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G.O.S.S Chapter 549: Fusion!

“I see, you want to form a joint army to deal with that organization.”

I front of a screen, the Mizukage, Mei, was talking with the Hokage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, and the Kazekage.

After the war ended, the news about the three-tailed beast being taken spread. Everyone could guess that the organization was the one responsible for taking them.

Upon hearing this, Konoha, and the cloud couldn’t sit still and directly called the other kages. It was an extremely rare occurrence that the five kage would reach a consensus to form an army against that organization.

Of course, in terms of forming an army, they want the Mist to join them as the strongest of them all. And no one knows if the one behind the scene still has another batch of the revived army.

Since almost all the kages were used, what about the experts before the establishment of the villages? What about the famous ninjas other than the kages?

What’s more, all of the bijuus were in their hands now.

Therefore, all the villages started investigating this organization to find their base.

All the kages on the screen were looking at Mei with nervousness.

If the Mist chose to stay out of this, the other four didn’t have the confidence to face that organization.

After all, only the Mist could win against them while using terrifying power.

Mei looked at them on the screen then took a sip from her tea. When the other couldn’t take it anymore, a smile formed on her mouth before she said.

“The meeting will be in Konoha, right? As for the leader of the alliance…”

“Your excellency can be the leader. We, the Sand village, have no objection.”

Suddenly all the other kages directly opened their mouths in acceptance.

Is that a joke? With her power and the power behind her, if she didn’t become the leader, who can. No one can take that position from her.

Besides, being able to make the Mist join is already good enough, and the Mizukage being the leader would tie them up on this. This is what all the other kages wanted.

“Then we’ll meet soon.”

Mei smiled enchantingly before ending the call.

The formation of the alliance was decided by a call. The meeting would take place in Konoha, as Konoha was in the center of all the other villages, which is the most suitable location for this meeting.

“Is there any instruction from Roja-sama?”

After ending the call, Mei directly turned her head toward Kurenai and asked.

Kurenai shook her head and said: “We can’t contact Roja-sama. There is no new instruction for now.”

“Isn’t Yakumo in contact with him?”

Mei’s eyes flashed with a strange light as shea sked Kurenai.

Kurenai nodded and said: “It’s not just Yakumo. I went there, as well… I couldn’t contact him, and it seems like Roja-sama is out of the Ninja world now.”

After hearing this, Mei lowered her head slightly in contemplation before she raised her head and said: “In that case, we will carry on the instruction he left before, as, for anything that arises, I will make these decisions temporarily.”

With Mei’s power, although she can’t beat Yakumo and Kimimaru, she still is the Mizukage, and she can command almost everyone. Roja didn’t give any objection to her orders, so this gave her that right.

Unless Roja left some instruction, Mei could order Yakumo, Kimimaro, and the others, and they would disobey her instructions.

Everyone knows that at the top of the chain of command stood Roja, followed by Hancock, who rarely gave any commends. Followed by Kurenai and Mei.

If the two of them make different orders, not many would know whose command would they chose. But because everything they did was based on Roja’s orders, Kurenai and Mei didn’t give different orders even once.

It’s the same at this time.


Kurenai nodded, although she wasn’t a bad commander, Mei was better, after all, she was the Mizukage and Kurenai didn’t want to compete for command anyway.

Seeing Kurenai nod, Mei smiled slightly as she walked out.

“Prepare to head toward Konoha!”

“Gather all the Jonin elites and directly stand outside the Mizukage Tower!”

Quickly, all the Jonin elites in the village stood outside of the tower.

The square in front of the tower was filled with ninjas.

At a glance, you can see hundreds of people.


Today, the Mist have hundreds of jonin Elites, even if you go to Konoha, they wouldn’t have such a number.

This alone made the Mist more powerful than the other four.

Besides, the Mist standards for promotion was rather strict.

In order to raise to jonin, ones need to complete sufficient missions, and getting three or more recommendation as well as getting Kurenai, Kimimaro, or Haku’s approval.

This made the Mist’s elite even more powerful, and they are the elites of elites in other villages.

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