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G.O.S.S Chapter 551: Before the Final Battle!

Ninjas from five villages gathered in Konoha one after the other. Although the Mist had to cross the sea, they were fast as they didn’t arrive last to Konoha.

“It’s been a while, Tsunade… No Hokage-dono.”

Outside Konoha, Tsunade came out to welcome Mei, and both shook their hands.

Tsunade looked at Mei with complications. At the same time, she glanced at Kurenai behind her and sighed softly.

After sighing, she calmed down.

“It’s been a long time, Mizukage-dono… You come from afar. The journey should’ve been hard, and I prepared tea and a place to rest for you. The sand is already here. The Cloud and Rock are on their way.”

“Then, let’s go in and talk.”

Mei looked at Tsunade before calmly spoke.

In the Underground Base, Obito remained still with his hand still in Nagato’s chest while he said.

“… The purpose of catching the bijuus is to resurrect the Ten-tailed beast, and then I will become its Jinchuriki.”

“What do you want to do with that power?”

Nagato couldn’t speak. Blood flowed from his mouth as he was only alive with cheer will power now.

Obito glanced at Nagato and said.

“Use that power and increase the strength of my eyes to launch an operation…”

“What is it?”

Konan frowned as she said.

Obito, still in the same position, said: “Put a reflection of my eye on the moon and launch a super-powered Genjutsu… Infinite Tsukuyomi.”

“This will put all the humans into a Genjutsu. There will be no wars, no disputes, a world of true peace. This is the Eye of the moon plan.”

Hearing this, Konan and Nagato were shocked. They didn’t think that the plan was like this.

“So, I’m done talking now. You should give me the Rinnegan now, Nagato.”

Obito pulled his hand out of Nagato’s chest and stretched his other hand toward Nagato’s Rinnegan.

Nagato’s complexion changed as he finally gathered the last bit of his power and shouted.

“Shinra Tensei!”


A shockwave erupted, which made Obito wrinkle his brows as he was forced to turn intangible. His hands passed through Nagato’s body, and he was unable to pull out the latter’s eyes.

Obito looked at Nagato and calmly said: “Why resist? Isn’t this what you wanted? Why are you clinging to life?”

“Cough! That peace… Isn’t what I want.”

Nagato covered the hole in his hand as he coughed fiercely. His eyes flashed as he said: “Konan, Go!”

With a shout, Nagato once again attacked Obito with Shinra Tensei, which forced Obtio to use Kamui once again.

At the same time, Nagato’s hand reached toward his eyes. He didn’t want a false peace. That’s not Yahiko’s dream. He wanted to pursue real peace.

He tried to destroy the Rinnegan.


Konan looked at this and bit her teeth. She held explosive tags and directly waved his hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosives directly erupted, taking down the cave directly. Konan was wrapped with papers as she flew into the air.

Nagato failed to destroy the Rinnegan and stop Obito from taking it. Obito directly finished Nagato.

After getting the Rinnegan, Obito looked at Konan, who was flying away and didn’t try to pursue her. Instead, he looked at the Rinnegan and stepped into the base.

Nagato was dead, and Konan didn’t know what to do anymore. She was flying with no destination.

After a while, Roja’s figure flashed in her mind as she remembered what he said.

“Is this the truth…”

She smiled bitterly.

Inside the temporary base, Obito too the Rinnegan and walked inside the depth. Suddenly, Zetsu appeared from the ground beside Obito.

“The location of the base was discovered. The five Great villages are now gathered in Konoha, and they formed an alliance. They would be here soon…”

Zetsu quickly reported to Obito.

Hearing his words, Obito frowned slightly. Although he had everything to complete his plan, he would need some time to transplant the Rinnegan.

Just as Obito was uncertain, Black Zetsu emerged while he was attached to a white one.

When he saw the Rinnegan in Obito’s hands, his eyes flashed as he said.

“It seems like you already got the Rinnegan. Now everything is almost done… By the way, the thing with Orochimaru is already settled.”

“Very good. Great timing!”

Obito’s uncertainty vanished as he heard Zetsu’s words. His eyes flashed as he said: “Now, even if they formed an alliance, I still have time… Do your best to get the Clones. It’s time for them to be used.”


Zetsu directly responded and disappeared under the ground.

Obito’s eyes flickered as he nodded. He was no longer anxious. He went to the deepest part of the base with the Rinnegan in his hands.

Black Zetsu looked at Obito, and a strange light flashed in the depth of his eyes as he directly started fading into the ground.

Tens of thousands of Ninjas gathered in Konoha.

At this time, the five Kages were gathered in the Hokage Tower, which was turned into the temporary command base for the alliance, or the Headquarters.

At this point, urgent news came, which made a commotion.

The reconnaissance team found traces of Nagato and the others. And after paying the price, they were still able to get the information to the Headquarters.

“The enemy base is found at the border of the Land Of Fire?”


“This way, we can directly initiate the attack.”

Onoki, A, and the others stood up.

But, their eyes finally turned toward Mei, who was the leader of this alliance.

Sitting on a chair, Mie glanced around and finally stood up as well. She put her hands on the table and said: “It’s not too late. Give the command, the first raid should be quickly launched, so they can’t change their base anymore.”

“In addition to the first unit, the second and third units should keep up and be Reinforcement for the first unit. The fourth unit should be placed behind to prevent the enemy from escaping.”


Hearing Mei’s orders, the ninjas on standby directly conveyed her orders to all the forces.

The Army is roughly formed currently, but because they were all trained ninjas, there was no situation occurring. They maintained order. And with their leaders present to supervise and give commands, they would be like a trained army. After the orders were given, all the ninjas started marching toward the border of the Land of Fire.

At the same time, one hundred thousand White Zetsu Army that was hiding in the Ground started acting and moved toward the Alliance army.

The decisive battle finally started.

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