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G.O.S.S Chapter 554: Wood Dragon Technique


The figure of Tobirama appeared on top of a giant tree as he looked at Onoki in the sky.

At the same time, another two figures appeared on the branch beside him.

“This is the First Hokage’s power. It can also suppress tailed beasts. This is really… too strong.”

Minato watched the destruction caused by Hashirama, and his heart was shaken. After all, he was still young, unlike the third Hokage, he didn’t see the first Hokage and the Second Hokage before.

On the other side, Hashirama didn’t look happy at about his attack. He knew that this attack not only blocked the Fire and Earth, he still killed dozens of ninjas.

“I’m the first Hokage, someone here should have already heard of me… I can’t control my body currently. Does any of you know how to use Seals? Immediately seal me up. Otherwise, the damage I will cause would be too great.”


Tobirama listened to his brother before covering his forehead while saying: “Brother, have you forgotten that Seals doesn’t affect me?”

Hashirama’s face became expressionless before he felt like crying the next instant.


“How could I know…”

Tobirama’s mouth twitched as he looked ahead and said: “I can only look at them.”

Minato looked at both of his predecessors and frowned. They were too strong. Only by using the Sealing Technique can they defeat them and reduce casualties.

The problem is that the second Hokage was proficient in using the Flying Thunder God like him.

Any seals can’t be used against them as they could teleport away directly.

Judging roughly… The army’s winning chances aren’t high.

No, they didn’t have a winning chance at all.

When Minato and Tobirama were thinking about countermeasures, not far away, Onoki looked at Tobirama, Hashirama, and Minato, and his face directly fell.

“This is… Bad.”

He directly shouted at the army: “Retreat now, at full speed.”

He didn’t need to remind them, as almost instantly, a huge chakra pressure emerged as leaves started rising from the ground. Even if someone was proficient in using Chakra, he could still feel this.

“Hurry up… Hurry up!”

“Everyone back off!”

Onoki was still loudly shouting, but instead of retreating himself, he floated forward with his hands in front of him as he used Dust release once again. But before he could, Hashirama attacked.

“Sage art wood release: True Several thousand hands!”


The ground suddenly shattered as huge wooden palms emerged from the ground with a tailed beast size and moved toward the alliance army.

Seeing this, the army tried to release ninjutsu and resist this attack, but whether it was fire ninjutsu or water one, under the huge palms, everything was destroyed.

He was out of their league.

The casualties were severe. Onoki directly released his attack, and Minato moved.


His technique destroyed five or six wooden palms as it continued moving toward Hashirama.

However, before it could reach him, something happened.

“Be careful!”

Minato appeared behind him with a Rasengan.

Onoki directly stopped his dust release and covered his hands with rocks before stopping the Rasengan.


Onoki flew back with his back full of sweat.

“I focused on Hashirama and forgot about you… Yellow Flash!!”

“I’m so sorry.”

Minato apologized to Onoki before he said: “I can’t control my body, and it moved very fast that I couldn’t warn you quickly.”


Onoki tried to move sideways and avoid Minato, but the latter chased after him while throwing flying thunder god’s Kunais.

The two were moving very fast mid-air. Onoki’s dust release didn’t have any effect on Minato as it couldn’t reach him.

After a few minutes, Onoki fell to the ground.

At this time, Hashirama directly released a wood Dragon that was a thousand meters long.

“Wood release: Wood-Dragon Technique.”

Hashirama brows froze, as he said: “Do you have any Jinchuriki? Only one could deal with this wood dragon.”

It seems like there is no way to deal with this dragon. It would take two or three Tailed beasts to suppress the dragon.

“We don’t have any Jinchuriki, and all tailed beasts were captured. That’s the reason for this way.”

Hashirama’s face fell as he heard this.

“All the tailed beasts were captured? This is big trouble… You should quickly retreat, this dragon would absorb chakra, so no ninjutsu is effective on it.”

Hashirama shouted at the army as the Dragon swept across them. Many ninjas released their technique, but they couldn’t resist at all.

However, what made them even more horrified, Hashirama didn’t stop after releasing the Dragon, he was still preparing another technique.

Trees emerged once again, and another wood Dragon appeared. The third one appeared as well.

Three giant wood Dragons comparable to a tailed beast. The ninjas panicked, looking at this.

“You got to be kidding me!”

“This… This is the power of the Shinobi no Kami?”

“Retreat!! Quickly retreat! This technique can even suppress tailed beasts…”

The commander of the cloud ninjas looked at the Dragons, and his face turned pale.

Nothing could stop the dragons currently.

The dragons rushed straight toward any defenses the army put and destroyed them.

Even if they were Kage level ninjas, they wouldn’t be able to stop this wood Dragon.

Tens of thousands of ninjas were completely disparate facing the First Hokage, the Shinobi no Kami, Hashirama Senju.

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