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G.O.S.S Chapter 573: Asaushi

“Gin, how’s the investigation going?”

Aizen, the captain of the fifth division, was looking out the window as he asked Ichimaru Gin.

Gin shrugged and said: “Soul society is big, the information from the Rukongai isn’t complete, we can’t investigate properly.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter where he came from. We just need to see how strong he is and how valuable he can be.”

Gin narrowed his eyes and smiled: “This is the first time in a hundred years that someone who could reach the sixth Rank appeared.”

In the dormitory.

Roja placed the Hado foundation book in front of him inside the ten square meters room, which was strangely covered in dense fog. The room seemed bigger than before because Roja used his Space ability to give himself some space inside the room.

However, it was only a few hundred meters in size, as if he made it any bigger, some irregularities would happen in the space of the Soul Society, which would make people alarmed.

“Hado 4th, Byakurai!”

Roja stretched out his finger as he looked in front of him. Lightning broke out of his finger and directly flew forward.

After returning to the dormitory, Roja started practicing Hado skills.

Although he had less control over his Reiatsu, he still could learn easily. After all, he wasn’t someone knew in dealing with Reiatsu, like Rukai and Renji, and he was much stronger than captains, so practicing till the 30th Hado wouldn’t be a problem.

After ten tries, he just dropped the chant, because his Reiatsu was too strong, he didn’t need to increase its power using chants.

After reaching the tenth, the difficulty increased as the control required became higher. He used it a few times with chants, before getting it without chant.

Roja kept practicing inside his room.

Because of his experience in ninjutsu, his chakra control was perfect, but his Reiatsu control wasn’t the same, but he started getting the hang of it since both of them were a kind of energy.

The only difference between the two is that charka exists inside the body while Reishi composed the entire soul society.

In just over a day, Roja already mastered the first 30 Hado and even learned the first 20 Bakudo.

After all, these are the basic things a freshman should master in the Academy, except it usually takes a few months. If he could learn something in a day when others took months, then basically, if he couldn’t learn the above 30 of both arts easily, it would be strange.

He planned to continue leaning the 21st to the 25th Bakudo before going back to the library and getting more advanced books.

Roja walked out of the dormitory.

Roja didn’t encounter Hinamori, which made him surprised; he expected her to be waiting for him outside.

Although he had Kenbunshoku Haki and everything, he didn’t keep it activated just to pick what every girl did in the dormitory.

Roja didn’t care anymore as he shrugged and went toward the Zanjutsu hall.

Among the Zankensoki, the Hoho hall was the largest, next was the Kido hall, then Zanjutsu, and the smallest one is Hakuda hall.

Roja arrived at the Zanjutsu hall but unexpectedly found every student was there, and the teacher was standing in front of the class unhappily.

“Am I late? It seems I didn’t pay attention to the time.”

Roja touched his chin as he thought. No wonder Hinamori wasn’t waiting for him. It seems he was late and she didn’t want to be late she went alone.

“Don’t be late next time. Come in.”

The teacher of the Zanjutsu, despite his discomfort, said slowly after seeing Roja’s face, which surprised many students who that the teacher was furious.

The teacher wanted to be angry, but Roja was a genius… And geniuses had some privileges.

Of course, even though the teacher said nothing, the students had varying expressions, with some of them looking at him unpleasantly.

Most of the class was composed of nobles, with a few geniuses from the Rukongai.

“Coming late for the first class. That’s something.”

“It seems that he doesn’t want to learn Zanjutsu, but he is a genius, so it’s understandable.”

Many people spoke in strange voices full mockers.

Roja ignored them.

Although they may be older than he is when it comes to true age, he already passed through two worlds. These people are merely little shinigami to him.

“Okay, Silence!”

The teacher shouted as he slammed his hand on the table. Then he took a basket full of Asaushis and put it down.

All Asuchis look the same before turning into Zanpakuto.

“Anyone who hears his name come forward and take an Asaushi.”

“I need to explain something first before that, though. Every graduate would have his own Asaushi, but before graduation, we are just merely loaning them to you, if you fail the graduation, then you must return it back. Do you understand?”

“So practice hard and don’t slack off just because you’re in the First Class.”

After getting his Asaushi, Roja directly poured his Reiatsu inside it and tried to communicate with it.

But unexpectedly, the communication failed.

The Asaushi refused to communicate with Roja and even rejected his Reiatsu completely.

“Sure enough, I can’t have two Zanpakutos at the same time.”

Roja retracted his Reiatsu and thought. He could tell that he sensed not only the Asaushi rejecting his Reiatsu, but even Sen Maboroshi was pushing it back from the Asaushi.

Apparently, Sen Maboroshi didn’t allow another Zanpakuto to merge with Roja.

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