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G.O.S.S Chapter 565: Truth-Seeking Ball expansion!

Seeing Roja restrained by the Gravity, Kaguya directly launched her All-killing Ash Bones at him. Roja snorted coldly as horrifying forces erupted from within swords.

“You want to use gravity to restrain me?”

Since this was a world filled with the law of gravity, he will use absolute power to destroy this world.


The two swords erupted by their corresponding element creating a whirlpool that rotated around Roja.

The bones were drawn into the whirlpool and directly disappeared.

The vortex was constantly breaking the space apart if you look closely at it.

Kaguya seeing this without any hesitation, opened another portal to leave the gravity world.

With his unrestrained Reiatsu and Chakra, Roja moved forward, discarding the chain reaction he caused, which was destroying the world.

He firmly locked into Kaguya’s position before directly opening a portal himself and stepping in.

Kaguya arrived at the desert world with Roja right behind her. The former couldn’t find any way to fight against Roja and directly wanted to teleport to another dimension.

But, this time, a flash of coldness appeared in Roja’s eyes as a strong wave of a strange power erupted from him.

The wind stopped, the sand stood mid-air, and the escaping Kaguya was fixed in her place. There no expression on her face.

This wasn’t space freeze… It was time freeze!

“Although it can only cover a few kilometers and can’t be maintained for long, it’s enough.”

Roja looked at Kaguya and stepped forward, he came in front of her and directly pierced her skull and then her heart.

He continued running his sword across her body.

In the next moment, the power of destruction spread across Kaguya’s body.

Roja didn’t hesitate. He didn’t pull out his sword. Instead, he just left it on her body and released the time to flow again.

Kaguya didn’t have time even to change her expression before the destruction of energy completely took over her body.

Black Zetsu, in her sleeve, could only scream with fear and horror.


The space around Kaguya turned to nothing. The explosion took about 10,000 meters diameters around her, but it didn’t seem like an explosion, it was just as if nothing ever existed there.

Staying in a time freeze, Kaguya could perceive what happened. Even Sasuke could see when the time stood still, but even if she did know that, she can’t break free from the restrains.

The blow was unstoppable, the circle around her ceased to exist in an instant.

The collapsing of the space directly hit Roja’s body, but even his clothes weren’t affected at all.

“Are you dead? No… It doesn’t seem so. You’re indeed the ancestor of Chakra. The immortal existence that can’t be killed, you’re a monster when it comes to vitality.”

The void was suddenly distorted before a mass of white matter formed and fell to the ground.

Chakra suddenly rushed toward the ball and quickly poured inside it. Finally, it started reforming and turn into Kaguya.

The power within her body was much weaker now. She was weakened. Balck Zetsu already died from the previous blow.

“Time freeze… This guy had such ability.”

Kaguya gritted her teeth a little, she was angry. She launched the Infinite Tsukuyomi because she was afraid of losing Chakra.

Roja’s purpose was the same as the ones in her dimension. It was chakra. He wanted the Chakra fruit. And now, she was extremely weak.

“The chakra… Is mine, no one will take it from me!!”

Kaguya gritted her teeth and shouted in front of her. At the same time, she melted and turned from white to black and rapidly expanded, forming a black sphere.

Truth-Seeking Ball expansion.

This was Kaguya’s ultimate ability. She could destroy a world and reform it with this power.


Roja directly entered the Mountainous Core Dimension of Kaguya only to find her in that state. And he simply took a step forward toward the ball.

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