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G.O.S.S Chapter 569: Testing!

After two hours, many civilians were given the opportunity to test if they qualify to be a Shinigami. Of course, the same as the original story, not many from the Rukongai were recruited compared to other places.

On the one hand, there are many nobles and such in the Gotei, and on the other hand, only a few people among the civilians were talented enough.

The appearance of a few fourth ranks was a surprise for all those present.

Roja didn’t leave till now.

At this time, he was standing beside a few civilians who were still didn’t take the test yet. He looks at specifically two of them with interest.

He never saw them in person before, but he was familiar with them.

Abarai Renju! Kuchiki Rukia!

“Hey, Rukia, are you nervous? Although we know that we are qualified, if you’re not ranked high enough, you may not be selected.”

Renji was standing behind Rukia as he patted her shoulder.

Rukia rolled her eyes and said: “I think it’s you who should worry, Renju.”

Seeing them, Roja finally knew the timeline he was in.

It is about 20 years before Rukia leave to the human world where Urahara would hide the Hogyoku inside her.

Roja watched as it was time for Renji and Rukia to take the test.

Rukia was the first, she put her hand on the crystal ball, and it directly activated.

In an instant, the light changed as she climbed the ranks.

After a short time, she surpassed all the previous ones who took this test as the light finally stopped close to the fifth rank.

Seeing Rukia’s results, many teachers were surprised, as this was a really strong Reiatsu for someone who isn’t a Shinigami.

Although they were ones who had reached the fourth rank, they barely reached it while Rukia was in the threshold of the fifth rank.

This was rare!

With this, even if she couldn’t get to be in the first class, getting into the second class is guaranteed.

“Don’t be afraid, come here, what’s your name?”

A Shinigami holding the list smiled at Rukia as he friendly asked.

Rukia didn’t have a surname yet, which would be one of the four noble families in Seireitei (the court of pure souls). She would only get the surname when Byakuya recognize her as his sister.

Rukia naturally didn’t know this, so she just filled her name in.

At this time, many noises finally erupted from the civilians.

Abarai Renji, with his hand on the crystal ball, was the center of attention. His rank was higher than Rukia’s.

He reached the Fifth Rank.

He is definitively getting into the top class of the academy. He will definitively become a seated officer. He may even become a Vice-captain or even a captain.


Rukia, who was filling her information, looked at Renji and the rank he got.

“well, I said you should be worried.”

Renji was proud as he looked at Rukia.

“Relax, I will take good care of you in the future.”

He said with a grin.

“Who wants your care, Baka.”

Rukia was angry as she stared at him fiercely.

At this time, the Shinigami woke from the shock as he led Renji along with Rukia to fill his name in.

“The fifth rank, he can directly get into the first Class.”

“Yeah, I only got to the third rank…”

Many of the people present looked at Renji with envy and Jealousy.

A teacher glanced at the remaining people who didn’t take the test yet and nodded slightly.

“It seems almost the same as the others, one reached the fifth rank and four reached the fourth rank. The southern district is slightly better than the others.”

“If we have a few more who reach the fifth rank, we won’t have to worry about anything later on.”

“Haha, one reached the fifth rank, and four reached the fourth rank, and your still not satisfied?”

Another teacher laughed and said: “This is Rukongai. After all, it’s unexpected.”


The teacher scratched his head before smiling.

Several people were relaxed as they started packing. When the last few finish testing, they will return to the Gotei 13 to report.

The last few people stepped forward; all of them were unqualified or just reached the first rank. The Shinigami was impatient as he told them to hurry.

“Hurry up, don’t stand there.”

Seeing that the last few people finished the test one by one, the Shinigami was ready to collect everything and head back only to see Roja slowly walking toward him.

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