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G.O.S.S Chapter 560: Infinite Tsukuyomi

“What on earth do you want to do, Madara? We’re dead, we don’t belong here, and we shouldn’t interfere.”

Hashirama looked at Madara seriously. He could only feel terror when he looks at Madara now.

Madara was currently way stronger than him.

Hashirama was sure about this, so he just looked at him and didn’t take action.

Madara saw that Hashirama didn’t attack, so he didn’t attack as well, he just looked indifferent before he said.

“Dead? That’s your wishful thinking, Hashirama, everything was planned from the start!”

Obtaining the power of the Ten tails, becoming the strongest, and having the Rinnegan, Madara became arrogant and put no one in his eyes.

Whether it was the alliance’s army, Hashirama, or Roja.

In his eyes, he already gained the power of the Six Path and was now the second Six Path. No one can stop him in this world.


Hashirama’s face darkened as he heard Madara’s words.

“What the hell is this, Madara.”

“Well, this is the beginning of the end. The process took a little while, but I won’t talk much. It wastes time.”

Madara said.

Wouch! Wouch!

Just as he finished, several figures appeared directly beside Hashirama. They were Kimimaro and the others.

“Who is this guy?”

“Such chakra…”

Mei and the others looked at each other when they saw Madara.

Such power, they only felt it on someone else before… Which was Roja?

“This guy, he has the same power as Roja-sama?”

Kurenai looked at Madara with alert. She had experienced Roja’s powers countless times. She was clear that in their current state, they can’t defeat him.

Apart from Roja, no one will be able to defeat him!

“Well, I didn’t expect such a good group would come in this Era, if you came earlier, you might’ve been able to stop me.”

Madara holding the scepter in his hands, stood there while looking at Kurenai and the others. Although he was looking at them, it seemed as if he was overlooking them at the same time.

He glanced at the sky, and his brows raised slightly.

The sky was dark, but there was no moon.

“Where did the moon go? It seems like many things happened in this world after my death… But it doesn’t matter.”

Madara shook his head. The moon was made by the Sage of the Six Path. Now that he had that power, he will just create another one.

“That being the case…”

Madara slowly moved and flew in the sky.

“Madara! Stop!”

Seeing him flying away, Hashirama directly released ninjutsu at him.

Although he didn’t know what he is going to do, he needs to stop him.

“Sage art: Gate of the Great God!”

With a low shout from Hashirama, a fence like things fell from the sky on top of Madara as a powerful restraining force emerged.

However, to Hashirama’s shock, Madara wasn’t stopped, he just waved his scepter and smashed them apart.

“Impossible! The gate of the great god was actually…”

“The power that I have isn’t something you can understand, Hashirama.”

Madara didn’t want to bother with Hashirama and the others. They will be used in the infinite Tsukuyomi anyway.


Madara flew in the air rapidly.

Wanting to attack him, but couldn’t, everyone from Mei to Haku and Kimimaro couldn’t help but wonder.

“What does he want to do?”

“Why isn’t Roja-sama showing up… Or does he think that we can deal with this guy?”

Seeing Madara fly, all of them were frowning.

After reaching the clouds, Madara stopped and directly looked at the sky.

Looking below, he could see the entire world, he took a deep breath and stretched his hand toward his forehead and destroyed the head protector exposing a gap between his eyebrows.

“According to the stone tablet, these who have the power of the Rinnegan will make the moon shines red and…”

“I need to make the moon?”

Madara murmured as he folded his hand. He was ready to make a new moon.

But, before he could start, he suddenly felt his body throb, and the gap between his eyebrows suddenly opened, revealing a Rinne-Sharingan with nine tomoes.


The Rinne-Sharingan burst out with chakra before Madara could control it, the entire world was shrouded by its power.

Infinite Tsukuyomi… Start!

A white light shone toward the Ninjas world, and instantly the night became day as every shadow was pierced with light.

At the same time, in the void, Roja’s figure stood in the center of horribly high and low temperatures.

The hot and cold forces around Roja formed a dividing point.

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