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G.O.S.S Chapter 529: World Principles

After assisting Shion with Moryo, Roja returned to the country of Demon along with Shion.

Inside a peaceful room, Shion sat down with her eyes closed.

Roja stood by her side, while he also closed his eyes as Reiatsu poured out of his body into Shion’s to observe her.

Suddenly, Shion’s eyebrows tightened, as if she was in pain, her forehead was full of cold sweat as she opened her eyes directly.

Roja also opened his eyes. He looked at Shion and started thinking.

“What happened?”

Roja asked Shion directly.

Shion seemed to be frightened, after panting for a while, she slowly calmed down while she was still afraid as she shook her head at Roja.

“I cannot see your future completely, as if I was being blocked by some kind of power…”

“Is that so.”

Roja actually was expecting this, and he was interested in this, he knew that Shion would know the future somewhat, it was similar to Gamamaru’s ability, two different abilities with the same result.

Both are quite similar but slightly different.

Even if they were different, they could give Roja some ideas. Moreover, he directly injected Reiatsu into Shion’s body and inspected her ability.

The future sight was familiar to Roja, but at the same time, it wasn’t.

The key to it was Roja’s Kenbunshoku Haki’s ability to see the future. Shion’s ability or Gamamaru’s ability can only get fragments.

But as a matter of fact, the future can change.

For example, if Roja changes something he saw with Haki, another vision will appear in front of him, the same for Shion’s and Gamamaru’s abilities.

Compared to Yhwach, the ultimate boss of the Shinigami’s world, it wasn’t that much.

Roja was thinking about the power of the principals of the world.

Zanka no Tachi can be said the ultimate ability in strength, as a matter of fact, this is the exact Bankai that led to Yhwach’s defeat a millennium before the story started.

Which caused Yhwach to wait for 1,000 to return.

After that, Yhwach used his ability to dominate the world.

But Roja can attest that having the power of the world’s principles and rules is the strongest power one can get.

The Hogyoku’s power is infinite evolution. It was impossible for the one having to reach the highest power directly. The one who holds the Hogyoku needs to have the power that can maintain his desire.

Aizen has achieved the peak of the power of a Shinigami, that’s why, the Hogyoku merged the hollow with the Shinigami making the Arrancar and Visord, the so-called god-level evolution.

But if ordinary Shinigami had the Hogokyu, they wouldn’t reach Aizen’s power.

What Roja guessed was… power is needed to be able to control the principle of the world and resist the change that occurs due to their power.

You must know that after getting to Naruto’s world, Roja no longer limited his thinking to just any world.

Temperature, Space, Time, and Fate… These principles are, with no doubt, fearful, but pure strength can destroy a universe. Temperature, space, and Time belong to the void and didn’t have any significance to certain worlds.

Roja always thought that the principles are like tools.

Tools to control worlds.

But Roja’s words are easy to understand, but the power of the principles aren’t. The other aspect of power is related to the human body.

Firearms are no doubt fearful; a child having a gun can kill an adult with a strong body. But if said adult achieved some kind of power to shed his mortal body, his body would turn stronger than steel, and no gun can kill him.

“The power of the six paths is growing slowly along with my Reiatsu, but the Six Path mode is currently the strongest body I have.”

“With it, I may achieve the power to fuse the Hakka No Togame and Daiguren Hyorinmaru with Zanka No Tachi. I will manage this before I can get the Chakra fruit from Kaguya and reach the pinnacle of strength.”

“I also know a little bit of time principle and as well as space, which are formidable techniques that can affect many enemies.”

Roja thought as he put his hand on his chin.

Shion saw Roja ponder and sat there without disturbing him. Although she was proud and pampered, and her tongue was venomous, she was well mannered when she was beside Roja, and she was similar to Hinata.

On the one hand, Roja’s power frightens her, and she somewhat feared him, and on the other hand, Roja was not only strong but also handsome and can be called a lady killer, which affected Shion.

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