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G.O.S.S Chapter 557: Sage Mode! The Real Hashirama

“Team twelve, don’t stop the attack.”

“Keep blocking their path; don’t stop attacking!”

“Sensors, capture the position of our enemy, don’t mix allies and enemies together. These guys have a special ability to transform into anyone. It’s difficult to see through it.”

With a loud voice, the orders continued to be passed through the Alliance’s army.

Although the first unit was wounded by Hashirama, as they assembled, more than 10,000 of them were present. In addition to this, the second Unit joined them and was filled with Mist ninjas. With the two units together, the army of White Zetsu was quickly diminishing.

Although White Zetsu’s army was numbered 100,000, they couldn’t handle the alliance’s army.

However, as soon as the white Zetsu was defeated, the earth shook, and dozens of coffins rose to the ground. The coffins cover was directly opened, revealing many figures from the Warring state period. Each had the strength to lead a village.

Although they weren’t as strong as the first Kages, they were Heroes of their times and the elite of elite amongst their generation.

Along with them, dozen of Uchiha members were revived as well, such as Itachi’s father, Fugaku Uchiha, the leader of the Uchiha clan before they died.

“It’s the Edo Tensei again?”

“Sharingan… Be careful!! They are Uchiha!”

Dozens of these revived individuals rushed in front of the White Zetsu’s army.

Although the White Zetsu’s army wasn’t strong, it’s because they lacked a leader when such a person appears, they would turn from a stick to a spear.

Obviously, the Edo Tensei was a last resort when the White Zetsu’s army couldn’t deal with the Alliance.

On the other side, the Battle between Mei and the others against Hashirama started.

“Shikotsumyaku: Dance of the Camellia!”

Kimimaro’s body arched forward before he pulled the bones of his spine out, forming an extremely thick bone spear and directly shot it toward Hashirama.

“Summoning: Quintuple Rashomon!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Kimimaro’s spear passed through all the Rashamons but the fifth.


Hashirama clasped his hands together and whispered, directly, vines rose from the ground and directly attacked Mei and the others.

Haku saw this in advance and directly leaped away, while in the air, he directly opened his mouth, exhaled a freezing cold air turning the vines into ice.

Mei was caught, but she was extremely calm. She whispered something and mist directly surrounded her. As soon as the mist touched the vines, they were directly corroded.

Kimimaro was tied firmly, and he couldn’t get free, so he just bends down, with a thought, numerous bones sprang out of his body and cut the vines around him.


Seeing this, Hashirama sighed in relief.

But, at this time, Hashirama felt the world dimming in front of him, and his consciousness was fading.

“This is… Damn it!”

Hashirama realized that the one controlling him wanted to get rid of his consciousness and control him directly, which made him curse.

He released all of his power, trying to break from the Edo Tensei again, but he still couldn’t do it. He could only delay his consciousness from fading.

Realizing this, Hashirama looked at Kimimaro and the rest and said directly full of helplessness.

“Be careful. I may not be able to warn you next…”

His sound was getting smaller and smaller before it stopped. Hashirama’s eyes went completely dark. He lost his consciousness.


Suddenly, Nature Chakra surged wildly. Patterns started appearing on his face as he entered Sage mode.

“Sage secret art: wood release: True Several thousand hands Technique!”


A figure taller than the woodman stood in front of them like a mountain. It has thousands of hands, and each of them could grasp the Nine-Tailed fox. It was so big that tailed beasts would seem small in front of it, even a complete Susanoo wasn’t as big.

“This is really… a little bit too big!”

Looking at this scene, Mei’s eyes turned cold with shock apparent in them. It seemed the power Hashirama revealed previously was the tip of the iceberg, his real power was that of a God!

Kimimaro’s face was serious while he remained silent. He was thinking of the possibility of resisting this huge thing, and his face turned even more serious.

Haku took a deep breath as he shook and said: “This isn’t very good.”


Hashirama was completely under control. He only whispered the name of the next technique.

“Top Transformed Buddha.”

A thousand hands that were as big as tailed beasts or bigger, all moved while turning into fists and rained down on Kimimaro and the others.

The three of them directly moved without waiting.

“Dance of the Seedling Fern!”

“Corrosion release: All turn to ashes!”

“Ice release: ice flower burial!”

Kimimaro, Haku, and Mei all used their strongest technique with most of their chakra to try and resist this attack.

Countless bones rushed out of the ground and directly met the fists, while countless flowers fell from the sky on Hashirama and the wood thing.

And Mei’s mist surrounded all the place trying to corrode the fists.

But although Mei’s power was Blood limit Selection, that was above the blood limit. The wood used wasn’t normal wood; it was wood infused with Nature chakra.

Even if they were facing the truth-seeking ball, they would be able to resist it somewhat, not to mention the blood limit selection.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hashirama’s attack rained down on them, as they were met with ice flower, they were slowed down a little, and when they met the bones, the fists broke them while being cracked.

The huge attack caused countless ninjas to stop and look with horror at this scene.

“What a terrifying attack… I don’t know If Mizukage-sama can block it.”

Onoki and A, who were facing Minato looking at this with horror and nervousness, appeared in their eyes.

Tobirama looked at this couldn’t help feeling shocked.

He knew his brother’s power, but if those three were killed by him now, no one could stop Hashirama.

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