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G.O.S.S Chapter 531: Starting

Wouch! Wouch!

The alarms were set in the village, as the Fifth Kazekage ran out, which Gaara as he lifted both of his hands to control the sand that was flooding the village.

The sand rose to the sky as another sand wave hit the village, making the dust fly all over the village.

“Well? He can block my attack, this chakra is…”

Looking at his attack stopped, the second Kazekage relaxed.

The first Kazekage directly looked at Gaara and said: “This feeling, there is no doubt, he should be a Jinchuriki.”

As the sand filled the air, sand ninjas arrived beside Gaara while looking at the first and Second Kazekages.

“Who are you? Why are you attacking the Sand village?”

Kankuro stood beside Gaara and directly said, his face angry as he shouted at the Kages.

But at this time, an old Jonin looked at them, and directly, his face changed.

“No… Are they? Is it possible…”

When the old Jonin mattered with shock, a sound came behind Gaara.

“Really, long time no see, First Kazekage-sama, Second Kazekage-sama.”

The old gramma was the one talking, she was Chiyo, and elder of the sand village.

“Is that you, Chiyo… I didn’t think you will reach this age, how many years have passed?”

“I didn’t think a Jinchuriki would be able to take the seat of the Kazekage, how many generations have passed?”

The First and Second Kazekages looked at Gaara and Chiyo before, Gaara said.

“I’m the fifth Kazekage, Gaara of the sand…”

Gaara was surprised to find that these two were his predecessors.

Chiyo looked at the Kazekages and said: “I didn’t think you two would be revived by the Edo Tensei.”

Chiyo looked at the Kazekages, and she didn’t think she would see this technique after Tobirama used it.

“Edo Tensei?”

Hearing Chiyo’s words, the Sand shinobi were startled, as they remembered that this technique was used by Orochimaru before in their invasion of Konoha.

“Is it possible that the two sirs…”

“The matter isn’t clear. The person who revived us claim to be Uchiha Madara, but I can tell he isn’t. He is related to the Uchiha, though.”

The first Kazekage said before his complexion changed as chakra surged out of his body.

The earth started to tremble as if he was controlling the vast desert.

“It appears that the two Kazekages can’t control their bodies. We can only seal them.”

Gaara looked at this and calmly said as he turned toward them and attacked. A surge of sand covered the two Kazekages.

Almost at this time, the Kazekage said in anger as he wasn’t controlling his body.

“Fast! Retreat!”

“Wind Release secret art: Thousand Chaotic wind Edges!”


The wind blasted the sand apart in all directions, as the terrifying wind hit the ninjas from all over the place.

Each wind blade was as powerful as B class Ninjutsu, and there are thousands of them, which made it an S Class ninjutsu.

“This isn’t good.”

“Retreat quickly!”

The ninjas started retreating toward the distance as they couldn’t resist the wind attack from such a close distance.

Some Jonin directly used some Earth Style Ninjutsu to block the attacks, but their ninjutsu was broken directly.

“Quicksand Waterfall Flow!”

Gaara directly used most of his chakra and wrapped the entire village with sand to protect it.

At this time, the Anbu captain of the sand and Chiyo and the others tried their best to resist the attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Cracks appeared everywhere, and after some time, the sand dome fell down.

“We’re safe… We’re safe?”

The ninjas had cold sweat all over their bodies as they exclaimed in amazement.

Chiyo directly took a deep breath and said seriously: “He can use that Jutsu almost instantly, and his chakra reached its pinnacles. This is the power of the first Kazekage…”

Wouch! Wouch!

Almost as Chiyo’s voice fell, another attack rushed. The first and second Kazekage’s were going after Gaara.

At this time, the consciousness of both Kazekages disappeared, Obito changed them to puppets without mind.

Bang! Bang!

Gaara was sand flying, and his sand armor shattered.

They were unexpectedly powerful; Gaara had no chance of victory.

The ninjas from the Sand tried to rescue their leader.

Initially, the Kazekages were warning them of their attacks, but now they couldn’t talk. They were throwing S Class Ninjutsu without caring about chakra.

After a few minutes, the entire village was destroyed, the casualty was serious, and Gaara was captured, this news quickly spread throughout the world.

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