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G.O.S.S Chapter 548: The Last Training!

The Battle started. The Six Path Sage, Hagoromo, using the Forbidden Technique, was extremely strong. He could face Roja, while Roja used all of his power.

However, Hamura wasn’t so strong, and he was even weaker than when he was alive, he could only support Hagoromo from the side.

Otherwise, he would be killed directly by Roja.

At the level of Hagoromo and Hamura, there is no such thing as aging and dying normally, the only way for them to die is to use all of their chakra and burn their soul.

Roja also had such ability.

In Fact, he would use it later if Hagoromo gave him much trouble, he didn’t want any accident toward his plans.

No matter who it is, his plan will not be stopped.

Roja didn’t once consider himself a good person. Although he occasionally has a sense of justice, like when he was in One Piece’s world and destroyed every pirate he faced, if someone threatens him, he will kill him without hesitation.


The Battle continued, various space-time ninjutsu were used, there was nothing left unused.

Various elements were in constant use, and although these elements dwarfed in front of the power of the Six Path, every attack was filled with Nature Chakra.

Even so, these attacks can be blocked with even the weakest Truth-Seeking Ball.

However, no matter what attack, Roja’s sword could cut it all.

“Time Cut!”

Roja’s figure flickered through the void, and Sen Maboroshi drew an arc directly nullifying anything that it touched, even the scepter in Hamura’s hand broke.

His body became illusory, and his face became pale instantly.

Obviously, he was affected by the last attack, even though it only brushed him slightly. If he was hit a few more times, he would be killed.

Noticing Roja focusing on Hamura, Hagoromo was furious and outraged.

Roja’s power was beyond Hagoromo’s expectation.

“Space Freeze!”

Roja held Sen Maboroshi in his hand, and an extremely cold force erupted out directly freezing time and every element that existed in the void.

Even Hagoromo and Hamura were frozen.


Hagoromo only froze for a moment, before freeing himself, which was enough for Roja to attack Hamura again.

With a slash, Hamura became completely illusory, and his body started crumbling down.

Hagoromo was anxious, and he had no other way, he burned his soul further and gained even more power. Hagoromo wanted to help his brother as he passed Chakra to him to keep him alive, but another attack came.

This time, Hamura could no longer hold on, his body crumbled down and broke apart.

Roja didn’t pause. He directly used Zanka No Tachi to burn all the remnants of Chakra and soul pieces.

“With one less person, the threat of the seal is gone.”

After Roja completely killed Hamura, he looked at Hagoromo calmly.

Hagoromo couldn’t do anything, he sighed and bitterly said while shaking his head: “It seems that I can no longer stop you.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After several collisions, the aftereffect of the forbidden technique started to appear on Hagoromo as he was getting weaker and weaker.

Hagoromo’s power receded back to an even more weakened state then he was previously.

Roja shook his head. He calmed down, and the patter of the Rikujigan mode disappeared. He looked at Hagoromo, paused for a moment, then dropped his sword and said.

“Although you almost burned all of your power, I won’t spare your life…”

The other party was the Six Path Sage, and he can turn the entire world upside down. As long as the Six Path Sage exists, there would always be a threat.

Roja wanted to make Naruto’s world a peaceful world the same as he did to One Piece. If this was someone below the Six Path level, he might spare him, but with the Six Path power, he can destroy the world, and that would bring trouble.

Hagoromo didn’t resist, as he knew that resistance was futile. He took a deep breath and looked at Roja. There was no shred of anger in his eyes, only relief.

Actually, Hagoromo himself wanted a peaceful world from the start, but he ultimately failed. At that time, he had chosen ‘Death’ and kept observing the ninja world in secret, but he wanted to continue guarding the world as well.

For a thousand years, staying hidden and observing the development of the world, he was greatly tormented.

But now, it doesn’t have anything to do with him anymore.

Roja’s sword fell, Hagoromo was cut in two then disappeared in the void.

“It’s over, the next thing to do… Before confronting Kaguya, I will master the Ice and Fire Fusion.”

Roja withdrew Sen Maboroshi as light flashed in his eyes.

He already mastered the power of Daiguren Hyorinmaru and Hakka No Togame, and their fusion was enough to be comparable to Zanka No Tachi’s power.

If he can master the three of them together, it would be the ultimate fusion.

After taking a deep breath, Roja rested a little and started his practice.

Except for the void, Roja couldn’t practice anywhere else, because the world won’t be able to withstand that kind of power.

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