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G.O.S.S Chapter 530: Two Years Later

Roja looked at Shion after getting out of his thoughts and said: “At present, you have Moryo’s complete power, but you can’t completely control it, which would eventually cause destruction.”

“I should…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Roja said again.

“I will give you two choices. The first, I seal your power, and you stay here. I will give you instructions about how to control that power, and you slowly control it. The second choice is that I take you with me to the Mist and make you my disciple.”

Roja looked at Shion and waited.

The girl before him was clever, she respected him, and with her talent, she will develop into a frightening power.

Moreover, she had Moryo’s complete power in her body, who was as powerful as a tailed beast, if she completely grasps that power, she won’t be any less powerful then a Jinchuriki.


Hearing Roja’s words, Shion was startled.

Roja didn’t speed as he continued to look at her and waited for her choice.

“I will go with you to the Mist!”

After a bit, Shion firmly replied.

Roja thought she would hesitate longer. But she decided in about less than 10 seconds. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Good, later you should call me sensei then, you should handle the trivial matters here before we depart tomorrow.”

Although Shion was the Daimyo of the country of demon, all of the country’s affair was handled by the ministers.

She didn’t need to worry about the country at all. That was her first reason for her decision.

The second one is… because she was clear about what being Roja’s disciple entails. No one would dare to threaten this land, knowing that Roja’s disciple was from here, and she would have the power to protect it later.

Third reason… Female Hormones…

After telling the minister, they didn’t oppose her decision…it’s no joke, and they wouldn’t dare to oppose her decision knowing Roja’s power.

If Roja wasn’t happy, the country would be destroyed, or so they thought.

After two years, in the desert of the Wind country, which said to be the worst environment in the entire world, resides the Sand village.

Ordinary people won’t survive in the desert; maybe only Shinobi could.

Sandstorms encircled the village as protection, and at this time, two shinobi wearing the common Akatsuki cloak appeared.

The two walked directly toward the wall patrol, but unlike Konoha, they didn’t have sensors all over the place.

In the desert, the shinobi weren’t really earnest in their patrol, only in the entrance would they get serious.

On the ground, it was time to change shift as one of the guards said: “It’s time to change shift, I’m really sleepy.”

Another person’s brows wrinkled as he said: “You stay alert, I’m going to patrol, and did you receive the words from the captain?”

“There is nothing to patrol, and there are only sand birds all day.”

Suddenly the shinobi’s face changed.

As he looked at the desert to see something far away: “What is that?!”

In the desert, two silhouettes appeared.

Both the ninjas were startled and immediately stood up and were ready to fight.

As the two people walked nearer, one of the two by the gate directly said: “Go tell the captain about this, it’s the Edo Tensei, they can’t control their bodies and won’t die unless sealed.”

As his voice fell, one of the two Akatsuki members directly started making hand seals.

“This is… It’s not good, withdraw quickly, this is disintegrating sand Technique.”

The two ninjas directly entered the gates and closed it waiting for reinforcement.

Suddenly, the walls of the Sand Village, in a mere two seconds, turned into sand and fell to the ground.


Looking at this, the two Akatsuki were angry, but they were helpless as they couldn’t control their bodies.

The two were unexpectedly the first Kazekage and the Second package!

The first Kazekage directly said: “This technique transforms anything it touches into sand, this was a powerful technique against Rock ninjas, but I didn’t think it will be used against my village… Damn this Edo Tensei!”

The one who released this technique was the second Kazekage, and he looked at the village with 10% of the wall down under his move as waves of sand rushed into the village, as he clenched his teeth in anger.

The entire village was now in chaos by this attack.

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