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G.O.S.S Chapter 534: Terrifying Lineup

More than 20 people were leading their way toward a huge village, which was the Mist village.

There were more than 10 Kages that Obito revived.

Because it would be too much for Obito to completely control these 20 people, they kept their consciousness but not their control over their bodies.

“… To deal with the Mist, that guy sent over all of us together? Isn’t this a bit exaggerated? But this gives the Mist village a lot of faces, right First Mizukage.”

The First Tsuchikage spoke as he looked at the first Mizukage as he coldly snorted. He was angry at the losses of his village, The Rock, but now he was feeling good as he knew that the Mist would be destroyed, and nothing would be left of it with all of them here.

In fact, even when Obito was in control, no Kage was happy about attacking his own village.

“Humph! Your village is just too weak.”

The first Mizukage coldly said as worry was hidden in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, all of them were dispatched to deal with his village, which was really worrying him. All of them were terrifyingly strong.

And even though he didn’t know many of the people present, he knew that they were terrifyingly powerful.

Doesn’t this mean that the Mist would get slaughtered to the ground?

The second Mizukage was worried as well, with their power, let alone the Mist village, even the five great villages together. They had no chance in front of them.

However, even then, he couldn’t help retort to the Tsuchikage as he said: “Our Mist village is finally getting attacked, but compared to this lineup that would attack it, your Rock village seams pathetic.”

“Your village’s development was not much after you died.”

The second Tsuchikage coldly snorted: “Then let’s hope that the Mist village would have even a dozen of its people survive now.”

“Really! With such a group, which village would be able to come out victorious?” The third Mizukage angrily said. His feeling for his village was too great.

The other Kages watched this as they were anxious as well.

Someone being able to control such strength was something really unexpected.

With the fall of the Mist, the entire world would fall into that organization’s hand.

They were dead and controlled by the Edo Tensei, they would have no choice in their actions, and they would be used to suppress the ninjas in the world.

All of them were anxious as they arrived in front of the Mist.

They were able to see The Mist now, but what was really confusing is that almost all the shinobi from the Mist were startled or anything, they kept their cool.

In front of them was Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage.

“Before everybody here, the Previous Kages. We haven’t seen them for a long time… No, some didn’t see them at all.”

Mei said to the Shinobi as they set up their battle formation.

The mist didn’t dispatch all of its people, only several hundred people with the lowest being an elite Chunin. The shinobi present were the Elite of the Mist ninjas.

After all, even though they would face 20 individuals, their power was terrifying that ordinary Chunin and Genin would die uselessly as the Edo Tensei’s summon won’t die normally.

“You are…”

The third Mizukage looked at Mei as he had an impression of who was Mei, when he died, she was but a baby.

Mei knew the third Mizukage. She directly looked at him and said: “I am the fifth Mizukage, Terumi Mei.”

“Hello! Little Girl, you should’ve abandoned the village and escape, perhaps we could reduce the casualties like that, why risk your life when we can’t die?”

The second Mizukage looked at Mei’s calm face as his brows wrinkled. Although the Mist were always ruthless, they would complete the mission as their priority, but their second one is preserving their life.

Mei didn’t respond as she got ready for the fight.

On one side, Mei was leading several hundred of Shinobis from the mist, on the other side, the previous generation of Kages and powerful individuals.

Sensing the power radiating from the Mist shinobis, the Kages were surprised.

Even though they were surprised, the Mizukages shook their heads.

Even if they were more powerful then normal, they wouldn’t be able to face the Kages.

At this moment, Many Genin and Chunin from the village were watching as the fight was about to start, although they knew that the Mist was the strongest, their foes were formidable.

They understood who these people were, and they were once the peak of power in every nation.

All of the Mist’s populace was worried, even though Roja was with them, they were still fearful.

It didn’t stop at them, as several people in other villages were also very anxious about the current situation.

Every shinobi was looking at this fight that would decide the fate of this world.

“The First Tsuchikage, The second Tsuchikage, the First Mizukage, the Second Mizukage… What kind of lineup is this, can the Mist really block all of them?!”

The people away only had this thought in their mind as the gloomy atmosphere filled the entire Shinobi world.

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