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G.O.S.S Chapter 552: Revived Once Again!

On an empty plain, Tens of thousands of white soldiers stood side by side. Their momentum was fused, putting huge pressure on ordinary people.

At this time, three coffins appeared in front of the White Zetsu army.


Other than Sarutobi, who was sealed and can’t be summoned again, the other Hakage’s appeared.

The Fourth Hokage, the Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze!

The Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju!

The First Hokage, The Shinobi No kami, Hashirama Senju!

They didn’t release any special Aura around them as they stood in front of the White Zetsu army as if they were in command.

“It’s that dirty Edo Tensei Again… Brother, the technique you created is too much trouble!”

After Hashirama looked at his body and behind him, he looked at his brother angrily.

Previously, they were summoned with Edo Tensei and forced Sarutobi to sacrifice his life, and now they once again were summoned.

He felt as if someone dug his grave.


Hashirama’s expression wasn’t good, but he still didn’t anger Tobirama anymore as he knew that he was already very angry.

“Say, who are you?”


Minato already realized his situation. He knew that he was revived with Edo Tensei along with the other two.

“I’m the fourth Hokage… You two are the First and Second Hokages Right?”

“Well! I’m the First!”

Hashirama looked smugly at Tobirama, and if someone looks, they won’t find anything indicating that he was the God of Shinobi. Tobirama’s mouth twitched at this.

After looked at his body for some time, Hashirama groaned as he said: “Strange, who was the one who used the Edo Tensei this time, it doesn’t feel like that snake from last time.”

“And it feels…”

Hashirama stretched his hand and shook his fist then said: “The technique was used extremely well. It feels as if I’m alive.”

Listening to Hashirama, Tobirama glanced at his body and tried to break free from the technique.

But his expression turned somber… He couldn’t free himself.

Although he was the creator of this technique, when it comes to breaking free from it, he wasn’t experienced at all0. Around the whole world, only a few could restrain him.

However, even now, when he was summoned with his full power, he still couldn’t break free. The one who used the technique was strong.

“I can’t break free… You should be aware of it.”

Tobirama raised his head and looked at the distance.

Hashirama looked forward at the same time and responded: “Well, I feel some strong aura’s ahead. This isn’t something that any village can have.”

“Is it another war…”

Minato said, even though his perception as strong as Hashirama and Tobirama, but even so, he still felt it, a huge army of ninjas are coming their way.

Even without being a sensor, he could tell how strong the army was. This shows how many ninjas were there, which is definitely tens of thousands.

This was an extremely rare occurrence, even if the third Ninjas war.

What’s more shocking was in that army, there were many units, three or four. Their number should be around thirty-four thousand.

This is probably all the ninjas around the world. Almost all of them are gathered here.

“I didn’t think that the five villages would one day stand as allies on the battlefield.”

Tabirama could sense that the ninjas were from different villages. He could tell that the five villages joined hands against something. Suddenly his face changed.

He looked at Hashirama, and the others looked at him, and both looked behind them at the same time. Hashirama said: “I’m afraid that things are more serious then we thought. Do you feel it, brother? These white things are made from my cells.”


Tobirama nodded solemnly. They didn’t encounter anything like this since the Warring States Era.

It was obvious, someone behind the scene Revived them and threatened all the ninjas around the world.

“This will be troublesome.”

Hashirama went all out to break the shackles of the Edo Tensei, but after several attempts, he still failed. He finally took a deep breath, and his face darkened.

Leading the Army made of his cells to fight against a joint army of ninjas, no matter who will lose or win, the entire world would still take a blow.

This didn’t happen in his Era.

“I’m sensing enemies ahead of us.”

“It’s a huge number.”

The first unite Sensors felt the army ahead as they moved toward the battlefield at the border of the Land of Fire.

After various reports were made, Onoki took command of the first unit.

“Spread the formation, be concentrated in the same place. The first wave of attack will be soon launched. We’ll attack with Earth first, and then we launch fire. Wind user prepares for support, and Water ninjas prepare to defend. Lightning ninjas, you take the rear.”

“The first wave of attack should deal the most damage to the enemy.”

Onoki heard the message from the sensors, and his heart sank. He didn’t know where the other party could find so many ‘ninja’ troops. However, this is war.

Moreover, Onoki estimated that the enemy in front of them are not mostly ninjas, nor were they revived ninjas, he couldn’t explain it, but he felt Hashirama all over the battlefield.

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