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G.O.S.S Chapter 564: Strongest Mode!

“Is this the Amenominaka? It’s exactly what I wanted. I will destroy you here!”

Roja glanced around the ice world that belonged to Kaguya before he released his Reiatsu in large waves that made the world tremble.

With the Reiatsu’s outbreak, the ice shattered, and cracks spread all over the place.

“This power…”

Black Zetsu that was hiding in Kaguya’s sleeve was horrified. His pupil shrunk as he couldn’t be arrogant anymore.

He couldn’t help lose some confidence as thoughts started emerging in his mind… Could mother win?!

“No, it’s impossible, mother is the ancestor of Chakra, the most powerful being in this world, even if he came from other worlds, he can’t defeat mother!”

Zetsu shook his head vigorously and rejected the thoughts.

When Zetsu was panicking, Roja’s momentum stopped, no longer was it being pushed out, it was now restrained.

Roja’s outfit started changing, the pattern in his clothes changed until he finally was in the Rokujigan mode.

After releasing his chakra and Reiatsu, Roja didn’t stop, he placed one hand on his sword and directly started.

Bankai! Daiguren Hyorinmaru!

Bankai! Hakka No Togami!

Bankai! Zanka No Tachi!

With the three bankais released, a terrible force fell down upon the world.

At the same time, Roja touched Sen Maboroshi gently, then pulled the sword apart, creating two different swords.

One was exuding a cold force that could freeze anything while the other one was the exact opposite.

This is… Roja’s strongest form!

The atmosphere around Roja completely changed, Kaguya could no longer see any weakness in him, and she couldn’t even feel how strong he was.

At this moment, the entire world was centered around Roja. Everything was divided, on the left, the ice becomes colder, and on the right, the ice was evaporating at an extreme speed.

The power of the flames made the space unstable, and it started showing signs of collapsing.

“This guy…”

Kaguya took a deep breath. She could tell that with this kind of power, the world would be destroyed if she didn’t do anything. She was fearful of Roja and didn’t dare approach him. Instead, she raised her hand and waved it at him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With just a wave of her hand, chakra formed into countless fists and directly attacked Roja, trying to kill him.

Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack!

Comparing chakra, Kaguya’s reserve was far bigger than Roja’s.

However, facing this attack, Roja wasn’t afraid, he just grinned at it.

Although Kaguya’s chakra reserve was above his, he wasn’t just relying on Chakra currently. He was using a perfect combination of Chakra and Reiatsu!

As soon as Roja raised his hand, he waved the sword.

“Void Freeze!”

A cold force emerged from the sword, this attack didn’t just use the power of ice or cold force from the sword, but it was also contained space power.

Kaguya’s eighty gods vacuum attack were locked in place along with her. Her entire body was frozen in place.

“Ashes of heaven and earth!”

After the first attack, Roja didn’t stop, he held the other sword and swung it. The full power of the flames broke out directly moved toward Kaguya.

Under the conflict of the cold force and heat force, the whole world looked like a breaking mirror.

The whole world was about to be split apart.

“This is bad.”

Kaguya directly used her Renni-Sharingan and directly freed herself from the space lock, and directly opened a portal to the void while trying to escape from this attack.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Seeing Kaguya trying to escape, Roja couldn’t just sit still. He directly shouted and chased after her. At the moment where the portal was about to be closed, Roja directly slashed at her.

Void slash!

Space was torn like a paper. Roja directly rushed in and found himself a world full of green crystals.

An extreme gravity force was unleashed just as he stepped into this world. The gravity directly forced Roja down to the ground.

Kaguya herself couldn’t keep flying and directly came crushing to the ground. The gravity in this world restricted even her.

“Gravity… No, this is the power of the law!”

As soon as Roja made an effort to move, he realized that this was not regular gravity, it was similar to the law of gravity.

He always wondered why would Kaguya be pressured by the gravity in his previous world and why she would not be able to raise along with Naruto and the others.

It turned out that it wasn’t just pure gravity!

This wasn’t a gravity space, but it was a space composed entirely by the gravity law.

Although Kaguya knew that she wouldn’t be able to move freely in this space, she still decided to come here. She knew that Roja wouldn’t be able to move, and she would be able to gain the element of surprise.

She directly raised her hand, and bones directly shot out of her palm directly at Roja.

All-killing Ash Bones!

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