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G.O.S.S Chapter 533: Edo Tensei Army!

Right now, People were repairing the damage from the last few attacks, and The Rock villages seemed to have come out of a war as people on the street seems tense and depressed.

The Hospital Beds were insufficient.

At this time, Onoki sat on his chair with hands wrapped in bondages as he looked at the papers in front of him.

“Are they the same?”

Onoki looked at the information in front of him, then directly threw the papers away.

Suddenly his back started hurting again, and he could only float around to make it hurt less.

“I won’t forgive them for controlling my predecessors!” Onoki said coldly.

At this time, a Shinobi ran into his office with cold sweat covering him and a tense face as he started reporting.

“Tsuchikage-sama, we discovered the chakra of the other Tsuchikages!”


Onoki’s complexion changed as he directly turned around and asked: “Where are they?”

“They are very far… They’re in the country of water!”

The Shinobi seriously said. As the village was in high alert right now, all the sensors were searching for the Revived Kage’s trails.

Now finally, they discovered them.

“The country of water?”

Although he had some suspicious, he still looked started by this information.

They are moving that fast?!

Since they received heavy losses and Konoha and the cloud were attacked as well, he decided the best thing to do is join the alliance with the other villages.

If they abandon their enmity temporarily, they would have a chance to survive. Otherwise, they may all die.

The great villages sent a request to the Mist to join the alliance, after all, the mist was the most powerful, and they need the help, but before they received the response from them, the enemy rushed toward the Mist already.

“This… Is bad!”

Onoki was anxious.

That organization is attacking the five great villages, and if the Mist was the fall now, this wouldn’t end well for anyone.

Perhaps, the enemy was attacking fast, so the Mist won’t have any allies to aid them.

At the same time, the sensors in all the other villages caught the chakra as well.

In the sand village.

“It’s the chakra of the first Kazekage!”

“Is it going to start?”

The whole world was in an uproar.

In the cloud village.

Just when the Raikage was about to talk with Konoha, he flew into a rage as he roared.

“These bastards in the Mist, they think that they can face that organization alone?!”

As the Raikage shouted, no one dared to talk as they knew that the Raikage wasn’t in his right state of mind right now.

Konoha was the same, Tsunade was standing in her office with the Ino Shika Cho discussing the strategy and all war-related stuff.

Shikaku Nara was the first to talk as he said: “The Kazekages attacked the Sand, the Rock was attacked by the Tsuchikages, and so on, it seems like our enemy is doing that on purpose.”

“Our village was attacked by The Mizukage, the Salamander, and the seven swordsmen, as well as our third Hokage.”

“If all of them attacked at the same time, even half of the revived Kages would be able to destroy our village easily…”

Shikaku took a deep breath as he was tensed right now as he turned toward Tsunade.

Tsunade was silent, and then she asked: “Shikaku, what do you think?”

Shikaku hesitated a little before he started talking: “Our enemies are indeed strong, but we shouldn’t forget that the Mist has Roja behind it, He alone may have the power of all the villages combined.”

“And the one behind the Edo Tensei isn’t known to us, and we don’t know if he has other cards, the Mist is strong, they should be able to endure this.”

“Briefly, the Mist is… Dangerous!”

The Edo Tensei army arrived at the water country, without any cover, the chakra in the air was dense as some of the strongest people in the world’s history gathered here.

In a remote room in the Mist Village, a water sphere floated in the air, suddenly, the water scattered everywhere.

“It seems their goal isn’t to just seize the three Tailed beasts, It seems they gathered an army to destroy the Mist.”

Mei finally lifted her head as the water disappeared. She opened her eyes, revealing extraordinary splendor.

The Edo Tensei Army has arrived!

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