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G.O.S.S Chapter 571: Shin’ō Academy’s Library!

The teacher’s speech lasted for about an hour. Almost all the students were tanking a nap by the time he finished.

There was a two days break until they start the courses.

The Shin’ō Academy’s students take courses for six years. The academy had many halls, like the library, kendo hall, and many others. The two days off are given to students to familiarize themselves with the academy’s environment.

Roja thought that he would get an Asauchi as soon as he entered the academy, but it turned out that only when they began Kendo classes will he get one.

Asauchi can be the strongest Zanpakuto… or the weakest.

When a Shinigami get his Asaushi, his Reiatsu will pour inside it turning it into the most suitable weapon for the wielder, and it would be his and his alone.

Sen Maboroshi was initially an Asauchi that came into contact with the Hogyoku before falling in Roja’s hands. After all the time with Roja, it developed to what it is today.

Roja was curious about whether he can get one or not, and if he did, would Hyosube of the squad Zero know its name.

Before Yhwach got his All-mighty designation, Hyosube got the upper hand against him with his power to control anything black. Hyosube was one of the characters Roja put great importance on.

Roja couldn’t reach the place easily. Even now, that place seemed to contain a tyrannical amount of Reiatsu, and also the space density was extremely high.

Roja didn’t know whether Hyosube knew of his existence in this world or not, but since nothing happened, he won’t worry about it anymore.

Inside a ten square meter room, Roja sat down. This was his dorm room. In the academy, since student needs to communicate with their Zanpakuto later, each student is given a room of his own.

There was a bed inside the room, nothing else, which Roja really didn’t care about.

He can return to Sen Maboroshi’s space at any time, although the space was hard to penetrate here, Roja can still forcefully open a space tunnel toward Sen Maboroshi’s space.

Roja didn’t have any difference to Shinigamis in this world since he was using his spiritual body currently.

After some time, Roja stood up and prepared to head out toward the Library.

Since his understanding of everything about the Shinigami isn’t as complete as everyone else here, because compared to just watching a show, living the real thing is much different.

Coincidentally, as soon as Roja went out of the building, he met his tablemate, Hinamori.

“Well, what a coincidence, Roja-san.”

Seeing Roja, Hinamori stumbled for a moment before greeting him with a cute expression.

“Yeah, what a coincidence.”

Roja smiled casually, regarding Hinamori, her breast was big… Well, you can say that she was the model of the saying, big breast, and no brain.

Seeing that Roja was friendly and not indifferent, Hinamori cheered up. She smiled at Roja with slightly red cheeks and said: “Well, are you going to the academy? Can I go with you?”


Roja looked at Hinamori for a second while in his head, he thought about activating Daiguren Hyorinmaru and chase after her. Later he just nodded at her.

Anyways, he planned on going to the Academy and the library, so he will just let her follow him.

Hinamori saw Roja accepting, and that he was friendly and directly started to talk, she talked so much that Roja had to empty his head so he can’t hear her.

The academy was huge. The dormitory was far away from the library. After moving from one side to the other, they finally reached the library.

At first glance, the library was huge and full of books and many things. It was far better than anything from one piece and Naruto’s worlds.

Compared to One piece and Naruto’s worlds, this world was closer to the ‘real’ world, as in the human realm, normal humans lived without knowing about the Souls or the Shinigamis.

“Is this the academy’s library? It’s so huge.”

Hinamori wasn’t a noble, so as soon as she saw the library, she was shocked. She never saw anything like this before.

Seeing that Roja moved toward the library, she directly followed him.

“Are you going inside, Roja?

“Yes, by the way, can you borrow books?”

Roja replied casually.

Hinamori liked reading in the original story. Of course, this interest was due to her being under Aizen, as she would borrow the books he finished reading.

Being a student in the academy, he had access to the library, which was divided into several sections. On was kendo practice, there is some research about Shinigami as well as information about the current world.

Roja directly spread his Reiatsu looking for records from decades ago, but he didn’t find any. He wanted to see information about Shinji Hirako, who was conspired against by Aizen and forced to escape from Soul Society and go into hiding.

It seems like this kind of information was classified, and only the central 46 have this information.

It seems most of the information Roja wanted can’t be found here, which made Roja lose interest. He directly grabbed a book about Shinigami.


Which is the collective name of four major skills of a Shinigami.
Zan stands for Zanjutsu (Swordsmanship)
Ken stands for Hakuda (body)
So stands for Hohou (Movement)
Ki stands for Kidou (Demonic art)

In term of swordsmanship, Roja was already a great grandmaster of the art. Although this world has advanced swordsmanship, it can’t be compared to One piece.

As for Hakuda, Roja didn’t have any interest in that battle way. The ‘you strike me, I strike you back’ isn’t something he can accept.

He was interested in Hohou, because of the way the soul society was built, it was hard for Roja to teleport normally, but he still could use Soru and Geppo.

The Technique in Hohou may grant him instantaneous movement, which isn’t much different from teleportation.

In addition to that, Roja was interested in Kido art.

When Aizen used the black coffin on Ichigo, Roja was shocked by that power and the possibilities the Kido had.

With his current ability, it won’t be easy for him to learn fast; he had to wait for Sen Maboroshi to reach the ninth stage.

Roja needed to control his Reiatsu, which wasn’t as good as he thought it was. This was a shortcoming for Roja, and once he gains full control over his Reiatsu, his power would greatly improve.

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