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G.O.S.S Chapter 538: Shion Vs. First Tsuchikage!

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The Second Tsuchikage was sealed after he was defeated by Mei. The First Tsuchikage was shocked, but his body left his control as he directly made a few hand seals.

“Rock Release: Great Rock Prison!”


The First Tsuchikage’s jutsu was released with extreme speed, the earth cracked, and huge Rocks rose and directly interrupted the cloud that Mei released.

The Rocks didn’t stop as it moved toward Mei and the others and directly crushed on them.

“The First Tsuchikage’s Rock technique…”

The First Mizukage knew the first Tsuchikage, he as his old match, and he understood the power of his Rock Release Kekkai Genkai the best.

The Rock release was most reliable within a rocky environment, and the techniques are strong that it was unexplainable.

Mei’s eyes flashed as she was about to display her Kekkai Tota once again.

But at this time, someone spoke to Mei.

“I will deal with it.”


Seeing two purple claws erupt from the midst of the Mist Shinobi, gasps were heard as the claws stopped the rocks in their places.

The claws easily defeated the Rock Release technique.

All the Shinobi looked at the person behind Mei and immediately saw a young girl standing there, a terrifying Chakra erupted from her body and took the shape of a monster.

“This is… Susanoo? No, Tailed Beast? No, it shouldn’t be…”

The Tsuchikage looked at this and was shocked. He wanted to use his Rock release once again, but he wasn’t fast enough, and he knew that it wouldn’t defend him if he used it.

The girl could easily defeat his Rock release. Moreover, he chakra wasn’t like any tailed beast that he knew off, which made him fear her.

Shion already grasped Moryo’s power, and under Roja’s guidance, her ability reached that of a super Kage.

Seeing Shion’s power made everyone shocked, from the Third Hokage to the Tsuchikage.

Kimimaro, Haku, Mei, and the others weren’t that shocked as they expected this.

But the others didn’t, to think there was someone from this generation that could take on the First Tsuchikage, not to mention the chakra that wasn’t inferior to a Jinchuriki.

Why does the Mist have so many terrifying experts?!

Just the ones here now can swap any village easily, and that’s without Roja’s interference.

“The Five Great Ninja Villages, that name seems like a joke now…”

Tsunade listened to the report from the battlefield along with Inoichi and the others, and a forced smile appeared on her lips.

Now it seems like the Mist village can destroy the four other villages and that’s without Roja’s help, the name of five great villages was like a joke, which village can actually claim to be close in power to the Mist.

Many knew that there was no such village anymore if the Mist isn’t destroyed after this fight, perhaps the name of the five great villages would be history.

The Mist village is the strongest.

On the battlefield, Shion was eager to fight. She was young, she gained immense strength, she controlled Moryo’s power, and she went further under Roja’s guidance.

The fight was reaching its climax quickly between Shion and the First Tsuchikage. The chakra was erupting as rocks kept flying all over the place, making people afraid.

Haku, Kimimaro, and Shion separated the battlefield into 3.

Kimimaro was fighting the second and third Raikage while holding the advantage, which made The third Hokage join the fight against Kimimaro, and now the fight was somewhat stable.

Haku was fighting the first Kazekage, who was controlling sand and attacking while Haku froze anything close to her.

And Finally, Shion was fighting the first Tsuchikage who wanted to end this quickly, but with Shion’s ability to see the future, she was manipulating him all over the place as they fought.

Each fight shocked any shinobi watching.

“I’m the Fist Mizukage, with the Second Mizukage, we will fight you, M. Mizukage.”

Mei looked at Shion fighting, then looked at the First Mizukage and the Second, and her face became tranquil.

Finally, now everyone understood why such a terrifying lineup was needed against the Mist.

Because without it, it would be impossible against the current Mist village, and even with them, it was hard to tell whether it’s possible to win or not.

“I didn’t think that after death, I will trouble the later generation like this.” The First Mizukage smiled bitterly.


Mei attacked decisively, the First Mizukage and Second Mizukage both fought against Mei.

Mei’s power wasn’t inferior to Kimimaro, and with her Kekkai Tota, she had a strong weapon, and her chakra even though still didn’t reach the Super Kage level, she was bordering there, it would take her casting several releases of her Kekkai Tota to feel tired.

She didn’t just surprise attack them to seal them. She wanted a fight, and fighting two Previous Mizukages was to her liking.

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