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G.O.S.S Chapter 550: Betrayal!

The reason why the Mist has so many elites is that they are training in something that other villages didn’t have.

The art of perception and body strengthening!

These two are simplified forms of Haki. They were created by Kurenai after she researched Haki. It was less difficult to practice and linked to chakra.

The Mist elites were practicing these two arts.

These two arts were equivalent to having a blood limit. The perception is comparable to the Sharingan, while the body strengthening is equivalent to the Shikotsumyaku of the Kaguya clan.

Therefore, Jonin from the Mist could take Jonins from other villages easily.

And what’s more, they have Kimimaro, Haku, Yakumo, Shion, and Kurenai in their midst.

The strength revealed by these five shook the entire world, while the ninjas of the Mist looked at them with admiration and Awe.

“The Leader of the Anbu, Medical team, and Investigation team… The above units will immediately lead their teams and gather outside the village.”

“Except for the hidden security team, all the Jonin and Chunin are to assemble.”

With Mei’s leadership, all the Jonin almost assembled and started giving orders.

Everyone in the village was moving fast.

Countless ninjas started to gather outside one after the other, the number of people was many times more than when they fought the war previously. These weren’t every ninja in the village, and these were elite Chunin and Jonins only.

In the original story, more than 80,000 joined the alliance, and amongst them, 20,000 were from the Konoha, while the other four villages only brought 10,000.

But now, the base power of the Mist didn’t lose to Konoha at all now. Their ninjas assembled can exceed 20,000.

Since they are all elites, Kurenai didn’t participate in the assembly. Although many of them were elites, they have medical teams as well.

Seeing the number of people, Mei raised her eyebrow slightly. There were many people. But after thinking about it, this is an alliance between the five villages, so the others most likely will dispatch 10,000 Ninjas. So she directly shook her head and didn’t think about it anymore.

After she gave her orders, the army marched toward the Land of Fire.

In the border of the Land of Fire, Uchiha Obito made an underground base after the previous one was destroyed. He was controlling the revived army from here.

Two figures stepped inside the temporary base. These two were Konan and Nagato, who returned after capturing the three-tailed beast.

Obito was waiting for Nagato.

Looking at him, Obito nodded slightly and said: “You’re finally back. You were a little slow. Did something happen on the road?”

“Cough! Ninjas from all over the world were looking for us, and I had to be vigilant. Cough! Cough! It took some time to deal with them. Cough! Although I eliminated them, the base location was still exposed.”

Nagato said weakly as he coughed constantly. His face looked exhausted and ill. It felt like he will die at any time. His body was approaching its limit.

Konan stood beside him, anxious, but she couldn’t do anything.

“It’s okay, as long as the three-tailed beast is captured.” Obito’s eyes flashed as he said: “Finally, we caught all of them.”

“Yeah, the plan can start now, cough!”

Nagato took a deep breath, forcing himself to focus, as a look of hope appeared in his eyes as he said: “Finally, We can lead the world to peace and complete Yahiko’s…”


At this moment, before Nagato could finish his words, something happened. Obito disappeared and reappeared behind Nagato.

Nagato was too exhausted, and even if he knew what is happening, he couldn’t react at all as Obtio already plunged his hand into Nagato’s chest.

“Ah! Why… Why…”

Nagato coughed fiercely, and blood spewed from his mouth as he looked at Obito behind him.


Konan’s reaction was too slow when she reacted, and she couldn’t help him. She was angry and couldn’t save Nagato.

Obito ignored Konan and looked at Nagato indifferently: “Your body can’t support the Rinnegan anymore. It has to be done by me…”

“Ah… This is not what you said…” Nagato spat blood but still looked at Obito.

Obito looked at Nagato with cold eyes. After pausing a little, he said: “It seems that you guessed something. In that case, I won’t hide it from you anymore.”

“The plan you knew was gathering the Nine tailed beasts and create a weapon that can flatten the entire ninja world. With the pain and strong deterrence created by this, peace can be created. But in fact, only the first half is right, and this plan is the Infinite Tsukuyomi!”

“What is the Final Tsukuyomi?”

Nagato was speaking with great Difficulty, So Konan was the one who asked this while looking at Obito coldly.

Obito looked at her and then back to Nagato before saying: “The tailed beasts when gathered, they would not create a weapon, but… The Ten-Tailed beast, Juubi!”

“The Six Path Sage was the jinchuriki of the Juubi!”

“Only with the Rinnegan, we can’t recreate the power of the Sage. Nagato, you should have already felt this. Yeah, to gain that power, in addition to the Rinnegan, you need to the Juubi’s power!”

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