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G.O.S.S Chapter 559: Sudden Change!

The ones watching this didn’t know the result of this confrontation. In their eyes, Yakumo launched a Genjutsu, and Hashirama stood still.

“Did it work?”

Looking at this, Mei couldn’t help glance with a little surprise. They couldn’t deal with him when they gave it their all, and now a Genjutsu from Yakumo did the job. Was Yakumo’s Genjutsu that strong?

Yakumo was indeed strong, but against Mei and the others, she won’t be able to take them down with one Genjutsu, let alone deal with someone like Hashirama.

As soon as her voice fell, Hashirama moved down from the top of the buddha and directly moved toward them.

Kimimaro instantly took a defensive stance while Haku already prepared a technique.

But at this moment, Hashirama raised his hands and waved at them.

“Wait! I’m no longer an enemy.”


Seeing this, Mei and the others were surprised.

Only Yakumo’s eyes flickered with a thoughtful expression on her face. The others thought of something suddenly.

“So it was…”

“The restrains from the Edo Tensei are weak for a character at his level. I just shook them, and he broke them.”

Yakumo said while looking at Hashirama.

Hashirama scratched his head and said: “That’s it… But even so, your Genjutsu is excellent.”

Seeing that Hashirama regained control of his body, Haku and the others directly dropped their defensive stances.

The alliance’s army noticed this and was overjoyed. Hashirama was no longer under control, that powerful enemy was now a friend, is there anything better.


Looking at this, Tobirama sighed in relief as he said: “Sure enough, the restraint broke. Although it was with external forces aid… Then, who is that young girl? With Genjutsu so strong, even compared to an Uchiha, it’s probably… uh?!!”

Before he finishes his sentence, Tobirama stopped as his face changed.

At the same time, Hashirama’s face also changed. The previous smile disappeared, and his head turned to another direction.

“This charka… Madara!”


Suddenly, the ground exploded, a figure leaped from the ground and landed on one knee then slowly stood.

“Finally, a good body, it feels more natural.”

Madara smiled as he was no longer revived with the Edo Tensei. Instead, he was completely resurrected.

Immediately, he raised his hand a wiped his eyes. When he opened them, Rinnegan appeared in his eyes.

When he noticed that all tailed beasts were captured, Madara wouldn’t let Obito continue his plan.

Otherwise, one Obito transplant the Rinnegan, he would control the Ten-Tails, and he would become its jinchuriki. At that time, he won’t be able to resurrect perfectly, as it would be difficult to take the Rinnegan back.

So he directly attacked Obito. Although Obito had taken some precautions, Madara already did something to the Rinnegan, so he directly took them and defeated Obito.

“You are the Alliance’s army? And Hashirama… I will take care of you later.”

When Madara looked at the battlefield not far away, he sensed Hashirama and the others the same way they sensed him. He snapped his fingers, and directly, the Gedo Mazo appeared.

The eyes on it were all open, as it already took all the tailed beasts inside of it. He only needed to control it and resurrect the Ten-Tails.

After summoning the Gedo Mazo, Madara didn’t stop. He directly made hand seals as the statue roared and released a horrible chakra wave that shook the battlefield.

Hashirama couldn’t sit still anymore.

“Madara… What are you doing? Is this how you want to dominate the world?”

Hashirama’s fists were clenched as the light appeared in his eyes and directly looked at Mei and the others.

“I can’t ignore the situation over there. You guys stay here.”

Hashirama directly moved toward Madara.

Mei and the others looked at each other and nodded. All of them moved and followed behind Hashirama.

Since the third and fourth units arrived, they already dominated the Battlefield. The White Zetsu’s army and the Edo Tensei’s collapsed.


Looking at Madara in the distance, Hashirama directly shouted while he looked at the Gedo Mazo, and instantly, his face froze.

He could feel the chakra inside the statue. It was extremely scary.

“What are you doing? Madara, what is this?”

While shouting and asking, Hashirama moved closer.

Madara glanced at Hashirama, who was rushing toward him, then turned his head back.

Suddenly, the statue disappeared and its place, something like a monster appeared. It held unimaginable powers.


Under the Rinnegan control, the Statue absorbed all of the tailed beasts and transformed into the Ten-Tails.

“All right!”

Madara’s eyes flickered as he took a deep breath, suddenly the ten tails were liquefied and rushed into his body.

The monster disappeared, and after a short while, all of its power was inside Madara.

At this time, Madara finally turned around.

As he turned around, his hair turned white. The robe of the Six paths appeared over his body as the scepter and the Truth-seeking balls appeared around him.

Six Path mode!

“Madara… you…”

Finally, Hashirama reached in front of Madara. Seeing that he couldn’t stop him, Hashirama stepped back and looked at him seriously.

“It’s too late, Hashirama. You’re late. It’s all over now.”

Madara looked at Hashirama. He felt like he was above all beings right now. He had the Rinnegan, gained the power of the ten tails, reached the Six path mode. He was god now.

He looked at Hashirama indifferently, as if he knew everything in the world.

“Too late, what do you mean? What are you saying?”

Hashirama frowned as he asked.

Madara looked at the distant battlefield and the entire ninja world and said: “The war is over… Or the world is over!”

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