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G.O.S.S Chapter 568: Shinigami’s Academy

“They could detect me?”

After the spread of his perception toward the Gotei 13, Roja directly withdraws it back, and his eyes flashed with a hint of excitement.

Three people detected him, and they were Unohana Retsu, Sousuke Aizen, and Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, which surprised him.

It’s not that the three of them had more Reiatsu then him, it’s just that their senses and response to it was far stronger than his.

Compared to them, it seemed that his control was rough.

After all, he got Sen Maboroshi and walked the path of a Shinigami by himself, which can’t be compared to the Soul Society’s thousand years of history.

Roja, of course, his presence using Sen Mabrosohi’s space, which made the other three unable to find him.

“Thinking about it, I think the soul society’s space is more solid than the Ninja world’s.”

After that, Roja started examining the Soul Society again.

Everything was made of reishi, and whether it was the earth or the bricks for the houses, it was a much stronger space than Naruto’s.

“It seems that the contrast between the two worlds can’t be viewed just by pure power. If Minato was here, his Flying Thunder God would be usable but not instantaneous. He would experience a delay when the Jutsu is used.”

Although Roja already anticipated this, he still shook his head when faced with the situation directly. It seems that the Shinigami’s world is a higher realm then Naruto’s.

“If this is the case, even though I can break every law in Naruto’s world, breaking just Yhwach’s power of the Almighty would be very difficult…”

Roja paused slightly as he was interested in something: “But… As I expected, the Hogyoku is necessary for Sen Maboroshi to evolve further to perfection, but it’s not a limitation, as Sen Maboroshi already reached the necessary conditions for its perfection.”

It seemed that as soon as he reached the Shinigami world, Sen Maboroshi was like a fish returned to the water, it directly started powering up and evolving toward the Ninth stage.

Which meant one thing, there is a tenth stage, which is perfect for Sen Maboroshi, and that can only be achieved by getting the Hogyoku.

That also meant that the ninth stage is the strongest he can get without the Hogyoku.

“Unsurprisingly, the transformation from the eighth to the ninth stage is quite slower than the one from the seventh to the eighth stage.”

Sensing the progress of the evolution, Roja nodded. He wasn’t in a hurry, because as long as it started, nothing can stop it from reaching the ninth stage.

According to Roja’s perception, Ichimaru wasn’t the captain of the third division but still a vice-captain under Aizen. If he remembered correctly, the plot start was still decades ahead.

There are two pieces of the Hogyoku, one was with Aizen, and the other was with Urahara. Only when they fuse together can Roja get the perfect Hogyoku.

Considering Aizen’s personality, unless he took the initiative to take it out, no one would be able to get it.

As for the one with Urahara, who could be the most intelligent man in the world, only the devil might know where he hid it.

Moreover, even if Roja got the two pieces, merging them would be troublesome, not to mention that this wasn’t actually known before…

Roja shook his head. He always hated troublesome things and calculations. The easiest way is to wait for Aizen to do everything and then get it.

After a while, Roja directly separated his body from his spirit, directly entering the Shinigami mode and throwing his body into Sen Maboroshi’s space.

If he needed to know what timeline he was currently in, he needed to go to the Soul Society officially.

Roja directly covered his Reiatsu and removed the Shinigami’s costume. He changed into some linen clothes and entered soul society after removing Sen Maboroshi’s space that covered his body, removing his presence.

The soul Society was huge. It was divided into four directions: East, West, South, and North. Each direction had eighty areas. Area one was the closest to the Gotei 13 and had the best security.

Roja was in the seventh area in the south. He directly walked along the street, passing through the 6th area toward the five until he reached the 1st area in front of the Gotei 13.

At this time, the place was lively.

The reason why Roja walked in the seventh and the sixth areas was that they were empty, and apparently, it was because people gathered outside the Gotei 13.

Roja had previously sensed the crowd here, but he didn’t really bother with them and directly ignored them.

Just as he moved, some civilians came over as they talked.

“It’s time for the enrollment in the Shinigami academy again. This time I must be accepted and become a Shinigami! Then you will kneel when you see me.”

“Come on, like you have the qualification, I bet you can’t enter the front gate of the Academy.”

Several people laughed while talking with each other, but some were nervous.

In the middle of the crowd, there were many Shinigami’s and teachers.

On the open space, a strange crystal ball-like thing was placed on top of a small stone pillar.

This was an instrument used to gauge Reiatsu.

Many people lined up. One by one, they put their hands on the ball.

The first one who put his hand on it got no reaction at all.

“Reiatsu: 0! Next!”

A Shinigami sitting there shook his head and motioned for the next person to come. This one got a faint light as a reaction from the ball.

“Reiatsu: 1! Next!”

The Shinigami shook his head again.

Getting 0 makes you unqualified while getting one means you’re weak. The higher the number, the stronger the person’s Reiatsu. Those who get 0 and 1 are definitively rejected.

As more people moved forward to measure their Reiatsu, people with two and above started appearing, and the Shinigami would let them stay and record their names.

However, those who got a two, are just in the consideration list, they would be enrolled if there is still a place for them. There are two lists, one for those waiting and those who are directly accepted.

Only those with three or above are directly accepted.

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