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G.O.S.S Chapter 525: The Shinobi No Kami Will Get Rid of Moryo!

“Put Me Down…”

Shion was stunned before she began to struggle.

However, the puppet army was getting nearer from them. Everything in their path was destroyed as they moved forward.

“Let’s escape! Quickly!”

Seeing the Puppet army, Shion shouted at Roja again.

But at this time, she saw the guards and ministers unable to resist the army of puppet, before one of the guards said.

“Get her highness out of here quickly!”

“Quickly, run away, don’t worry about us!”

Many shouted as they prepared themselves to die today.

However, Roja carrying Shion looked at the puppet army, his eyes showed disdain.

“Run Away?”

He pulled Sen Maboroshi and lifted his hand, and directly swept the sword toward the puppets.

Everyone felt time stops, including Shion, and everything was silent.

The black energy of Getsuga Tensho passed through the entire army.


All puppets were crushed as lines appeared along with the bodies of the puppets army.

The puppets’ bodies were separated into two halves.

However, this isn’t the only frightening thing; the sword energy rushed toward the faraway mountain and cut it as well.

As the mountain started to fall, all the puppets fell along.

Afterward, a loud sound rushed to their ears as the mountain, and the puppets reached the ground.

All of them still couldn’t get what was happening.

Shion and the others thought that they were dreaming before the crushing sound of the mountain falling reached their ears like thunder.

The sound woke them up from, and they knew that it was real, not a dream or a Genjutsu.

As the shockwave rushed toward them, Roja lifted Sen Maboroshi and waved it.


The Cloud of dust and the shock wave stopped in place and gently dispersed.

This made the people unable to blink or think as they stared at Roja.

Some people swallowed as awe-filled their eyes.

But at this time, some people thought of Roja’s identity with disbelief and shock and directly said.

“You… You’re not… The Shinobi…”

Only one person had this kind of power in the Shinobi world; it was someone very famous and feared all over the world… Shinobi No Kami Roja!

His legends reached all around the world.

Moreover, one of these legends said how he could easily destroy mountains and changing the landscape at will.

Roja put Shion down and said: “If Konoha’s Hokage didn’t crawl back from the grave, then it is me that you just guessed.”

“You, why have you come to our country…”

At this time, the ministers were clear that Roja wasn’t from Konoha, and he came here for different reasons.

They were scared by what they saw, but still, they asked.

After he put her down, Shion looked at Roja as she listened to many legends concerning this man when she was young.

She was doubtful about these legends, and she just treated them as a story to listen to, not something serious. But today, she experienced what Roja can do, with barely a little effort.

Even now, she couldn’t calm down.

“I just saved you from an army that would’ve killed you easily, and now you ask why I have come?”

Roja didn’t pay attention to the ministers as he just turned his head and looked at Shion.

At this time, Shion finally recovered as she weakly looked at Roja. She previously thought that Roja was a Konoha ninja and showed him some really bad manners.

At this time, she thought about Roja’s words before, he said that anyone he wants to protect, no one can even lay a finger on, she was skeptical at first, but now, she believed that he meant what he said.

Looking at the somewhat disturbed Shion, Roja chuckled as he couldn’t help speak: “Relax, since I came here, I will solve Moryo’s problem…”

AS for the reward, studying the power of the Miko should be ok, as Roja continued in his mind.

Hearing Roja’s words, Shion was startled. Finally, she took what he said and was pleasantly surprised while the Ministers were wild with joy.

The Shinobi No Kami will get rid of Moryo!

AS the matter stand, perhaps at his level, it would be easy, as for Konoha’s ninjas, they would just make them clean the palace.

As for whether he would succeed or not, they weren’t really worried, as if the Shinobi No Kami couldn’t solve this problem, then the entire village of Konoha won’t have that kind of power either.