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G.O.S.S Chapter 558: Getting rid of the control!

Deep underground, in the last temporary base of the Akatsuki which where the white Zetsu’s army was kept, two strong figures stood in front of each other.

One of them was Uchiha Obito, who was facing someone not inferior to him, no, someone even stronger than him.

Uchiha Madara!

“Black Zetsu, that bastard… He revived Madara…” Obito thought

Looking at Madara in front of him, Obito bit his teeth. He didn’t plan to revive him. He was angry. He never expected that when he was transplanting the Rinnegan, Black Zetsu would revive Madara with the Edo Tensei.

Madara’s revival caught Obito off guard.

“So, the reason why I was revived in this state is because of you?”

Uchiha Madara didn’t look at Obito, but instead at the black part that was attached to his body. His tone was indifferent as if he was in control of everything.

With a treacherous voice, Black Zetsu replied: “That’s right master. Because I didn’t know if Obito would follow the original plan, I revived you like this earlier.”


Madara snorted as he looked at his arms: “Dirty Edo Tensei…”

After shaking his head, he turned and looked at Obito. At this time, Obito was preparing to transplant the Rinnegan, which was still in his hands.

“It looks like all the tailed beast is caught, and it’s about time to start the plan. But there is a problem here. The original plan was me being resurrected using the outer path of the Rinnegan, so?”

Madara said as he looked at Obito, waiting for his answer. The air around them seemed to stop still.

Obito snorted softly and said: “That guy, Nagato, betrayed us in the end, so I had to kill him.”


Madara seemed to understand as he nodded his head, but he thought whether to believe him or not before he calmed down.

“In that case, it not too late to start the plan now!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After some time, a thousand hands raining down stopped as dust filled the battlefield. Numerous ninjas used wind release to blow away the dust before barely being able to see what happened.

They saw Kimimaro, Haku, and Mei standing behind a broken bone, filled with ice. They seemed wobbly and breathing heavily.

This last technique made them consume most of their chakra to defend against.

“I’m afraid that we’re in trouble this time. I didn’t expect the legendary first Hokage, the Shinobi no Kami to be so powerful. None of us are his opponents.”

Although Mei was exhausted, she wasn’t nervous anymore. Instead, she chuckled slightly as she smiled.

The fully controlled Hashirama didn’t stop, as he once again manipulated the hand to attack.

But, at this time, two figures moved quickly, both of them had powerful chakra.


The Earth cracked as the five of them jumped back a few hundred meters away.

“I came as soon as I got the news, it seems I’m a little late.”

The new arrivals were Kurenai and Yakumo.

Kurenai looked at the buddha in front of them seriously as she talked with Mei and the others.

Yakumo stood on the other side looking at Hashirama with a slight frown as she said: “Is that the Shinobi No Kami before sensei? The first Hokage, Hashirama Senju…”

After Yakumo and Kurenai arrived, the third and fourth units joined in the battlefield.

All of the Alliance’s army was on the battlefield now.

The five of them faced Hashirama while they could fell the pressure even from far away.

His chakra reserves were just too huge. Maybe it was bigger than the five of them combined.

“You guys are a little exhausted, let me try.”

Yakumo looked at Kimimaro and the others and said. She realized that the three of them used too much chakra.

Yakumo’s techniques were Genjutsu and the best of them, where she can control the five senses. And since she faced the Edo Tensei before, she came up with a technique.

A moment later, her Genjutsu was launched at Hashirama and directly landed on him.

However, since Hashirama’s consciousness was restrained, she didn’t make a move at it. Instead, she attacked the restrains themselves.

Her attack was a spiritual one. She was using Reiatsu against Hashirama, even though the latter was strong when it comes to Reiatsu, even Hashirama won’t be able to defeat her. She directly destroyed the constrains around Hashirama’s consciousness.

Hashirama was consciousness emerged again, and at this time, he didn’t speak. He knew that this was the best time to break the Control of the Edo Tensei completely.

You should know that before his consciousness faded, he couldn’t use Sage mode! Only after it faded did the one controlling him let him enter Sage mode, which was his strongest state. And in this state, it was extremely difficult to control him.

With his consciousness back and the Sage mode, along with Yakumo’s power, it was the best time to break the control of the Edo Tensei from him.

“Take this!”

Hashirama directly used all of his power and cooperated with Yakumo and collided with the power controlling him.

Silence, the power controlling him, was directly crushed. He finally got rid of the Edo Tensei’s control.

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