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G.O.S.S Chapter 528: Demon!


The first Raikage stared in disbelief, but before he could react, his body was cut in half.

Even if he was in Edo Tensei, with Roja’s six path powers, this cut directly ended the Jutsu.

“This is… What kind of power is this…”

Standing behind Roja, Shion was floating by the aid of Roja’s chakra while her mouth was open from shock.

Even if Roja could split a mountain, seeing him split a sea of lightning is strange, it was dreamlike.

At the same time, Obito opened his eyes and looked out of breath, his pupil shrunk.

“What power… The attack of the First Raikage wasn’t able to touch him. Moreover, he ended the Edo Tensei with a sword strike. It seems like his sword is special; it has some power that works against the Edo Tensei.”

Obito’s eyes opened with deep fear in them as he looked around.

In the country of swamp, Roja brought Shion and moved toward the shrine after finishing the first Raikage.

When they reached the shrine, a person under the shrine was looking at Roja with fear, and his body was trembling.

This person actually was someone who had Moryo’s soul inside him.

“Impossible… Impossible, Six Path Sages shouldn’t exist now; why is there one still alive.”

Moryo wouldn’t fear even a super kage or a tailed beast, however facing someone with the six path powers, he was fearful.

Shion saw Moryo’s fear, and her pupil was glittering with beautiful purple light as she looked at Roja: “If we seal him again, he might escape in the future. If possible, I hope that you can annihilate him directly…”

Hearing Shion’s words, Roja was indifferent while Moryo trembled even more as he shouted: “No… No.”

“You Shrine Maiden… If I die, you will die with me as well.”

Even though he was trembling, Moryo could only use this card now.

Originally, Shion hearing about Moryo, she knew people feared him, but looking at him tremble was satisfying.

However, when she heard his words, Shion was surprised as she immediately said.

“What did you say?”

“Can’t you feel it? we share the same body; can’t you feel the connection between us?”

Listening to Moryo, Shion directly concentrated, she indeed felt a vague connection.

But her bell was sparkling.

However, Shion couldn’t believe that she shared a body with Moryo.

At this moment, Roja turned toward Shion and said: “It’s true, you indeed share a body, but this is nothing.”

At the same time, Roja walked forward and directly made Shion float toward the Shrine.


Shion was scared, and she thought that Roja was going to kill Moryo along with her; she couldn’t help feel despair.

But seeing Shion coming toward him, Moryo was filled with joy. If he can enter Shion’s body, he can obtain his main body again. He can then hopefully escape this world’s barrier and hide in another one.

Even if Roja was strong, he wouldn’t be able to go after him to another world, or so he thought.

Without hesitation, Moryo directly decided to change bodies.

“Don’t struggle; you will end up dead in his hand; it would faster and easier for you to die by my hand.”

Moryo directly entered Shion’s body.

Roja gazed at Shion and chuckled as his Reiatsu surrounded the place, and entered Shion.

At this moment, inside the soul space, Shion and Moryo both had 50% of success.

However, Moryo impacted Shion’s soul and will and wanted to swallow her, but when Shion was about to give up sadly, a voice was heard.


This sound is…

Shion was dumbfounded, as she looked beside her to see Roja appearing beside her.

Roja directly looked at Moryo. Reiatsu instantly bombarded him in an attempt to shatter him.

“No… Not like this! Do something!”

However, Roja didn’t stop; instead, he continued and poked his finger into Moryo’s soul, and directly the latter disappeared.

“What are you still doing?”

Roja looked at Shion, who was in a daze.

After finally recovering, she directly used her power and surrounded the remaining power of Moryo and started swallowing it.

Because Shion and Moryo were a soul split in two, after destroying Moryo’s consciousness, Shion could swallow the remaining power of Moryo completely.

When she wasn’t sure if everything ended, she looked at Roja to see him nodding at her and directly vanished from her soul space.