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G.O.S.S Chapter 570: Shocking result!

Looking at Renji and Rukia far away, Roja’s eyes flashed. He touched his chin and then walked forward toward the crystal ball.

Because he was already the last one, the people started dispersing. The teachers and the Shinigamis were preparing to return and didn’t pay much attention to him.

At this time, Roja gently put his hand on the crystal ball.


The crystal ball flashed with light. The light kept changing very quickly.

First Rank… Second… Third…

In an instant, it directly surpassed Renji. The crystal ball was like a miniature sun.


“He reached the fifth rank, and it’s actually a full capacity!”

The teachers and the Shinigami’s present were shocked. This level of qualification was rare even among the nobles.

But, the change didn’t stop. At the next moment, the Light intensified. It finally surpassed a certain limit as the crystal ball rose into the sky, turning into a pillar of light.

The beam rose high into the sky, alerting everyone resident of soul society.

“This is…”

Yamamoto, who was meditating, opened his eyes as he was surprised and directly looked toward the southern gate.

Reishi Gathering!

Did someone reach this level?

Beyond the fifth rank, the crystal ball would fly in the sky and start gathering Reishi. This is called Reishi gathering.

This is beyond the fifth rank… It’s a rare occurrence, the sixth rank.

Inside the fifth captain’s building, Aizen looked at the distance and couldn’t help chuckle: “It seems like an interesting guy will join this class, Gin.”

“Yes, Captain Aizen… A sixth Rank is really rare.”

Gin squinted his eyes and made an exaggerated expression. No one could see what he was thinking of currently.

The entire Gotei 13 was shaken by this event.

The civilians who were returning back from the test stopped and looked back at the beam of light with awe.

As for the Shinigami, they were numb while the teachers were still shocked.

Sixth rank!

This was the sixth rank!

There were several people who reached the sixth rank in the history of soul society. Only one of them was a Vice-captain, while the rest reached the captain seat of the Gotei 13.

A person who is most likely to be a captain in the future just appeared; how could the teacher not be shocked by this.

“That guy…”

“Is that really real?”

Renji and Rukia looked at Roja at this time.

Renji, who was proud because he reached the fifth rank, was really shocked, wasn’t reaching the fifth rank already rare?

What is this guy?

When people were still shocked, Roja looked at the crystal ball and raised a brow.

Crack, crack!!

The crystal ball started cracking as it couldn’t withstand Roja’s Reiatsu.

It finally couldn’t take anymore and fell apart.

Renji: “…”

Rukia: “…”

The crowd of Shinigami and teachers: “…”

If they were shocked before, then now they were stunned in place and didn’t know what to think or say.

Can a sixth rank break the crystal ball? But this didn’t happen before!

Can it be that… This guy’s actual rank…


A college instructor swallowed as he was afraid to continue this trail of thoughts. He convinced himself that the crystal ball was just old and couldn’t withstand the pressure from a Sixth rank.

Although the crystal ball was precious, it paled in comparison to someone who reached the sixth rank.

After waking up from their shock, the teacher directly moved toward Roja and filled the application. Then he directly led them toward the academy.

Shinigami academy!

The first class had the most qualified people under the fifth rank because those who are fifth ranks can directly enter this class no matter if they were nobles or not.

Rukia was squeezed out of this class because of the nobles that reached the fourth rank, so she was directly placed into the second class.

Inside the class, a teacher was giving a speech.

“I’m this class’ instructor, Gengorō Ōnabara…”

Inside the class, there are a few familiar faces that Roja knew, aside from Renji.

Such as Hinamori, Izuru Kira, and so on.

Roja was sitting leisurely in the center, and unfortunately, beside him sat Hinamori, and he couldn’t help looking at her.

Hinamori is one of the students who entered this class early.

Feeling Roja’s gaze, Hinamori turned her head subconsciously to see Roja looking at her.

Even though Roja was hiding his power, even while his appearance was somewhat rigged and even his face wasn’t as good looking as before, he still couldn’t hide his temperament, due to passing two world and everything, that surpassed even the nobles in the class.

In the original story, Hinamori was played by Aizen easily, and when she saw Roja looking at her, her cheeks reddened.

She smiled weakly at Roja, then turned her head to continue looking at the teacher, but her heart was beating really fast.

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