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G.O.S.S Chapter 574: Roja Vs. Zanjutsu Teacher

After receiving an Asuashi each, the class officially started. There was no theory class, just practice.

However, the training was just boring for Roja.

It was the same training he did when he first come in contact with swordsmanship. Just holding a sword, and shopped against a wooden dummy.

Hinamori was practicing seriously. She was swinging her sword on the dummy, fully concentrating on the training.

She quickly found that Roja who was just standing there. She looked strangely at him before speaking.

“Ano… Roja, why aren’t you practicing? Didn’t you hear what the teacher said?”

If anyone was asking why she dropped the honorifics after his name, she removed it when she found that Roja wasn’t arrogant like most people with his talent.

Roja was speechless and sighed: “I don’t know why, but I’m not interested, I don’t like just to swing my sword around.”


Hinamori blinked: “but Zanjutsu is very important, if you don’t practice, you won’t pass the assessment, and it will be troublesome for you.”

“Hey, you two…”

Suddenly, the teacher spoke to them.

He saw him shaking his head. First, he looked at Hinamori then at Roja, and asked: “Just because you’re not interested in Zanjutsu, you’re giving it up? Knowing Zanjutsu is important.”

“But I heard that Reiatsu was the most important.”

Roja’s words caused the teacher to be a little angry and annoyed.

“Reiatsu is important, but Zanjutsu is the same. Although you reached the sixth Rank for Reiatsu, if you don’t know how to use a sword, you want to be able to use your Reiatsu.”

Since the teacher saw that Roja wasn’t really listening, and didn’t want to learn, he shook his head slightly and said: “Since you’re so stubborn, let me show you how useful Zanjutsu can be.”

While talking, the teacher gestured for Hinamori to move aside.

“Come on, go over there.”

Directly the surrounding student emptied a little space leaving the teacher and Roja in the middle.

The teacher took a wooden sword and stood in front of Roja and said: “Since you don’t think that Zanjutsu is important, let me be your opponent, you can attack me.”

As soon as he said this, the students had strange faces and felt shocked about this outcome while some of them were interested in what’s going to happen.

“Hey, do you look down on kendo because you reached a high rank? You’re offending our teacher.”

“That guy is arrogant.”

Many students shook their heads in ridicule.

Renji was speechless. And he thought that he was arrogant. He didn’t expect Roja to be even more arrogant. The teacher in their first-class wanted to fight him.

“That’s… well…”

Roja grabbed his hair as he took the sword in his hand and sincerely looked at the teacher.

Seeing this, Hinamori quickly said: “Teacher, we’ll practice seriously next…”

However, the teacher won’t back off easily. He wanted to make Roja see how important Zanjutsu was.

“Don’t worry. I will control my strength. I just want him to experience the power of Zanjutsu.”


Seeing the teacher so insistent on fighting Roja, the latter could only sigh as he placed the sword in front of him and said: “Can I not come here if I win?”

Hinamori: “…”

Teacher: “…”

Students: “…”

The teacher was shocked, and then angered, he was unhappy now. He was going just to show him the power of Zanjutsu, but he thinks he can win?

“Come. You can attack first.”

The teacher stood straight with his sword in front of him. He originally wanted to just stop after a little demonstration, but he would knock him down a peg now.

“Please be careful.”

Roja directly lowered his posture, his sword beside his waist as he intended to do an Iai (sword drawing art), then took a step, directly getting behind the teacher.

Roja stood up, threw the wooden sword back into its place, before walking out of the hall.

Behind him, the teacher stood in his place, motionlessly. The teacher’s face was full of shock as the wooden sword in his hand was cut in half from the middle before falling down to the ground.

No one could talk.

Inside the dormitory.

“Sure enough, the rejection is just too strong.”

Roja looked at the Asaushi in his hand and shook his head. After he returned, he tried to use more Reiatsu on the Asaushi, but it didn’t work as the Reiatsu was repelled by Sen Maboroshi and the Asaushi as well.

Roja still can forcefully infuse his Reiatsu into the Asaushi, but the end result would be its destruction.

Even though it wasn’t valuable, it was made by the squad Zero Nimaiya Oetsu. He cannot just destroy his work.

“Kido is more suitable for me.”

Roja threw the Asaushi aside and started practicing Kido again.

Roja finally completely mastered the Hado and Bakudo foundation books. So he will take a step further.

The next step was Hado from 31st to 50th, but Bakudo was from 26th to 40th.

As the number goes up, the difficulty follows, the freshman wouldn’t dream of learning them, only a few in upper classes would learn middle-level Kido, and even the sixth grades in the academy would only get to 60th in Kido.

The graduation exam from the Academy for Kido as testing the 60th Kido.

Above that would-be high-level Kido, and the difficulty was as high as it could get until the 90th were overly complicated Kido would appear.

The Reiatsu needed for above 90th Kido was tremendous, even a Vice-captain’s Reiatsu won’t be enough.

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