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G.O.S.S Chapter 536: Kimimaro Vs. The Raikage!

After sealing the Second Kazekage, the first Kazekage was shocked. His body was controlled as chakra surged out of his body as he attacked Haku.

Facing the First Kazekage, Haku became serious, and he knew that the first and second Kazekage weren’t on the same level.

Even if the second Kazekage wasn’t under the Edo Tensei, Haku could probably defeat him after a few rounds, but the first Kazekage would put on a challenge.

However, Haku wasn’t fearful at all, he directly used the body flicker and rushed in a short-range confrontation.


Ice shards flew everywhere and sand-filled the place as Haku, and the First Kazekage were fighting.

Chakra kept erupting now and then as various ninjutsu. The scouts were fearful of this fight as it was a fight between two kage.

“He completely blocked the first Kazekage…”

It was clear that Haku was holding himself against the first Kazekage and maybe even winning the fight, and many Kages were looking at this with shock filled faces.

But at this moment, another person from the Edo Tensei army came out, and it was the Third Raikage.

“He chose me to interfere in the fight… Despicable…”

The third Raikage was controlled to attack, and he was angry because of that, he directly talked to the Mist Shinobi to give them information about himself.

“I strengthen my body with lightning to increase my strength and speed. The best thing to block me is Earth, and the best to attack me is Wind.”


Before he even finished talking, his body was covered in the lightning armor as he directly rushed toward the Mist ninjas.

However, at this time, someone rushed out from the Mist side as well, and directly clashed with him.

The ground below their feet cracked due to their power as the Chunin and Genin far away felt the shockwave.

The Kages in the Edo Tensei was once again shocked.

Everyone was shocked seeing someone bathed in lightning, getting stopped by a young-looking man. The full power of the third Raikage was stopped by a young man?!

What was more incredible, the young man didn’t use any ninjutsu or technique to enhance his body.

The Raikage and the young man were in a strength competition as their hands met each other and started pushing on the other side. Two bones of the young man’s hands were used to support himself in this fight.

“Earth and Wind Style Jutsus aren’t necessary, that too troublesome.”

Of course, as you guessed, the one facing the Raikage was Kimimaro. Kimimaro directly covered his hand with something black, which is obviously Busoshoku Haki as he forcibly punched the Raikage away.

“This is… Kaguya Kimimaro!”

“Unbelievable, he threw the Raikage away with one punch?!”

The scouts that were far away were amazed, especially the ones from the cloud village. The third Raikage could fight a tailed beast to a stalemate, was now thrown by a single punch. This could obviously fill anyone’s heart with fear and shock.


After he sent the Raikage away, Kimimaro didn’t stop as he moved after him.

“Your defense is indeed good, being punched like that, and you’re still okay…”

Looking at the Raikage, who was full of holes that were being filled, which is the effect of the Edo Tensei, Kimimaro was still calm.

Once again, the third Raikage attacked.

Kimimaro wanted to end this with Ninjutsu and let the sealing team directly seal the Third Raikage. But suddenly, thunder surged out as the third Raikage shouted.


Kimimaro directly raised his arms and blocked the attack but was still sent back several steps.

“He can damage the third Raikage and also block my attack, this guy’s Taijutsu and body are terrifying, no other ninja should be able to do this.”

The Second Raikage was the one who moved and attacked Kimimaro.

The second Raikage’s taijutsu was inferior to the third Raikage, but he can attack from long distance, and he was faster than the Third Raikage.

“The first Raikage was killed by Sensei and won’t be able to be summoned again with the Edo Tensei, and you should be the second Raikage then.”

Kimimaro looked at the bones that were burned, resisting the attack he just received. No emotions were shown on his face as he stood in front of the Second and Third Raikage.

The Second Raikage directly said: “Good, this old man is the Second Raikage, it wasn’t my intention of joining this fight, but it seems I will be forced to collaborate with the Third Raikage against you.”

“That’s an honor.”

Kimimaro clasped his hand as he drew two long bones to be used as swords while he stood in front of the Raikages.


In the next instant, both Kimimaro and the Raikages disappeared, and a loud collision sound was heard by all people present.

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