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G.O.S.S Chapter 572: Southern District Accident!

Kido was similar to Ninjutsu, but instead of Hand seals, it needs chants, which make it more like Magic.

Kido is divided into three kinds.

Hado for attacks, Bakudo for barriers and seals, and Kaido for healing.

This made Roja quite surprised because, in the original story, nothing much was said about Kaido, sure many doctors used it, but no detail was shared about it.

However, Roja wasn’t interested in it, after all, his body was that of the perfect Six Path, the same as Kaguya, in another world, he was an immortal. He won’t die no matter what, as long as he had Six Path power in his body.

As for his spiritual body…

Sen Maboroshi had a special ability, Devour, when used, it can devour the vitality of his victims and directly heal him and also replenish his own Reiatsu.

But, Roja discovered that here, his devour ability has evolved. It was more like Quincy’s power.

A Quincy using his Reishi manipulation can use the Reishi in his surroundings and combine it with his Reiryoku. But a few of the Quincy didn’t have the power to replenish their Reiryoku using this method, and instead, they can help others, which is named the power to share.

Roja didn’t want to use that ability casually, lest he cause some destruction and grab unwanted attention.

Roja wasn’t interested in Kaido, but he sure was interested in Bakudo and Hado.

He first borrowed two books on Bakudo foundation and Hado foundation.

High leveled Kido is complex, and a few could event change the chant or make it shorter and even create their own.

The output doesn’t depend entirely on the chant, as it was only a way to gather Reishi for powering the Kido; it was similar to Naruto’s world hand seals.

Once one had a good amount of Reiatsu and was skilled in Manipulating the Reishi, he can release Kido directly without a chant.

The two books recorded how the arts were made and also beginner’s spells.

These books were created to lay a foundation for those who wanted to learn the art of Kido, but most of the people in the first class would just discard the low-level Kido’s and directly go to the thirty and beyond ones for use.

Because it was impossible actually to practice Kido inside the Library, Roja could only shake his head and just take the books with him.

Hinamori, the girl who could talk without stopping, was actually sitting down and didn’t bother Roja at all.

But she was already bored to death just sitting there and reading.

Seeing Roja closing the book, Hinamori finally said: “The library is about to be closed, if you didn’t finish reading the books, you could borrow them.”

“That’s what I will do.”

Roja amiably smiled, taking the two books and walked toward the entrance of the library, but Hinamori just returned the books and walked outside with Roja.

Going to the librarian to borrow the book, Roja directly put the books on the counter and pulled out his student ID.

The Librarian looked at the books and nodded at the choice before shaking his head and said.

“Are you a freshman? If so, you can’t borrow books for now.”


Roja wasn’t the one who asked, but Hinamori, who had a strange look on her face.

The librarian was a bit impatient and said: “Because freshmen can’t return books in good shape, they will just return them damaged later… This is your student ID, wait…”

As he was preparing to throw the card back to Roja, he glanced at it before his expression changed, he somehow remembered the name on the card.

Since when does a freshman’s name leave an impression on people?

While he was thinking, suddenly, his eyes gone wide as he looked at Roja in surprise.

“You… You are the one who caused the accident in the Southern district when taking the test?”

“What accident? What is it?”

Roja looked at the librarian strangely.

At this time, Hinamori was also astonished and couldn’t help asking in a low voice: “That… You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

Roja looked at Hinamori and asked.

Hinamori looked at Roja embarrassedly before she said: “In the admission test, you…”

Hearing Hinamori’s words, Roja immediately knew that they were talking about him reaching the sixth rank when he was tested for his Reiatsu. That event was known to all right now.

He was said to be one of a kind genius who only appears once in a hundred years. Hinamori was always following him, probably because of that as well.

Roja’s couldn’t help but curl his lips.

He wanted to hide, and he made his face not that good looking just for that.

Roja’s mind was in disorder, but he was still showing his amiable smile. He didn’t seem proud at all, after dominating two worlds, he wasn’t prideful or arrogant.

Seeing that Roja even now wasn’t arrogant, Hinamori was in a daze.

When she recovered, she looked at Roja and smiled gently. Before anyone could talk, the librarian said.

“Since it’s you, I will make an exception and let you borrow the books, remember that you have to return them without any damage though.”

Hinamori was still awkward because of the quick change in attitude from the Librarian, but Roja just took the books and walked out.

As soon as he walked out, the Librarian’s sweat flowed out of his forehead from fear.

Someone who reached the sixth rank is a rare genius, and he will reach the rank of captain in the future, if he couldn’t, reaching the vice-captain rank would be assured, he couldn’t afford to offend such a person.

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