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G.O.S.S Chapter 539: Blood Beauty of the Mist

“I really didn’t expect the current Era for the Mist shinobi’s would be this strong.”

“Yes, we wanted to educate the future generation, but it seems that they already surpassed us.”

The previous Mizukages, as well as the Seven swordsmen of the Mist, were looking at the power under the Mist village and felt strange.

The Mist shinobi didn’t recognize the Seven swordsmen in front of them.

Because Roja was the one who killed the previous Seven swordsmen, they couldn’t be revived with the Edo Tensei, so the ones revived now we’re the ones here were the ones who were before the seven swordsmen who Roja killed.

“By the way, where is the current generation of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist?”

“Since the current Mizukage is fighting the previous Mizukages, then it would be right for the current seven swordsmen to fight us.

Before the others start talking again, a beautiful girl walked out from the midst of the Mist Ninjas.

She was the current Anbu Captain of the Mist, Kurenai Yuhi.

“There are no Seven swordsmen currently since the previous ones wanted to kill Mei. I should be a good match for you.”

This generation of the Mist village didn’t have a Seven Swordsmen.

Originally, the seven Swordsmen of the Mist were a special force that was under the Mizukage, which is like the current Anbu.

After Roja started his rule in the Mist, or to most people Mei, the existence of the seven swordsmen of the mist was useless, as with the current power the mist have, these seven swordsmen would be as strong as a normal Jonin.

Kimimaro, Haku, Kurenai… Any person there could overpower the Seven swordsmen of the Mist.

Kurenai didn’t reveal a formidable aura the same way as Mei or Kimimaro, and her aura was indistinct.

No one could feel any strength coming from her at all.

But, when the scouts of different villages saw her, they directly recognized her.

“Yes… The blood Beauty of the Mist!”

“She is going to face the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist?”

No one dared to belittle a Shinobi from the current Mist Village, even if Kurenai’s aura didn’t shake them up, no one dared to question if she is worthy of facing the Seven Swordsmen.

The Mist village was terrifying, and it was like an abyss.

Currently, no one knew to what extent the Mist village’s power was, since Roja’s arrived here, the Mist village’s power soared.

If it was able to reach the top of the five great villages, it’s without a doubt because the God of Shinobi was here.

This wasn’t a secret in the Shinobi world.

For example, Mei was Roja’s follower, Kurenai was the same, Kimimaro was Roja’s disciple, Yakumo was as well.

Thinking about it carefully, all these experts are somewhat related to Roja.

In the past, Roja took over the Mist and destroyed Konoha alone, he was given the name of the Shinobi No Kami, and no one dared to question that. He was the one who defended the Mist before, but now, it different.

The current Mist could depend on people other than Roja, as Roja wasn’t needed to face the Army of Edo Tensei summons.

“You are…”

The third Mizukage looked at Kurenai as he walked, he naturally didn’t know Kurenai or Roja as he died before their names were all over the world.

Kurenai nodded at the third Mizukage and calmly said: “I’m the assistant of the current Mizukage, the Anbu captain of the Mist, Kurenai Yuhi.

Anbu captain and the Mizukage’s assistant!

Hearing the two duties, the third Mizukage’s face changed, he thought that Kimimaro or Haku had these duties as he thought they were the strongest Shinobi in the Mist, he thought that one was the assistant and the other was the Anbu captain.

He didn’t think that these duties fell on the woman in front of him.

These with power hold the duties of being the assistant and the Anbu captain of the Mizukage, which means that this woman isn’t a normal Shinobi. And from her words, it seemed like she had some confidence in defeating the Seven swordsmen.

“Sorry for the trouble, dying, and still causing trouble for the future Generation makes me really feel sorry.” After saying these words, Mei nodded.

But almost at that moment, Kurenai disappeared, from where she stood only an image was left as it slowly dispersed.


The third Mizukage and the seven swordsmen were experts immediately concluded that Kurenai used a Genjutsu.

But can Genjutsu what Kurenai just did?!

Even though Kurenai wasn’t as talented as Kimimaro, Haku, or even Mei, she was still the first to join Roja, and under his Guidance, he power wasn’t inferior to them, in fact, her current strength reached the Super Kage level already.


Suddenly, four copies of Kurenai appeared and attacked four of the Seven swordsmen.

The four were quick as they tried to resist why the other three wanted to help, but before they could move, the four copies of Kurenai flattened the four to the ground and with a few rays of light, their bodies were directly disintegrated.

Kurenai was currently stronger than the third Mizukage and the Seven swordsmen combined. Her chakra’s quality was higher than them. As such, her Genjutsu worked on them without a problem.

Even if the eight of them collaborated, they wouldn’t have a chance against her, and she was totally in control of the fight.

Although she didn’t erupt with terrifying chakra or an aura that could make them tremble, she fought the third Mizukage and the seven swordsmen and was being victorious, which made numerous people shake in intimidation.

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