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G.O.S.S Chapter 561: Limbo’s power!

The two powers constantly opposed each other, causing the void to tremble. Although the place affected is only but a small part of the vast void, but the current power released could easily destroy a world.

At this time, the two forces started stabilizing quickly, as if a certain balance was reached.

At this moment, Roja’s eyes opened.

“Finally, finished…”

In his left hand, a rusted black sword could be seen with a ray of white light radiating from it. Even if someone looked at it from a distance, he could feel his mind being frozen.

In his right hand, a normal-looking black sword appeared, but this thin sword was emitting gray smoke, which had the same effect on the lookers but the opposite, which is melting.

Double sword, three bankais!

The perfect fusion between Daiguren Hyorinmaru and Hakka No Togame, along the Zanka no Tachi’s power, was finally reached. Roja finally found the balance between the two opposite forces.

Roja took a deep breath, and slowly the swords returned to one, they formed the original Sen Maboroshi, which was currently held in his hands.

“It’s time to go back.”

Roja ripped the space apart as he took a step and disappeared.

In the ninja’s world, under the white light, everyone was caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and no one could resist it.

“What is that light? What’s going on?”

Tobirama and Minato weren’t affected by it, they were Edo Tensei’s after all, but because of the light, they got rid of the Edo Tensei’s control.

The two looked at each other and saw the confusion int their eyes.


At this moment, the earth trembled, directly making them teleport away.

Under the shock of the two, a tree surged from the ground, moving toward everyone, wrapping around them directly.

“Water Release: Water Severing Wave!”

Tobirama tried to break the vines wrapping around someone, but they were cut. They could only watch as everyone was being wrapped like a mummy.

“This power… What is this?”

Tobirama frowned, he looked at Minato and said: “You should be able to control your body now. Let’s go over there. Something is happening.”


Minato nodded, and together with Tobirama, hurried toward Hashirama and the others.

Hashirama could feel everything happening around him and was really angry, he clenched his fist and looked at where Madara should be.

“If I’m not wrong, this is a huge Genjutsu that affects the entire world… Is this your plan? Madara!”

He took a deep breath before glancing beside him.

“The Edo Tensei isn’t affected by this Genjutsu, and although its power could be felt, I didn’t expect all of you to be able to resist it.

Besides Hashirama, Kimimaro and the others were standing inside a formation.

All of them were injected with Reiatsu from Roja. It can be said that their soul was more powerful than almost all ninjas in the world. In addition to this, every one of them was extremely powerful. With Yakumo in control, they fused their powers and barely resisted the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Eventually, when Minato and Tobirama reached them, the light started to fade and gradually dissipated.

The night sky reappeared. Kimimaro and the others directly released the formation as they were extremely exhausted but still looked at the sky with vigilance.

In the sky, a figure came down.


The figure directly fell to the ground creating a dust cloud. After taking a few steps, Madara appeared holding the scepter.

“Madara! What the hell did you do?”

Tobirama directly shouted.

“War, hatred… All of these were destroyed by me. I rescued everyone from that pain. Hahahaha…”

Madara laughed loudly. As soon as he finished, he looked at Hashirama and the others.

After looking at Tobirama and Hashirama, he glanced at Kimimaro and the others before his eyes flashed with a strange color and said: “The Edo Tensei can’t be affected by the Infinite Tsukuyomi, but you all are beyond my expectation, to be able to resist it.”

“But that the end now, as long as you all…”

Before he finished, a figure appeared on his back.

It was Tobirama.

He won’t be able to attack Madara directly, none of them could do it currently. But in his opinion, it didn’t matter as long as he can defeat him.

But, he made a mistake, the current Madara was not at a level he could understand.


Facing Tobirama’s attack, Madara just waved his scepter back at him. Tobirama was directly sent flying.

“Still the same, I see. Always launching a sneak attack, but at your current level, you can harm me.”

Madara pierced Tobirama with his scepter and directly nailed him to the ground and made it impossible for him to recover.

“It seems like you have nothing to say anymore. I will have to defeat you first then find a way to release this Genjutsu.”

Hashirama looked at Madara with cold eyes. All of his charkas surged out, and he was ready to fight Madara.

But Madara shook his head.

“Don’t you understand? Hashirama… You can no longer fight me…”

“Limbo: Border Jail!”

Madara closed his eyes slightly before he opened them.


Hashirama, who was preparing his strongest attack again, was interrupted and directly flew away from the force of the attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Kimimaro and the others were attacked almost at the same time. Although Hashirama was the first to be attacked, they were vigilant, but they still failed to escape.

Only Yakumo noticed something in the Limbo world, but she was as skilled as the others when it comes to her bodily technique. So she was hit as well.

Madara’s truth-seeking ball moved around him. He didn’t attack using them. He just used his Limbo Border jail.

In just one move, he directly sent everyone away.

This was his current power. He is the Jinchuriki of the ten tails. He had the Rinnegan. He reached the power of the Six Path. No one can be his enemy.

“Madara… You…”

Tobirama looked at Madara coldly while feeling horrified.

Even his brother couldn’t deal with Madara.

His heart sank.

Even these people couldn’t fight Madara, who can stop him now? Is the entire world going to fall down in Madara’s hands?

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