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G.O.S.S Chapter 566: 10 Years Later (The end of Naruto’s arc!)

Looking up, Roja could see the Truth-Seeking Ball expanding.

“Why are you swollen?” It looked like this was the last fight…

Roja looked at the bulging Truth-seeking ball that contained too much power. He took a deep breath without retreating as his eyes flashed.

Roja held a sword in each hand and suddenly raised them in front of him.

Each sword holding the opposite kind of power, so when they started getting closer to each other, great opposition was born between them, which didn’t lose in power in front of the Expanding Truth-seeking ball.

Forcing the two swords closer, Roja used all of his control on them, which resulted in a ray of light erupting as the two swords merged.




As soon as the sword moved through the air, a wave of energy was generated. The power it held can’t be described. It was literally the power of destruction…

The wave of destruction collided with the Expanding Truth-seeking ball.


The entire space erupted in a dazzling light full of destruction, which made the space itself decayed.

The void started invading the space making horrible forces collide and destroy everything.

Of course, this was but a small fraction of the power the Void held as it encompasses thousands of millions of kilometers and countless world and dimensions.

The people inside the Ninja world were inside a dream-like world due to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. They didn’t know that they were inside a Genjutsu, but not everyone was in that Genjutsu.

Just a moment ago, the ninja world shook violently, and numerous cracks appeared on the ground, and the huge waves formed on the sea.


Seeing this, Mei and the others looked at each other helplessly.

They felt the crush of power and knew that even if they all come together trying to resist such a power, they won’t have the ability.

“They couldn’t think of what would happen if Roja actually lost.

“Sensei… Won’t lose… Probably…”

Shion spoke weakly, she had the ability to predict the future, but she couldn’t see what will happen to know, and she became nervous like the others.

However, at this moment, space was ripped open, and a figure with a black and white Haori appeared holding a sword in his hand.

He took a step and appeared beside Shion and used a finger to flick Shion on her head.


Shion felt pain and covered her forehead and pouted as she was dissatisfied, but she was finally relieved.

Roja glanced at the others and said: “lacking confidence in your teacher, I see, well, your punishment would be repairing and rebuilding the ninja world!”



Kurenai, Haku, Kimimaro, and the others all gathered around him. They were unhappy and pouting, well most of them were.

Roja looked at them and smiled a little. He felt relieved. He looked at the Shinju that covered everyone and waved his hand.

Inside his hand, a strange fruit appeared.

“Infinite Tsukuyomi, Kai!”

Roja put his hand together as he released the Genjutsu. After defeating Kaguya, the Chakra fruit was seized by her, and after seeing the Infinite Tsukuyomi, he directly released it.

Silence fell as the ninjas and people all around the world were gradually waking up from the Genjutsu. The shinju gradually fell to the ground and disappeared.

Roja was sitting down quietly with his eyes closed with a beautiful palace behind him.

This was Sen Maboroshi’s space, which was now comparable to Kaguya’s.

Ten years had already passed since he got the Chakra Fruit.

In these ten years.

His name became a legend in the Ninjas world.

Even Kimimaro and the others were seen as legends of the Ninjas world, and only Kimimaro, Mei, and the others were qualified to enter this place.

“It seems like this is it.”

Roja suddenly opened his eyes and murmured.

After receiving the Chakra Fruit, Roja didn’t swallow it himself. Instead, he made Sen Maboroshi devour and fuse with it.

The fusion took a few years.

After the fusion, Sen Maboroshi gained every ability that Kaguya had, and also, it started increasing the level moving toward the Ninth Stage.

But unfortunately, as it reached the limit of the Eighth stage, it didn’t move toward the ninth.

Roja tried everything and still wasn’t able to improve it as if there was something missing.

What was missing?

The Hogyoku?

Or the Reiatsu from Bleach world?

Roja shook his head, it didn’t matter much what was missing, but he must go to bleach world because Sen Maboroshi would finally be completed.

He took a deep breath, put Sen Maboroshi in front of, and suddenly said.

“After so long, it’s time to go!”

Gaining Sen Maboroshi in One piece’s world, step by step he reached the pinnacles of power in that same world, then he entered Naruto, after some time, he was also the strongest in the world.

There is nothing to worry about anymore. There was a wide and long road in front of him. He will go to the world where Sen Maboroshi was born in.

The Shinigami’s world!

Naruto’s Arc: End!

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