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G.O.S.S Chapter 555: The Second Unit of the Army Arrives

Without even making a Move, the white Zetsu’s army was winning. There is no way the alliance army could defeat Hashirama, Tobirama, and Minato together.

This was the Shinobi No Kami’s power!

Just when the alliance army was almost flattened and crying, in the distance, a black figure appeared.

It was the second unit of the army.

The first unit encountered the Shinobi no Kami, Hashirama. This news directly arrived at the Alliance’s headquarters, who immediately issued a command to the second unit to reinforce the first one.

“You can’t rely on numbers. This dirty Edo Tensei provides an infinite supply of chakra.”

Hashirama looked at the second unit unhappily but worried for them.

If he wasn’t revived with Edo Tensei, Tens of thousands of Ninjas together might have the power to make him retreat due to exhaustion, but with the Edo Tensei, he won’t feel any kind of exhaustion whether in his body of chakra or mind.

Even if he was hit mortally, he would just heal.

Seeing the army being defeated by the three Wood Dragons and Minato constantly attacking Onoki, who had several wounds on his tiny body, Tobirama was getting anxious.

“Brother, I think this won’t work, we should let them retreat.”

Hashirama stayed silent. There isn’t anyone here who can defeat him while he was in Edo Tensei.

However, even if he wanted to let them retreat and organize again, his body wasn’t controlled by him.


There was a loud explosion in the field.

A wood Dragon was forced back, and its upper body was destroyed.


A figure flashed with incredible speed and directly smashed the Dragon to the ground without any chance for it to resist.

“This is…”

Seeing that someone could actually suppress his Dragon, Hashirama was shocked.

His wood Dragon could suppress the Kyuubi for a short time. He was aware of how powerful it was, even if he was facing it with Taijutsu alone, it would be hard for him to deal with it.

But now, someone actually took it down.

Standing beside Hashirama, Tobirama looked as if he saw the most incredible thing in the world. Someone took down the wood Dragon using only Taijutsu, who was so powerful?!!

However, the shock didn’t stop there.

Almost at the same time, a freezing air spread through the battlefield from another direction.

Tik!!! Tik!!

The second Dragon was struggling to move as if he was surrounded by frozen water.

The Dragon tried to absorb chakra forming the ice to break it, but as he did, the Ice forming started cracking.


The cold force released spread through the battlefield. While the wooden body forming the Dragon was covered by Ice anymore, it was cracked.

Two Dragons were suppressed, but the third one wasn’t.

Suddenly, Mist started spreading toward the third Dragon, quickly covering the third Dragon.

Suddenly, it started weathering. After some time, the mist dissipated, and the only thing left from that huge Dragon was some rotten trees.


Kimimaro who was covered in bones came out from the first Dragon and said

“So that’s the one Before Sensei!, The Shinobi No Kami of the Last Generation, Hashirama Senju? His chakra reserve is indeed large.”

Click! Click!

Haku released a huge icicle that fell from the sky, directly destroying the second Dragon and directly flickered beside Kimimaru while looking at Hashirama.


Haku said seriously.

Mei moved forward slowly. Each one took down a Dragon, before standing beside each other while facing the last Shinobi no Kami with no fear. They had a different feeling while facing him. It was happiness and excitement.

“If the war was settled peacefully, wouldn’t it be boring?”

Not far away, Onoki was facing Minato was injured seriously, as Minato was about to finish him, a figure wrapped in lightning appeared beside him and rescued him.

“Sorry, I was a little late…”

After rescuing Onoki, the figure wrapped in Lightning, who was the Raikage, A, looked at Minato seriously and said: “I didn’t expect that even you would be controlled by the Edo Tensei.”

Minato looked at A and smiled lightly before saying: “I once said that when we meet again, both of us will bear the name of Kage, but I didn’t expect this kind of situation.”

A, the fourth Raikage, took a deep breath and said: “It’s okay. We can finish our fight that we couldn’t last time.”


Minato’s eyes flashed, he wanted to say something, but suddenly, his face changed as he disappeared from his place. When he appeared, he was behind A and Onoki as he attacked them.

Both of them turned around and joined hands to fight against Minato.

However, even though the two were fighting together, they still couldn’t face Minato, with the Flying Thunder God, they could only defend against him.

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