. Yakumo’s directly showed him what it felt like to be struck by lightning.

Many ninjas were fearful now, they thought that Roja might interfere, but they finally relaxed as they saw Roja, and the two beside him didn’t move.

“What is his goal?”

Seeing this, Kakashi and the others frowned and looked serious. Even now, they didn’t know Roja’s goal.

Even as Roja sat down there doing nothing, no one disregarded him. He was the most terrifying person here.

At this time, Hiruzen was trapped inside the formation while looking at Orochimaru, the latter was looking at Roja and wanted to know if he will attack. Seeing Roja didn’t take any action, Orochimaru smiled evilly.

“I had already told you to find your successor because if you don’t, you will die here without one, Third Hokage!”

At this time, Sarutobi didn’t pay attention to Roja, as he pondered to his reason being here while looking at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru was already too powerful for him to kill easily. Also, he was already old, and his chakra reserve deteriorated along with his body.

Perhaps, today, he will die.

He fiercely looked at Orochimaru after readying his heart for what to come.