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G.O.S.S Chapter 567: Soul Society!

Roja’s Haori was flattering inside the void as he moved along toward his destination while passing countless worlds on his way.

There were many forms representing the world in the void, each was different, and many were too far away to see.

Following the faint feeling given to him by Sen Maboroshi, Roja moved through the worlds to his destination, until he reached a world covered with black and white energy.

“That’s it.”

Looking at it, Roja’s eyes flickered as he was sure this is the world he was looking for. He took a deep breath and directly plunged into it.

He felt himself penetrating a bubble, but as soon as he passed through, a great force tried to repel him out, but to Roja, it felt insignificant.

Suddenly, a bright light emerged as Roja appeared in a place full of purple like air.

As Roja appeared, the purple air directly attacked him wanting to squeeze him.

“Is this… Restriction?”

Looking at the strange purple air, Roja wasn’t surprised. He just nodded, confirming this was the Shinigami’s world.

“Shinra Tensei!”


Roja directly repelled the purple air as he maintained the Shinra Tensei.

Roja put a hand on his chin for a moment to think.

The Shinigami world is divided into three realms.

The soul society, the human world, and Hueco Mundo.

Hueco Mundo contained many creatures. Although Roja wasn’t certain about the current timeline, he was eager to go take the Hogyoku when Aizen completes it.

The human world was normal humans live, and the soul society is were Shinigami lives.

Since there is such restriction here, then this place should be the gap between the three realms.

Roja could perceive the twisted space squeezing him all around, and even time was distorted. His time freeze can’t be fully used currently, and even if he used it, only a few meters around him would get affected.

As for space, it was dense, much denser than Naruto’s world, which means that he can’t open a portal using force easily.

Roja started thinking about other things after coming to that conclusion.

“The timeline is a problem, I don’t know if the plot started yet, and if Aizen already got Urahara’s Hogyoku and made his own perfection.”

Roja’s eyes twinkled just as he thought about the Hogyoku. He didn’t need the imperfect one.

Only the perfect Hogyoku would make Sen Maboroshi complete. Sen Maboroshi would transcend and reach a higher level with it.

But, since he didn’t know, he will need just to go out.

Roja thought for a moment, before deciding not to open a portal on space, instead, he will use Kaguya’s ability, the Yomotsu Hirasaka.


A space portal appeared in front of Roja.

“Well… There are too many layers of space here.”

Roja looked at the black portal, which seemed ineffective, which was why he urged Sen Maboroshi to stop using the weak version, and use the stronger one.

Space was forcibly torn apart as Roja stepped in and disappeared.

Shinigami world.

“There is a reaction from the southern suburbs, in area 7 and 9! I repeat! There is a reaction from the southern suburbs, in areas 7 and 9!!”

Several Shinigami went directly toward the space fluctuation.

However, after searching for a while, they didn’t find anything which made them sigh and leave.

And just as they left, in a dark alleyway, Roja stepped out while glancing at the Shinigamis who left before looking at his surroundings.

“It looks like I’m in soul society!”

Roja could roughly sense the Gotei 13 not far away from his place. Using his Haki and Reiatsu perception, he sensed a few powerful Reiatsu’s fluctuations in the distance.

They are, without a doubt, captain level, which made Roja confused.

Although they weren’t using Shikai or Bankai, Roja could tell that his Reiatsu was much stronger than theirs.

In the Gotei, only two people caught Roja’s attention, one was Yamamoto, who is the most powerful in the Gotei as well as their commander, and the other was Sousuke Aizen.

At this time, most of the Captain was unaware of Roja.

Unohana was close to the window when she felt something and directly turned around.

“Did I imagine it?”

She shook her head before trying to further her senses.

In another place, the Fifth captain, Aizen, was wearing his glasses sitting down gently as he talked with his subordinates.

Suddenly, his expression froze before he chuckled.


“Captain Aizen?”

The others looked at Aizen strangely.

Aizen came back and grabbed his hair with embarrassment and said: “I daydreamed for a second. I’m sorry, where was I?”

“You just said…”

I some tea house, Yamamoto sat down as he closed his eyes. Suddenly he opened his eyes sharply before he felt confused.

“This feeling… Who is spying on me?”

He frowned and lowered his head, wondering. After a while, he stood up and went inside the room…

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