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G.O.S.S Chapter 553: Nativity Of a world of Trees

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tens of thousands of ninjas were running forward with chakra attached to their feet while the ground shook.

As the first unit of the alliance army arrived at the plain ahead, a large number of the weird figures appeared.

“The enemy appeared.”

“Position, Two Kilometers Ahead, the troop ahead are already in battle.”

The Sensors constantly reported the location, number, and other information to the chief commander of the first unit, Onoki.

At this time, Onoki was flying over the army as the distance was getting closer. He could see white figures on the plain.

After the sensors looked at it, they discovered that these weren’t revived ninjas but had a white body as if they were growing from a plant, and all of them looked exactly the same as if they were clones.

“Everyone gets ready!”

Onoki shouted.

Two kilometers… one kilometer… 500 meters…

As the distance became closer and closer, they could see their enemies clearly. And at this time, Onoki’s eyes flashed as he suddenly that in front of the white army, there were three coffins with three people standing in front of them.

“That is…”

When he saw these three, although the sensors couldn’t tell who they are, Onoki’s heart tightened.

And at this time, the distance was finally close enough for attacks.

At the front of the Ninja Alliance army, hundred elites gathered and prepared to execute Onoki’s plan. Since he already told them about his plan, they didn’t require further orders. So they directly launched their Ninjutsu.

“Earth Release: Moving Earth Core!”

This was common Earth ninjutsu, and it was a move that would make the enemies lose balance.

But, since it was launched by a few hundreds of elite ninjas from the Rock village, the power behind it reached a frighteningly high level.


Instantly, the Earth suddenly broke apart, and a huge fissure appeared spreading toward the white army in the distance as if it wanted to swallow the army.

Wouch! Wouch!

Because the orders were given in advance, the Alliance army was extremely fast, and because the earth technique ended, another batch of ninjas moved forward.

“Fire Release: Fireball technique!”

“Fire Release: Phoenix Sage fire Technique!”

“Fire release: Great Dragon Fire technique!”

This time, they didn’t use the same ninjutsu, but because all of them were fire-based, it formed a sea of fire while moving forward.

The ground below was cracking, and the sky above them was scorching. This was the attack formulated by Onoki.

Looking at this, all the ninjas looked with awe.

But, at this time, Onoki wasn’t as cheerful, he was extremely somber as cold sweat rolled from his forehead.

“Is that really…”

Onoki was tense, he felt a chill on his back and suddenly turned around.


The sea of flames and the cracking ground stopped. Under the horrified gazes of the Ninjas, a huge shadow covered the flames, which also affected the ground as well.

The shadow was a huge tree that stopped both attacks.

The giant tree roots intertwined and grew wildly, directly putting the fire down and stopped the huge crack from spreading and directly moved toward the army.

Looking at this, Onoki’s face changed, his back was sweating rains.

“There is no mistake… this technique is the First Hokage, Hashirama’s technique nativity of the world Trees.”

All the ninjas, seeing this were horrified.

The fire and earth technique used by so many people was directly put down so easily by this technique. It was obviously something they couldn’t resist.

“Quick run away!”

Hundreds of ninjas quickly retreated.

Seeing the tree trying to crash the Alliance army and it was too late to retreat, Onoki finally made his move. He directly pulled his hands together, and a cloud of white light appeared over his palm.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”


A dazzling white light shone and directly crossed the battlefield, wherever this light shone the tree barks would directly turn to dust.

Under the power of the Dust release, the tree finally stopped.

Even so, there were many ninjas who couldn’t retreat right away and were attacked by them. They were crushed by the tree, and nothing was left of them.

The ninjas were panic-stricken, some of them were weak and almost sat down.

“This… What is this…”

Ten thousands of ninjas were stricken with horror looking at the trees.

And just then, a voice from behind the tree was heard.

“To be able to stop brothers wood release. Is it because of the Blood limit selection, Dust release? This chakra should belong to the third Tsuchikage, Onoki, of the Rock village.”

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