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G.O.S.S Chapter 537: The Fifth Mizukage, Terumi Mei!

The third Raikage rushed at Kimimaro directly with his Hell Stab, which was known as the strongest.

The Second Raikage wasn’t just watching as he directly prepared his Ninjutsu and opened his mouth.

“Storm Release: Lightning Water Rush!”

He spits water from his mouth that seemed like a normal Water Ninjutsu. The water directly covered the third Raikage and Kimimaro.

With the Third Raikage’s lightning armor, he didn’t receive damage at all.

And Kimimaro’s was so strong just from being from the Kaguya clan, his body was as powerful as an ordinary sage, and this technique could only reduce a little bit of his speed and strength.

Lightning crazily cracked in the battlefield as Kimimaro was obviously having the upper hand as he cornered the Second and third Raikages.

“Are all the Shinobi of the Mist in this Generation monsters?”

The Tsuchikages were looking at each other with dismay.

The First and Second Mizukage were the happiest at this time as they laughed while looking at the other Kages nearby and said: “Look at our Mist Village shinobi, it’s not something some deceased people can cope with!”

“Shut up!”

The first and Second Tsuchikage coldly snorted as chakra surged out of their bodies, directly flying in mid-air and started making hand seals.

Seeing this, the Second Mizukage’s face changed as he directly shouted at the Mist’s shinobi: “Hide quickly! It’s a Kekkai Tota!”

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The second Tsuchikage released a huge cube of light that directly moved toward the Mist Shinobis.

Although he wasn’t the strongest, The Dust Release was a sure kill technique that can’t be stopped easily.

However, a voice echoed through the battlefield from the Mist Shinobi’s side.

“Corrosion Release: Decomposing Clouds Technique!”

An ash-gray cloud directly rushed toward the Cube.

Wherever the cloud passed, the plants and flowers started to wither and rot.

As soon as it touched the cube of Dust Release, the cloud stopped the cube from passing through, and both started making a sizzling sound.

Whatever the Second Mizukage did, he couldn’t make the Dust Release technique pass through the cloud.

Not only that but as time went by, the cloud was spreading and corroding the cube of light.

“This is impossible!”

The Second Tsuchikage was astounded, Dust Release should dominate any Kekkai Genkai, nothing could stop it, any ninjutsu would be completely destroyed in front of it.

But now, someone unexpectedly blocked his Dust Release directly!

The Second Tsuchikage finally discovered what he just witnessed.

“There isn’t a mistake… To block my Dust Release, only another Kekkai Tota can do that. In other words, this is a Kekkai Tota!”

“Oh, worthy of your title, Tsuchikage, you discovered that.”

Mei chuckled as she said: “This is a Kekkai Tota the combine water fire and earth, I name it Corrosion release, you can guess the reason.”

The Second Tsuchikage thought before saying: “Corrode everything, take everything’s life…”

With a Kekkai Tota like this against his Dust release, the competition would be that of chakra.

The Second Tsuchikage didn’t think that Mei would have enough chakra against him, so he directly pushed the Dust Release Technique to the limit.

But he suddenly panicked as he saw his dust release expand to the limit while the Gray cloud suddenly just as if it was a hungry beast, it swallowed his Dust release technique.

The Cloud didn’t stop as it moved directly and swallowed the Second Tsuchikage as it moved toward the others.

“Excuse me, and you told me not to hold back a moment ago.”

Mei said lightly with a chuckle as Chakra surged out, she was unexpectedly a Super Kage.

To catch up to Kimimaro and Haku, Mei went to Roja, as she requested from her training. Naturally, Roja didn’t refuse.


The First Tsuchikage and the others were shocked, but before the cloud touch them, they lost control of their bodies as they directly flickered away.

The cloud was strange, and it seemed to have some properties of light, as it didn’t stop by anything that hit it.

The Second Tsuchikage’s body started decaying.

But since he was in Edo Tensei, he would be back again since the cloud was only a Kekkai Tota and not the Truth-Seeking Ball.

The Sealing team didn’t need to wait for Orders from Mei as they directly rushed and sealed the Second Tsuchikage.

The others were also damaged by the cloud, but they could move before being sealed away.

“You’re really terrifying, and I didn’t think that fellow would be killed by you…”

The Second Mizukage’s forehead was full of cold sweat. Although he was happy that the Mist had someone so powerful, but killing the second Tsuchikage that quickly scared him.

After all, he died together with the Second Tsuchikage!

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