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G.O.S.S Chapter 556: Heavyweights take the stage.

Hashirama looked at Kimimaro, Haku, and Mei in front of him with a strange expression. Finally, he became serious.

Based on the brief display just now, he could tell that the three of them were by no means weak, even though their chakra was far from reaching his level, if they joined forces, it would be hard to deal with them.

He smiled helplessly. He was thinking about defeating them while he wants them to defeat him in the first place.

“Finally, some heavyweights… It seems like this generation of Ninjas isn’t bad.”

Tobirama looked at them solemnly. He could sense their power, after all, he was a great sensor greater than even Hashirama.

He was sure that these three were very strong, they are as strong as the first kage or maybe stronger. If he fights them, even with the flying thunder god, he might not win.

But, if you look at it from another way, many tried to suppress him and his brother before, but no one succeeded.

“Be careful, although I may not have mastered all techniques, I mastered space-time ninjutsu, and with the Edo Tensei, I can use many techniques…”

“All of you should be careful about my brother after our fight.”

Now that there are three powerhouses on the alliance’s side, there was hope for them.

“If I’m not mistaken, you should be the second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. Sorry, you’re mistaken about something, we aren’t facing you the three of us.”

Mei said while smiling at Tobirama.


At this moment, a figure flickered beside them.

The face of this figure was full of dissatisfaction as she said: “I thought you could solve this by yourselves. Why do you need me to fight? This is troublesome.”

Her chakra was not inferior to the others, but she was just a cute little girl.

She was, of course, the Miko (Shrine Maiden) Shion.

Her ability to predict the future is the most suitable ability against Tobirama.

As for Yakumo, she wasn’t in the second Unit but the third.

“This charka… Is it at the peak of kage level? No, it’s not the same, and at such a young age, she can control such a powerful chakra?”

Seeing Shion, Tobirama, and Hashirama, both were surprised. Even though Haku and Kimimaro were young, they were still ok. But this girl looks like fifteen or so.

“Be careful!!”

Hashirama shouted, when he sensed Shion’s chakra, his complexion changed as his chakra surged.

“Wood Release: Wood Human technique!”


The earth shook as a giant woodman rose. It was as huge as Susanoo.


Shion looked at the giant woodman and directly rushed toward Tobirama while saying: “You deal with the most troublesome one.”

Such a monster, even if she released all of her power, she won’t be able to deal with this huge woodman. It was obvious that the suitable opponent for her is Tobirama.


Facing Shion, Tobirama didn’t escape. He let her penetrate his body. The next moment, his body scattered into paper pieces and directly stuck to Shion’s body.

“Be careful. These are Explosive tags.”

Feeling that Shion was too young, even though she had such control of her power, Tobirama directly warned her.

But it seemed like Shion already knew what is happening and didn’t wait for the tags to explode. Purple chakra covered the tags while she grabbed them and tossed them aside.


Looking at this, Tobirama blinked. He directly teleported and attacked Shion.

The fight quickly started.

On the other side, the huge woodman was standing on the battlefield in front of Mei. But it didn’t attack immediately. It attacked the remnant of the first unit and the second unit directly.

“First Unit, second unit, get away from here and go deal with the white army.”

The first unit was already scared by Hashirama’s power. As for the second unit, they also were stunned when they saw the woodman, and their fighting spirit diminished. When they heard Mei’s order, they directly moved toward the white Zetsu’s army.

Wouch! Wouch!

Tens of thousands of White Zetsu started fighting directly against the first and second units.

The war completely started.

The most eye-catching scene in the battlefield was, without a doubt, the fight between Hashirama, against Haku, Kimimaro, and Mei!

“Ice release: Ice field!”

Facing the woodman, Haku’s face was serious as he directly used his ice when the woodman attacked him directly, freezing his legs.

The advancement of the woodman directly stopped. Still, its hands rose up and then directly slammed to the ground.


Kimimaro directly flickered as he rushed forward while numerous bones covered his arms, forming a bone spear.


Kimimaro’s spear and the Wood man’s palm collided. A hole was directly formed in the wood man’s palm as his hand was shot back.

Mei directly followed behind Kimimaro as she attacked the woodman.


The wood mand started getting corroded even with its hardness. It couldn’t counter Mei’s corrosion release, which was a Blood limit Selection. The woodman started withering rapidly.

Hashirama stood on top of the woodman watched it getting suppressed by Mei. His hand directly started printing seals while his chakra spiked.

“Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees!”

Suddenly, from the already created forest, weird flowers started to bloom.

Seeing this, Hashirama cursed as he couldn’t control his body, and such a technique was used. He directly shouted to warn Mei and the others.

“Be careful! The pollen is very toxic, don’t inhale it.”

Wouch! Wouch!

There was no need to warn them as Mei, and the others were highly experienced and knew that the situation wasn’t good. So they directly started using techniques to drive the pollen away.


The woodman attacked once again.

As Kimimaro, Mei, and Haku joined forces to confront Hashirama, the war was reaching its peak!

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