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G.O.S.S Chapter 575: Kido Hall

“Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws… Hado 33th: Sôkatsui!”


In Sen Maboroshi’s space, a flame shot out of Roja’s palm toward three practice targets.

Roja started practicing the intermediate level of Hado and Bakudo, which was considerably harder than the beginner’s level, but it was still simple for him.

After all, His Reiatsu reserve was just too huge. He didn’t need to draw from his surroundings. He just needed the method to just release small bits of it.

“Hado 33th: Sôkatsui!”

After trying the Hado with the chant, he directly took a deep breath and tried it without chant.


The Reiatsu spread from his body toward his palm and directly changed into flames that shot out from it directly toward a target.

However, unlike with the chant, the target practice wasn’t destroyed.

“The power dropped considerably. It is mostly two-thirds of its power with the Chant.”

The power of the Kido is related to the Reishi used and Reiatsu of the person performing the technique.

When a captain and a normal Shinigami use the same Kido, the power behind it is completely different.
But the power of the Kido without a chant is closely related to the Reiatsu control as well as an understanding of the Kido used.

When Roja used chants, the Reishi used was the same when he didn’t use chants, but the problem was that the Reishi was wasted, which caused the power loss.

“Well, I need to practice my control over Reishi.”

Roja obtained various abilities from Sen Maboroshi, and everything was what he needed at that time.

When he obtained the Chakra fruit, he was way above the level of Shinigami. With his triple Bankai, he can be the most powerful already.

If he can gain more control over his power, he would get stronger exceptionally. He needed to wait for Sen Maboroshi to evolve to the ninth stage.

Roja could tell what ability he would get when Sen Mabroshi reaches the ninth stage.

It’s a golden attribute, which is the same as the Final Getsuga Tensho, which integrated the Hollow and the Shinigami’s powers completely and made him as powerful as Aizen when he fused with Hogyoku.

After Sen Maboroshi’s reach the Ninth Stage, it would completely integrate Chakra with Reiatsu.

“The library should have books about reishi and Reiatsu’s control. The Kido class should have that kind of lesson as well.”

“Well, today, if I remember correctly, should be Bakuda class.”

Roja wasn’t going to attend that class, the same as the Zanjutsu class. He will just drop the Bakuda class.

Not going to two of the four Zankensoki classes won’t be a problem.

“Hado 33th: Sôkatsui!”

After giving up on going to the Bakuda classes, he just continued Practicing Hado.

The next day, Roja directly left the dormitory at the correct time. He met Hinamori. He didn’t know if she was waiting for him, or it was a coincidence.

“Good morning.”

Hinamori greeted him, then asked in a low voice: “Ano… You didn’t go to the Bakuda class yesterday?”


Roja coughed twice as his complexion became a little pale before saying: “Actually, I’m slightly weak for hand to hand combat style, I can’t strain my body.”

Hearing Roja’s words, Hinamori was startled. She believed Roja. Roja’s skill in Zanjutsu was high that he defeated the teacher, but she didn’t expect Roja’s body to be weak that he can’t practice.

She looked at Roja with concern as she said: “Don’t worry, when your Reiatsu get stronger, your body will be strengthened.”

“Moreover, with your talent, Studying Kido would be easy and not straining at all.”

Looking at her concerned face, Roja felt slightly guilty for deceiving her like that, so he smiled slightly and said: “Um, perhaps.”

“Let’s go. The Kido class is about to start.”

Hinamori smiled at Roja and directly headed toward the Kido hall.

The Kido hall was big, very big compared to the Zanjutsu hall. Practicing Kido would take a large space.

Hinamori was waiting for the class in anticipation as she was similar to Roja, she wasn’t interested in the Zanjutsu, but she was eager to learn Kido.

In the original story, she excelled at Kido.

As the class was about to start, the Student started gathering.

When Roja entered, many started to murmur about the genius. They talked about how he didn’t want to practice Zanjutsu and how the teacher fought him and was directly defeated.

Several Girls were full of admiration toward Roja after what he did in the Zanjutsu class. (Fangirls)

“Zanjutsu talent is high, but if one doesn’t practice, he would be sooner or later surpassed and doesn’t matter what Rank you reached, Kido isn’t just about that…”

Renji sat in the corner as he said aloud.

In the Original story, Renji was always challenging the First place in the Academy, Iziru, but now that Iziru wasn’t as good as Roja, Renji would challenge the latter.

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