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G.O.S.S Chapter 523: Researching the Strongest Fusion!

Six months later, inside the water country.

For the past six months, a strange, powerful aura was constantly released inside the forest, causing every life form to cower in fear.

Inside a spacious cave inside the forest, Roja’s hand was grasping Sen Maboroshi while looking around with knitted brows.

At this moment, he was releasing an ice-cold aura that not only froze material… It even froze space itself.

Everything around several hundred meters was frozen, including space.

“Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Hakka no Togame and Daiguren Hyōrinmaru Triple Release reached the level of freezing space with ease, but if I want to freeze time, it would be much more difficult.”

Roja’s senses reached an extremely advanced level, and he didn’t see the world as a normal person would anymore, he saw threads of energy instead.

Some of them can be sensed using Kenbunshoku Haki, and some others were sensed with the Shinigami’s power.

All the observation ability he had seemed to intertwine into one, giving him a special way to see the world.

At this time, most of the threads were motionless; they were frozen along with space; only one type of thread was still moving, and that one should be time.

“In the Shinigami’s world, some Kido can freeze space, but they are forbidden techniques, still since they exist, it means there is some way to grasp it.”

Roja thoughts were somewhat fuzzy as he thought about the Shinigami’s world while whispering.

After a while, he could only shake his head and temporarily gave up, and his thought moved to another thing.

The triple release was strong, it can even be compared to Zanka No Tachi, but there should be a balance between them. If he wanted to use the Zanka no Tachi with other releases, he needs to make it the center of the other releases, and it should be the one holding the balance between the bankais.

But the difficulty of using four releases is too great, Roja tried many times but was unable to achieve it, he discovered that the conflict between them is too fierce and unstable.

Therefore, he could only pursue the balance of the triple release right now.

Hakka No Togame or Daiguren Hyorinmaru wasn’t enough to use as a double release along with Zanka No Tachi. As Zanka No Tachi can burn the moisture in the air, Daiguren Hyorinmaru’s effect would be nullified.

Roja concluded that Hakka No Togame or Daiguren Hyorinmaru wouldn’t be able to find balance with Zanka No Tachi, but together, they should be able to form the strongest triple release.

Zanka No Tachi had the power to destroy the world, after burning the moisture in the air, it would burn space and the world along with it.

But with the power to even freeze space, the balance should be achieved.

Only Hakka No Togame, along with Daiguren Hyorinmaru, had that kind of effect.

If he was to compare Zanka No Tachi’s power, it would be the same as Kaguya’s Gudodama, or maybe Zanka no Tachi was slightly weaker.

But if the strength of extreme heat and extreme cold were to be combined, the strongest power would be achieved, and it would be easily stronger than the Gudodama.

From the time he arrived in this world, he still couldn’t compare to the power of Kaguya, but with this, he would be able to transcend the barriers to immortality.


Roja released his Reiatsu and urged the two bankais to reach their pinnacle of strength while the threads of energy, such as wind, space, and other types, started vibrating, trying to escape the frozen state.

The ice continued to spread as Sen Maboroshi vibrated, space was completely frozen, but due to that, it became frail as it couldn’t withstand Roja’s Reiatsu.

Looking at this, Roja’s expression changed; he didn’t restrain his Reiatsu but actually tried to control it even more.

The trace of disruption of space disappeared, and space returned to a static form.


Looking at this, Roja revealed a happy expression. After half a year, he finally was able to achieve the power of triple release using only the double release.

Now, combining Zanka No Tachi with the double release wasn’t that far away.

“Space Freeze…”

With his observation, it seemed like he had an eagle eye type of view as he looked all over the frozen space.

Even though the frozen space covered only a few hundreds of meters, his observation could probably cover the entire world right now.

Along with the Six Path mode, he can actually look at any place in the world whenever he wants.

In other words, he can teleport to everyplace he wants in this world directly.

Roja attempted to reach a kilometer of frozen space, but he felt space became unsteady.

If he increases the Reiatsu even more, space would probably shatter.

“Several Hundreds of meters of frozen space is enough. In a fight, a dozen meters would be sufficient to hinder anyone from moving.”

Roja gave up on expending the space freeze and maintain the current one. He easily got used to it as he relaxed. The Reiatsu consumption wasn’t something he couldn’t maintain, the only way he would be hard-pressed from the Reiatsu’s consumption would be when he fuses the current releases with Zanka No Tachi.

However, as he was preparing to end this experiment, he suddenly felt another space connect to this place, and he was surprised.

“This is… Kaguya’s Space? No, it doesn’t feel as such…”

Roja stood in his place while thinking about the strange space that connected to this place.