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G.O.S.S Chapter 522: The war Ends!

Inside the formation, Sarutobi was cut in the shoulder by Orochimaru, the image of the Shinigami was standing behind Sarutobi as it stretched its hands toward Orochimaru.

Orochimaru tried to move his hands and use ninjutsu, but he couldn’t.

“Damn it… I can’t use ninjutsu…”

“This is a life seal, I make a contract with the Shinigami, as soon as it completes the task, it will take my soul, this is the technique the Yondaime used before he died.”

Sarutobi’s blood was overflowing, but his face was resolute. Still, you can feel the weariness in his expression.

Orochimaru’s soul was being extracted from his body.

Orochimaru sweat was following as he felt his soul being forcefully grabbed as he said: “… The nine tails… sealed by this?”

By the time Konoha was attacked, Orochimaru was already a missing ninja, and he didn’t witness what happened.

“Yes, I will pull your soul and seal it inside my body!”

Sarutobi fiercely looked at Orochimaru, who tried to get free.

“You should feel it already, half of your soul left your body.”

Sarutobi couldn’t control the Shinigami completely, as Orochimaru was trying to pull back his soul with difficulties.

“Don’t joke around! You old thing, you won’t be able to win!”
Orochimaru’s fingers rose as the Kusanagi sword moved and pierced Sarutobi’s back, with such an attack, Sarutobi couldn’t control the Shinigami longer, and part of Orochimaru’s soul returned to his body.

Sarutobi clenched his teeth as blood overflow from his mouth and pulled fiercely. Orochimaru’s soul was moving in and out of his body.

After half an hour, Sarutobi couldn’t beat Orochimaru as he panted fiercely.

“It looks like I don’t have the power to pull your entire soul…”

“You are right! Sarutboi-sensei.”

Orochimaru was winning, and he grinned fiendishly as he said that.

However, Sarutobi remained unmoved as he said gently: “But I will stop you from achieving your ambition.”

Sarutobi sternly looked at Orochimaru, and he knows that he won’t be able to finish the seal: “I will take your ability to use ninjutsu completely!”

“What are you saying?”

Orochimaru was startled, then he discovered that a part of his soul was missing, the Shinigami was cutting his soul’s hands.


Looking at this, Orochimaru was startled as he couldn’t help but shout: “Stop!!”


Sarutobi sternly yelled as Orochimaru’s hands were now useless.
But, suddenly, an impatient sound was heard from behind Sarutobi.

“I didn’t think it would take such a long time…”


A hand suddenly grasped something, it didn’t grasp Orochimaru, nor Sarutobi, but the Shinigami behind him.

The hand was ordinary, but it seemed to contain great power, it passed through the Shinigami.

“This thing can’t be called a Shinigami!”

Roja’s palm caught it as he looked at it with disdain. He erupted his Reiatsu suddenly. The Shinigami was directly split and disintegrated.


Sarutobi looked at him with wide eyes as he couldn’t believe what he saw. Roja just made the Shinigami disappear. In other words, Roja was stronger than even the Shinigami.


Sarutobi’s blood flowed as the Seal was broken, and his body lost all the remaining strength it had.

When Roja destroyed Konoha before, he was thinking of using this move to defeat him if he could, but there was no opportunity to use it, but looking at it now, even if he did, Roja would just kill the Shinigami.

Orochimaru saw Sarutobi fall and staggered for breath. The part of his soul that was sealed seemed to have returned to his body.

Seeing Roja kill the Shinigami shook Orochimaru entirely.


Roja reduced the Reiatsu in his hand after wiping out the Shinigami.

He turned his head and looked at Orochimaru and didn’t speak. He turned around and disappeared.

Orochimaru finally relaxed, he didn’t know Roja’s goal, he didn’t seem to want to destroy Konoha, if he did, he would wipe it out directly, but he didn’t have a very good relation with it as well.

Seeing Roja killing the Shinigami, Orochimaru shook his head and didn’t pay attention to it anymore.

“Although my soul returned, I consumed too much chakra, and Jiraiya Returned…”

Orochimaru looked at Konoha and finally took a deep breath, and he knew that his plan to destroy Konoha wasn’t successful.

Moreover, Naruto with six tails, defeated Shukaku and Gaara’s consciousness returned to him, while Jiraiya hurriedly sealed back the Kyuubi into Naruto.

Hence, the Chunin Exam came to an end.